ISIS releases 10 Syrian Christian Hostages

Ten Assyrian Christian hostages have been freed by the Islamic State militant group, nine months after abduction in northeastern Syria.

The militant group known for its violence and terror tactics captured 220 Assyrian Christians in February after it overran the Assyrian-dominated Khabur River region in the north-eastern Syrian province of Hassakeh.

Five women were among the ten people released on Tuesday, and the Assyrian Network for Human Rights reported that all ten people released were in good health.


Efforts by the Assyrian Church of the East in Syria yielded release of the 10 captives through negotiations. . “The total number of the released since the start of the negotiations has reached 98, mostly sick and elderly," the network added. The negotiations have been taking place for nearly eight months.



  1. Carol Reply

    Oh dear God..!! Please soften the hearts of the ISIS militants so they can see that what they are doing is,so wrong. …
    God does not condone killing of any kind.
    If ISIS hints that killing is God’s will….they believe in another God….oh hate not of love and forgiveness. …
    What is,wrong with them ?

  2. Reply

    It’s a lie

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