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Nothing narrow or insular about Catholic education, Cardinal Nichols tells graduates

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has praised St Mary’s University, of which he is chancellor, for preserving its Catholic identity. His remarks were contained in an …

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18 Oct 2016 News No comments

Suspects in latest killings of Catholic priests in Mexico arrested

Mexican authorities in Veracruz have arrested a suspect in the late September killing of two Catholic priests, the latest violence against Catholic targets in t…

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Pope and Council of Cardinals discuss improvements to selection process for bishops

The Pope and the Council continue to discuss the process of identifying candidates for bishop roles Pope Francis and members of the international Council of Ca…

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Orthodox Christian leaders close historic meeting

The leaders of the world’s Orthodox Christian churches ended a historic gathering on the Greek island of Crete on Sunday hoping to repeat the meeting within a d…

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30 Jun 2015 Articles Resources Comments (1)

Why should I believe the Bible? What makes it any different than other religious books such as the Koran,…

The Bible is a unique book written over a period of about 1500 years, by approximately 40 different authors. The locations in which these books of the Bible wer…

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02 Jun 2016 United Kingdom Comments (1)

Bradford parish to become regular centre for Extraordinary Form Mass

St Joseph's Bradford will host the traditional Mass at a time when more people can attend A new centre for the celebration of Mass in the Extraordinary Form wi…

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01 Oct 2016 Q&A Comments (3)

WELFARE: Should Catholics support welfare programs?

Welfare is a divisive issue in America, widely identified with the liberal left. Catholics, many of whom identify as conservative, are opposed to over-generous …

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Teen Arrested for Planning Alleged ISIS-Inspired Attack on Pope

The FBI quietly arrested a 15-year-old boy outside of Philadelphia last month for allegedly threatening to launch an ISIS-inspired assault on Pope Franciswhile …

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Pope Francis will visit refugees in Greece, Vatican announces

The Vatican announced on Thursday 7th April that Pope Francis will travel to the Greek island of Lesbos next Saturday, April 16, where he will meet with ecumeni…

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ISIS kill over 200 Christians and abduct over 8,000 families as it hides deeper in Mosul

In their desperate struggle to survive, ISIS fighters have killed 232 people and taken thousands hostage and use them as human shields as they retreat further into Mosul.

The United Nations told CNN ISIS has been holding mass executions for small infractions in a frenzied attempt to keep their prisoners under foot.

Ravina Shamdasani, of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, reported: “ISIS executed 42 civilians in Hammam al-Alil, south of Mosul. Also on Wednesday ISIS executed 190 former Iraqi security forces for refusing to join them, in the Al Ghazlani base near Mosul.”

The office reported another 24 former Iraqi security forces officers were reportedly killed on Tuesday and since October 17, ISIS has abducted tens of thousands of men, women, and children from Mosul and its outlying cities.

According to Daily Mail, Shamdasani stated: “Last Wednesday 232 civilians were reportedly shot to death. Of these there were 190 former Iraqi Security Forces officers. These reports have been corroborated to the extent possible.”

Shamdasani reported ISIS forces have collected the citizens as an extra layer of protection, “to use them as human shields against the Iraqi forces advanc[ing] on Mosul.”

Abdulrahman al Wagga, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, reported al Shura, a town about 19 miles from Mosul, managed to evacuate 5-6,000 civilians and the area is being cleared of homemade bombs and booby traps.

Iraqi troops are hard at work to save Mosul. Iraqi troops are hard at work to save Mosul (Reuters).

Iraqi security forces and federal police report to have surrounded 90 percent of Hammam al-Alil, the largest town south of Mosul.

Wagga reported the forces may be storming Hammam al-Alil soon, but with civilians still present all forces are holding off.

Shamdasani explained: “Forced out by gunpoint, or killed if they resist, these people are reportedly being moved to strategic locations where ISIL fighters are located.”

Many see ISIS’ desperation for what is is: “[A] depraved, cowardly strategy…to attempt to use the presence of civilians to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations, effectively using tens of thousands of women, men and children as human shields.”

As Iraqi forces prepare to attack from the south, they dodge armored suicide truck bombs, ISIS firing high-powered projectiles and explosives from the east.

By Kenya Sinclair



  1. mosimajustus Reply

    God Almighty safe your people

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    The title of this article says over 200 Christians were killed, but the article does not even have the word “Christian” in it. Kenya, as usual, shows little concern over the plight of Muslims. According to the article, most of those killed were former Iraqi security forces, i.e. Muslims.

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