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Vatican and Church in Argentina to open ‘dirty war’ archives

The decision to make the archives available was taken at the express direction of Pope Francis The Vatican and Argentina’s bishops have finished cataloguing th…

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Why Catholics use votive candles

Before addressing the use of votive candles in particular, we have to appreciate the symbolism of light and the general usage of candles in religious practice. …

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Donald Trump to Catholic leaders: ‘I will fight for you’

Donald Trump has written to delegates at a Catholic conference in Denver Presidential candidate Donald Trump has written to Catholic leaders pledging his commi…

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Vatican releases surprising announcement over this year's Nativity scene

This year the Vatican's Nativity scene and Christmas tree placed in St. Peter's Square will be inaugurated and lit on December 9th According to Vatican Radio…

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Pope thanks circus performers for bringing joy to dark world

Francis also had a scary moment stroking a tiger Meeting with acrobats, clowns, carnival workers, street performers, musicians and magicians, Pope Francis than…

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Pope Francis asked to consider mature married men for priesthood

The Church may soon consider again considering married men for ordination to the priesthood. In some areas, the demand for sacraments is greater than the number…

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St. John Paul II, Apostle of Divine Mercy: Divine Mercy and the Wound of Disbelief

The Second Sunday of Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday in the Roman Catholic Liturgical Calendar. In 2013, it was also the day when St. John XXIII and St. John Paul…

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If i forget to confess a sin, has it been absolved?

Question If i forget to confess a sin and later remember them, does it mean i have not been absolved? Do i need a fresh confession or am i good? Answer No, y…

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Christians in Syria face suicidal choice daily: Archbishop Samir Nassa

One of Syria’s leading clerics Archbishop Samir Nassar in his pre-Christmas letter spoke of the suicidal choice which Christians in the Middle East face daily. …

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Isn’t it irrational to believe things we cannot experience with our senses?

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I can’t believe anything religion teaches. I consider myself a rational person. I want to see something myself before I believe it. If I can’t see it, then I don’t believe it.


That is not being rational. To be rational means to use your reason, and you are not doing that. If you are going to limit your belief only to what you can detect with your senses, you are excluding a great deal of reality. The universe contains more than you can discover on your own.

If you depend only on what your eyes can see and nothing else, you are prone to error as well. Your eyes may tell you the sun rises and sets, but your reason (and your human faith in what astronomers, mathematicians, and physicists tell us) makes you realize the truth–the Earth moves around the sun.

There are many things, including spiritual things, that exist whether you have seen them or not. A person who declines to accept their existence is not working on the basis of sound reason, but on “blind faith,” and someone who insists nothing exists beyond what his senses can detect–particularly someone who rejects out of hand the supernatural–might be called out of sync with reality.

We recommend you read Frank Sheed’s best book, Theology and Sanity.

Despite the title, Theology and Sanity has nothing to do with psychiatry. Sheed said a man who rejects the supernatural is like a physician who rejects bacteria. You begin to think he isn’t all there. A physician who says bacteria aren’t real operates from prejudice, not science, and someone who says the supernatural isn’t real operates the same way.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Holy crap! More like unholy crap!
    There is a huge difference in things that can be demonstrated and supported with objective evidence, and things like the supernatural that cannot.
    Believing things you can only “see” in that literal sense, is mistaken of course. We can infer electricity, even though we can’t see it. (what we see as lightning is not electricity – it is the release of heat when electricity strikes).
    We have no objective evidence for the supernatural, otherwise an article like this wouldn’t be needed. We’d know. It is those who believe things without evidence who are out of sync with reality.

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