ISIS releases 43-Assyrian Christians

In February last year, about 230 Assyrian Christians were abducted living around the Khabur River in Hassakeh province of Northern Syria. Since the huge abduction lots of people have lost their lives and properties equally. And there have been batches of release of hostages.

But today Monday, 22nd February, 2016 the last remaining 43-Assyrian Christians that were abducted almost a year ago were released by the Islamic terrorist group (ISIS).

The Assyrian Church of the East Relief Organisation (ACERO) have confirmed it that the “final number of hostages in Khabur" have been released.

The ACERO extends her appreciations and thanks to all the nations, forums, parties, institutions and individuals who have been of help and assistance to them all through the struggles to achieve this ends of securing the safe release of the hostages. The organization released a statement on her facebook page which reads thus:

“While this news thankfully marks the end of the most recent tribulation, we mourn the tremendous losses, both human and material, suffered by the indigenous Assyrians of Syria. The destruction of their livelihoods in the historic Khabur villages is a loss for the Assyrian nation and for Syria as a whole."


Younan Talia of the Assyrian Democratic Organisation told the Associated Press that the release came after mediation led by a prominent Assyrian priest in northern Syria.

In the recent times when negotiations of release were on with the ISIS group, the ISIS group proposed a ransom $100, 000 per hostage, which was later reduced to an undisclosed amount. But it is not certain as to whether anything was paid to the ISIS group for this recent release.

Below is the picture of the 43-Assyrian Christians released by the ISIS group



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