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12 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Disunity in the Church is perilous, Archbishop Chaput cautions at synod

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia spoke to the synod fathers on Saturday on the importance of precision in language, particularly regarding unity in div…

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24 Feb 2016 Americas News USA Vatican No comments

Priest who defied Vatican to promote Literacy in Nicaragua dies at 82-years of age

In the 1980s Father Fernando Cardenal was among the Nicaraguan Catholic priests that were sanctioned by the Vatican for their involvements with the Daniel Orteg…

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30 Nov 2015 Middle East - Africa News No comments

Pope Francis Visits Grand Mosque in a dangerous district of Bangui

Pope Francis the early hours of the morning (during the morning prayer hours of the muslims) visited the Grand Mosque of Koudoukou in Bangui popularly known as …

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01 Jul 2015 Q&A Resources Comments (1)

What does it look like to be gay – and a practicing Catholic?

More than 10 years ago, Joseph Prever found himself scouring the internet for anything that might help him: he was gay, Catholic, and confused. Resources were s…

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20 Oct 2015 Americas News Comments (1)

Ruins of 16th-century church emerge from Mexican reservoir as water level drops

The building has been revealed in the Nezahualcóyotl reservoir in Chiapas state The ruins of a 16th-century church have emerged in a reservoir in Mexico afte…

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12 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

UN Secretary-General lauds Pope Francis

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon offered strong praise of Pope Francis in an interview with Vatican Radio. The Pontiff is scheduled to address th…

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27 Oct 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Francis inaugurates bust of Benedict, emphasizes unity of faith, science

Vatican City, Oct 27, 2014 / 12:46 pm .- Addressing the Pontifical Academy of Sciences on Monday, Pope Francis unveiled a bust of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, la…

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16 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Is it permissible to sell items such as rosaries, medals, Bibles, etc., that have been blessed?

Full Question Is it permissible to sell items such as rosaries, medals, Bibles, etc., that have been blessed? Answer Items may be sold; blessings may not. An…

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19 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (6)

Do any other faiths believe in transubstantiation?

Full Question Do any other faiths believe in transubstantiation-- Episcopalians, for example? Answer The Eastern non-Catholic Churches, including…

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I’ve always believed the Bible, but when I hear someone talk about being “Born Again”, it confuses me.

The term “born again” for all the new meanings our society has given it, is a term that Jesus used in John 3. He said, “I tell you the truth, unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. (Jn. 3:3) and “…unless a man is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.”(Jn. 3:5). Jesus’ statements make clear that being “born again” is essential to entering God’s kingdom. But what does it mean?
While being “born of water” has been understood in different ways by various Christians (ie. referring to physical birth, or water baptism), being born of “the Spirit” is clearly understood as a spiritual birth. The apostle Peter wrote that this occurs “…through the living and enduring word of God.” (I Peter 1:23) When the Word of God is used by the Spirit of God to touch a person’s heart, making them God’s child, spiritual birth occurs. As physical birth means the person is alive physically, so spiritual birth means the person is alive spiritually. He is reconciled and brought into a relationship with God that was previously broken due to sin (and we are all sinners).
The question addresses both the cognitive and personal aspects of a relationship with God. The person who is born again must first believe what Jesus taught; that He came “to seek and to save what was lost” and “to give His life as a ransom for many.” We must believe these facts. However, knowing and believing the facts does not guarantee a relationship. The second aspect of a relationship with the Lord involves me personally putting my trust in Jesus Christ as my Savior. It involves MY repentance and believing in Him to forgive MY sins. This is the relational or pietistic aspect of genuine faith. It is not enough to simply believe certain facts about Jesus (James 2:19 says that even the demons believe there is one God). Our cognitive faith ABOUT Jesus, must become a personal faith IN Jesus.
John Wesley grew up in a Christian home, and for a number of years, preached about Christ. Yet he grew to realize that though he knew those facts, he himself was lacking in genuine faith. It wasn’t until a certain evening meeting, as he listened to someone reading Luther’s preface to Romans, he felt his heart “strangely warmed”. At that moment he said, “I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone, for salvation; and an assurance was given me that He had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.”
Being “born again” is coming by faith, into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ as one’s savior. To be in Christ, is to be a “new creation”. If you have been born again, there will be evidence of spiritual life. Are you trusting Him for your salvation? Are you in a relationship with Him? Only you and God can answer that one. But it’s the most important issue we will face in this world. On it depends our eternity. Thanks for reading and have a great day.



  1. Robert henry Reply

    Being born again is very simple. It is spiritual. You were born in sin. Then when you accept Jesus are you are born again. You have been born in the spirit and you have been adopted into the Jewish family. You are now a jew.Look in the books of corinthians. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up.

  2. Epl N D. Vu Reply

    born again, is not only a renewal of yourself in your FAITH, but you totally does everything so differently than before. You are living for YESHUA now, your outlook about life, your changes are in YESHUA, with YESHUA, and through YESHUA. Every single day is a very new adventure you are venturing out in the world with CHRIST, and for CHRIST. You sees things through CHRIST’s eyes. You can feel YESHUA’s holy and ever PRESENCE by your side, and you know in your heart that you are not alone, and you are never alone. Your heart are now intertwined with the SACRED HEART of YESHUA, the pains that you feel are only on a mini scale. But YESHUA’s feels more of your pains than you do. Your conscience is on a heightened ALERT WATCH all the time. You will feels GOD’s overfilling your cup with His LOVE, and blessings, mercies and graces non-stop. No matter what the world is trying to do to you, you are NOT AFRAID to charge the day for CHRIST. G-D is AWESOME.

  3. helen maeastas Reply

    Its simple again one is born in sin to explain,, the old life is no longer there but the new life is now there,no longer in sin but a new life in Christ!to be reborn is to be able to enter the kingdom of god,its a new life and its beautiful to know that your a child of the king….life is completely restored and it’d wonderful!!!

  4. JoAnn Reply

    Here I thought our Lord was talking of baptism. I was taught in catechism that the sacraments were an outward showing of the grace within. So until John Wesley “felt” faith, he was not born again? It’s wonderful to “feel” the love and all that, but to base your salvation on it, is asking for trouble. We don’t have to feel love for our children, family, etc… to know we love them, right? Loving God is comparable to loving our spouse. It’s a knowledge deep within, it’s a decision that we make almost daily to love them. Of course with God, we needn’t be concerned that He will stop loving us, but we can stop loving Him if we stop feeding that love.
    Anyway, I probably misunderstood what the author was actually saying…

  5. Tenz Taeza Reply

    The term ‘Born Again’ is being associated nowadays to those people who have departed from Catholic teachings and so they call thselves Born Again Christians. I don’t know exactly what they believe in and how different practice they adopt but not Catholic. I am devout Catholic but needing more guidance.

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