13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (18)

How is the Catholic claim to infallible interpretation of the Bible different from the Jehovah's Witnesses' claim?

Full Question As a Bible-believing Christian, I think the Catholic claim to interpret the Bible infallibly is false. This is just what the Watchtower claim…

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31 Jul 2016 News No comments

Full text: Pope Francis’s address at World Youth Day Prayer Vigil

Jesus is calling you to leave a mark on history, Pope tells 1.6 million young people Dear young people, good evening! It is good to be here with you at this…

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03 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Is my cousin's marriage in an "independent catholic church" valid if both she and her fiancé are baptized Catholics?

Full Question My cousin (who has been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Church) and her fiancé (who has been baptized Catholic) plan to get married by…

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10 Sep 2015 News Vatican Comments (2)

The Pope's annulment move? It's a good thing, Vatican official says

A member of the Vatican council charged with interpreting Church law says the increased role of bishops in the annulment process is a positive step that will en…

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Why can't my 13-year-old brother-in-law be a godfather if he's been confirmed?

Full Question My husband wants his 13-year-old brother to be our baby's godfather, but our priest said no. My brother-in-law has received confir…

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09 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (2)

If I Had A Bishop's Ear

I've worked at Catholic Answers as a staff apologist since 2003. This will mark my tenth year in apologetics. Most questions I receive through letters, phone ca…

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25 Sep 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Polygamy becoming less prevalent, says Ugandan prelate

The president of the Uganda Episcopal Conference said that polygamy is becoming less prevalent in Africa because of the expense involved. “With education and…

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25 Mar 2015 Q&A Comments (4)

My non-Catholic husband claims that the Eucharist should make me a better Christian than he is. Is that so?

Full Question My Protestant husband claims that if it is true that I receive Christ in the Eucharist and belong to the one true Church, then I should be a …

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10 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

Love; what it is and what it's not

Love is transformational, its intense heat is geared towards Change and Union. The force that comes from God BINDS; calls together, causes a "Communio" a "Koino…

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Is this account of the Passion correct in stating that the Passover celebrated at the Last Supper took place a day early?

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The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich mentions that Jesus and his disciples celebrated the Passover a day before the rest of the Jews did. Is this true?


The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ is not a reliable guide to the events of the passion, death, and resurrection of Christ. The book is attributed to Anne Catherine Emmerich but contains enough theological problems that the attributed writings were specifically excluded from the study of Emmerich’s life before her cause for beatification proceeded. The book gained public attention when Mel Gibson used it as a source for his movie The Passion of the Christ. While it was fine for Gibson to use theologically unproblematic stories from the writings as literary embellishment to the Gospel narratives, the writings cannot be considered authoritative.

As to the question of whether Jesus ate the Passover meal with the disciples early, this is something we do not know for sure. It is implied though by the Gospel narratives, which recount that Jesus was crucified on the day of preparation for the Passover (John 19:14), which would have been during the day before the Seder meal was celebrated by the Jews. In Judaism, the holy days start at sundown the previous day. So, if Passover began on Saturday that year (John 19:31), the Jews would have prepared for it during the day on Friday and eaten the Seder meal on Friday evening. Since it was important to Jesus to share the Passover meal with his disciples before his crucifixion (Luke 22:15–16), by his authority as God the Son he could have chosen to eat the Passover meal a day early in anticipation of the traditional start of the Passover (Matt. 7:28–29).


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