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Vatican introduces sex education for teens

The Vatican recently rolled out a new sex education course designed to help parents and educators talk to teens about sex and counter messages on social media. …

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After His resurrection, why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch Him, but later tell Thomas to touch Him?

Answer: Jesus tells Mary, “Touch Me not" (John 20:17, KJV); but then later, speaking to Thomas, He says, “Reach hither thy finger and behold My hands; and reac…

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Popes who were married

The Catholic Church officially testifies that in the earliest times of the Church there were married clergymen. Bishops, priest and even Popes who were married …

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Mother Teresa declared a saint by Pope Francis

Applause erupted in St Peter's Square as Mother Teresa was canonised on Sunday Pope Francis has declared Mother Teresa a saint, honouring the nun who cared for…

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If I'm not praying a novena exactly as prescribed to obtain an answer, must I start over?

Full Question I am currently praying the novena to St. Thérèse of Lisieux in hopes that she will give me a rose in answer to my question. I've discovered that …

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Pope Francis says he will pray, not speak, at Auschwitz

The Pontiff told reporters: 'May the Lord give me the grace to cry' Pope Francis has cancelled a speech during a visit to Auschwitz next month, saying he would…

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A Call for Permanent Ban on Abortion by Polish Bishops

In order to mark her nation's anniversary of Christian conversion since AD 966, the Polish Bishops press for a 100% and permanent ban on abortion in Poland. …

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Pope Francis’ impact on Cuba, and its Church, is already being felt

As the countdown to Pope Francis’ maiden voyage to the United States winds on, it may be easy for Americans to forget that before he touches down in Washington …

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Doesn’t science contradict the Bible or disprove God?

Space prohibits a thorough answer here, however I’d like to mention a couple of items. To begin, it should be noted that many of the scientists who first develo…

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Jahadists arrested for threatening the life of Pope Francis and the Vatican

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Four alleged members of a jahdist group which the Italian seurity consider as “highly dangerous" were arrested in the Balkan country of Kosovo on December 1st. They were flagged by the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation after a due interpretation of their internet publication which insinuates that Pope Francis will be the last Pope the world will see, and making threats of attacking the Pope. Italian police carried out raids in the cities of Brescia, Vicenza and Perugia, the Italian newspaper “The Local" reports.

“They were threatening the Pope, celebrating the recent attacks in Paris and threatening the former U.S. ambassador to Kosovo," said Carmine Esposito, a police chief in the northern Italian city of Brescia.

After a proper investigation the Italian Police have disclosed that the group is highly dangerous as the group is responsible for the propagation of Jihad through the social networks, and the group is also natively linked to Jihadists in Syria. The leader of the group is said to have combat experience in the past and is a very dangerous person.

Two of the arrested members will be expelled from Italy while the rest are placed under serious survellance.

In the wake of the Islamic State group’s Nov. 13 attacks in Paris which killed over 120 people, the U.S. Embassy in Rome on Nov. 18 warned that St. Peter’s Basilica, Milan’s cathedral, and other prominent locations were potential targets for attack. The Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin admits the validity of the threats but equally assured that adequate security strategies are set in place at the Vatican and other named targets to counter any terrorist attacks against the Churches mentioned in the attack plan.





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  1. Irene Carabeo Reply

    These pagan terrorists will never win nor in power over our God…HE won’t allow it.

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