ISIS releases the Fr. Azziz again

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Father Dhiya Azziz who was kidnapped by the ISIS terrorist group for the 2nd time on December 23 last year has been released. He was released on Monday 4th January, his order, the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land confirmed.

Fr. Azziz has now been kidnapped and released for the second time by the ISIS terrorist groups. The militants who are in control of the Syrian region where the priest’s Parish is situated apprehended him on 23rd December when the the priest was on his way back from Turkey to visit the Syrian refugees that are camping in Turkey.

The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land which Fr. Azziz belongs to have refused to give out further information related to the priest dramatic kidnap-release phase due to some “confidentiality reasons."


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  1. Sylvia Crockett Reply

    God works wonders. From then on God protects him from going back to ISIS again. Keep him safe. Amen

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