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Can Lying Ever be Right?

St. Augustine wrote the first extensive treatise on lying (De Mendacio). In it he cites the case of a holy bishop, Firmus of Thagasta, who wished to protect a m…

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03 Apr 2015 Q&A Comments (3)

Was this an example of idolatry?

Full Question Recently a Fundamentalist accused me (and Catholics in general) of idolatry because his mother-in-law (who is Catholic) put a statue of Mary …

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20 Oct 2015 Europe News No comments

The international community must protect the dignity of migrants, says Vatican official

Fr Gabriele Bentoglio spoke at the Eighth Global Forum on Migration and Development in Istanbul last week The international community must help protect the h…

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Pope: Do we try to be saved on our own or through Christ?

Vatican City, Oct 3, 2014 / 10:52 am .- The Holy Father reflected on today’s Gospel reading from Luke 10:13-16, saying that it was the leaders of Christ’s day w…

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Could Judas Iscariot have sought forgiveness instead of falling into despair and hanging himself?

Full Question Since we know that the only sin that is not forgiven is the sin against the Holy Spirit, could Judas Iscariot have sought forgiveness instead…

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Updates on Dorothy Day’s canonization process

The Cause of social justice pioneer Dorothy Day has taken a step forward after a decision by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, to open a cano…

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Can the bishop require the congregation to stand after the "Lamb of God"?

Full Question The bishop of my diocese said that everyone should remain standing after the Agnus Dei and should continue to stand until everyone has receiv…

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A Meditation on a Mature Marriage

A young couple looks at marriage through the eyes of romance. The freshly minted bride and groom foresee a great adventure which will be lived in a whirlwind of…

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What if a former married Anglican or Eastern Orthodox priest converts and becomes a priest in the Roman Catholic Church,…

Sir, I have been reading some articles concerning former priests/pastors, coming from denominations such as Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, etc, converting to t…

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ISIS spy gives his life to Jesus Christ

According to CBN News, a miraculous encounter happened at Pastor Ghassan Thomas’ church in Turkey, where he fled after Islamists threatened him and his family.

It was that day an ISIS spy was sent to his church. Little did either man know, God already had a plan in motion.

A man identified simply as Mohammed told the rest of the story.

“Hello my dear brothers,” he began before explaining his job as an ISIS spy.

“In that time, I think in this way: I should kill. I should do many bloody things just to be close with my Allah,” he admitted, describing how the blood lust fuels the Islamic State.

“For sure it will be more and more since it’s in the Koran,” Mohammed continued. “If you are not a Muslim, you need to be a Muslim or we should kill you and take your everything – financial, women and everything. This is in the Koran.”

Mohammed was a devout Muslim who honored the Koran. He was an obedient man who listened when his parents told him to flee to Turkey in the wake of Sunni ISIS and Shiite militia fights.

When ISIS sent him to spy on Pastor Thomas’ church, Mohammed saw the opportunity to enter Turkey without enraging his ISIS brothers.

Once at the church, he was surprised to be welcomed by those he hated. It was then God struck.

“I saw the people, how they welcomed me and they don’t know me,” Mohammed recalled. “And I hate those people and they show me love.

“When they pray for me, I start to cry like a child. And I feel like something come out of my body – very heavy. When I finished the service, I went home, but there is a person walk[ing] with me, just talking, but I feel like I’m not on the earth.

“I said, ‘am I flying? I don’t feel like I’m walking. Like someone carry me.'”

Mohammed described how he began to read the Bible and compared its message to the Koran’s.

“I went there and discovered this is the God I’m trying to find. This is the true God. This is what I want for my life,” he explained.

After turning to Christ, the former ISIS spy revealed a warning.

“Do you think there’s a great danger to Europe right now? For sure! It’s a huge thing. They should wake up.”

Stunning Patron Saint Medals

Pastor Thomas believes God will continue to change the hearts of ISIS Muslims and acknowledged the need for more missionaries in Europe.

“For this reason, we need some people [to] come and serve God in Europe with the refugees, just to wake them up – to be against what ISIS do.”




  1. Rachel Reply

    I pray for the muslin people to get to know Jesus every day

  2. amber bezxina Reply

    true muslims dont belive in killing the koran does not teach you to kill inocent people isis are not true muslims have christians forgotten how they persucted muslims in the time of the crusades

  3. Fiktor Seaman Reply

    If we all pray more and more, besure that ISIS will come out and embrace the true Faith.

  4. Alex Reply

    yes! just like in a song “Jesus takes the wheels.” “Jesus, take the wheel,Take it from my hands,Cause I can’t do this on my own, I’m letting go, So give me one more chance,To save me from this road I’m on..
    Jesus, take the wheel.. I THINK THIS IS WHAT JESUS DO TO THE ISIS SPY.. there is no impossible with a blink of an eye He can touch your heart and change your faith..God bless to all who believe in Him.

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