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Islamic State throws man from a building for his alleged homosexuality

By January 21, 2015 14 Comments

In another example of what the militant jihadist group considers “justice,” photographs have since surfaced of a group throwing an Iraqi man to death from his building on account of his alleged homosexuality.

Gay man and certain death.

Gay man and certain death.

LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) – Believed to have been taken in the ISIS-controlled Iraqi town of Mosul, the graphic images show a man being pushed to his death before a large crowd that had gathered in the main square below.
One photograph, taken from the top of the building, shows the man from behind, blindfolded, his hands tied across his back. He is shown being pushed to his certain death off the ledge by his executioner.
Pictures show the large crowd gathered at the bottom of the tower to watch the brutal killing.

Pictures show the large crowd gathered at the bottom of the tower to watch the brutal killing.

In another photo, a jihadist, his face covered with a balaclava, is shown reading out the apparent sentence that was ruled in the extremists’ “Sharia court.”
Yet another caption for another photo says the man had been convicted of the practices of the “people of Lot,” which refers to sodomy.
The unidentified man must be “thrown from a high place,” the caption reads.
This serves as a mere warm-up for some more grotesque depictions of ISIS’ “justice. Down on the ground, two men accused of banditry have been tied to makeshift metal crosses.
Strung up tightly with yellow and green ribbon around their wrists, the men were hanged from the crosses, wincing in agony.
In contrast, both prisoners are shown wearing casual clothing in lieu of the standard orange jumpsuit, commonly worn by many Islamic State prisoners in recent many high profile execution videos.
Their blindfolds appear to have partially slipped from their eyes, allowing them to possibly see the surrounding hostile crowd.
Images from ISIS purport to show two men being thrown from a tall building in Nineveh, Syria- their crime was being gay.

Images from ISIS purport to show two men being thrown from a tall building in Nineveh, Syria- their crime was being gay.

Two masked IS fighters, dressed in khaki military fatigues are seen standing behind the two crucified men. Upon drawing their pistols, the fighters shoot the two alleged bandits in cold blood, as the suspects’ motionless bodies remain tied to the metal crosses to the delight of an all-male crowd.

The date of these executions is unknown. Photographs of a man being thrown from a roof by ISIS members, apparently in the same place first emerged in December.
Increasingly strict, medieval forms of law have been implemented as the jihadists consolidate their control of parts of Iraq and Syria.


  • Sylvia says:

    This is extremely cruel. I am sure God will save his soul.

    • Lara says:

      God loves everyone of us,never wat we r,that’s disgusting wat they did,got made everyone different so y do they have to take someone’s life b coz god gave him his choice of wat he wanted to b or couldn’t help who he is,WELL ALL I CAN SAY IS KARMA

    • Darran says:

      I’m not so sure. All we can do is hope.

  • jeri says:

    Isis ur all will be redy to suffer a big punishment in front of god

    • Mario Simonelli says:

      It is extremely cruel, because they the executioners were also with sin, and all sins are an offence to God. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah was executed by God, as we know God has no sin in Him. However, If they were executed by the rule of law, that is fast and painless, their executions become an administration of law and justice. There is something wrong with us, we are getting too soft with sin, in some country murderers get less than ten years jail, and several murders are served concurrently. There is no justice if we do not make the punishment fit the crime, and God hate injustice.

  • Doll says:

    I am not comfortable with Homosexuality, and am also not comfy with a million other things, but its extremely cruel to end someones life just because you don’t approve of their actions, especially if their actions are harmless. Whats is this nonsense we are living in now?

    • Mario Simonelli says:

      Harmless you say? By your reasoning God was also wrong to punish Adam for his disobedience: for we know that he wanted to have the knowledge; what is harm in that? DOLL YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF HOW HARMFUL IS SIN.

      • Leonard says:

        Mario Simonelli, may I know your religion? We have different understanding and believes.. So, I suggest you think before making any comment.. I am the follower and believer of Jesus Christ.. He teaches us to forgive and love our enemies. Judging and taking someone’s live is God’s works and not human.. Of course sin is harmful but let God be the judge.. To send someone Heaven or to Hell.. remember the word of God “I forgive you as you forgive others”.. we are all sinners so practicing the word of God is our obligation..

      • Thomas R says:

        What matters is we do not kill people for sexual sins. Sin is harmful, but killing someone I think is currently only seen as justified if it is necessary to protect human life. Homosexual activity is more an issue of penance. Murdering them is maybe worse than murder in general as you deny them the chance to repent.

  • Jhong says:

    God sees of what you’re doing ISIS and surely you will be punished because God hates sin. Homosexuality is a sexual orientation as Jesus himself make it clear that it is born in that way. Jesus hates sin that’s why Jesus saves us from sin. Jesus never saves us from our sexual orientation.

    • Mario Simonelli says:

      JHONG, what you say is far,far away from what Jesus said. You are a very confused Christian, read the New Testament.

  • Jbarth says:

    I agree with mario, Jhong is very very very confused! He needs immediate help! What version of bible is he reading?

  • vicky says:

    Insane!!! The gods stick is gone bang you soon bastards, u r the most retarded people in the name of islam.

  • Pete Parks says:

    I hope that God will show us the way to destroy this evil.

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