ISIS releases 16 hostages

The ISIS terrorist group, the World’s most popular terrorist group for their numerous violent activities which includes murder, rape, robbery, kidnap, etc. The group’s activitist are considered as “Genocide” by many over time.

The ISIS group have released sixteen (16) of their hostages in good health.

The hostages released have been in the ISIS custody since February last year. They were kidnapped when the ISIS terrorist group swept through the villages along the Khabur River, in the northeastern Syrian province of Hassakè. Syrian Catholic Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo of Hassake estimates that only about 70 of the original captives remain in the custody of the Islamic State.




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    God is touching the hearts of all his creation! Nothing is impossible for God! Do not forget our brother Paul who carried the hallelujah with greater passion than those who walked with him! Nothing is impossible for God! May peace regin supreme! May his name be praised!

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