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Director appeals for funds to revive long-forgotten Catholic opera

A company is seeking to bring The Lost Sheep, a tale of adultery and redemption, to London for the first time A fundraising appeal is being launched for a lo…

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03 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Mother Teresa’s terrifying premonition

Working at her side as the West prepared for war with Saddam Hussein, I saw her dread as she glimpsed the future of Middle Eastern Christianity Those of us who…

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28 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (5)

Why only 10 commandments?

Full Question Why were God's commandments limited to ten? It seems that the additions of “Thou shall not rape," “Thou shall not condone slavery," and “Thou…

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (3)

How should we understand intercourse within marriage if the Church says Mary remained "undefiled"; isn't consummation necessary?

Full Question I have always regarded faithfulness within marriage as a path to holiness equal in virtue to that of priests or sisters who remain celibate. …

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A New Fisher of Men - St. Louis the Crusader

For three weeks, King Louis IX of France lay dying in his tent in the shadow of the old Carthaginian wall. Hard by the plains of Zama, where Scipio Africanus ha…

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4 tips for staying in control of your temper when speaking with someone you strongly disagree with

Diverse opinions are a good thing but they can test our patience, our resolve and our ability to control our tempers. It's far from easy keeping your cool and s…

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'God doesn't make mistakes': Touching story of celebrity father and his precious daughter with Down Syndrome

'Different is not less.' Country star Rory Feek blogged about Joey, his wife of 14 years, during her struggles through stage 4 cervical cancer and now talks …

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23 Sep 2015 News USA Comments (2)

En route to US, Pope Francis rejects 'left-leaning' accusations

On the papal flight from Cuba to Washington, D.C., where Pope Francis held the customary press conference with journalists on board, an Italian reporter posed a…

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31 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (4)

If we are already saved in baptism, why do we still need to make a conscious decision to trust Christ…

Full Question If a person has been born again through the sacrament of baptism (as in John 3:3, 5), then what need is there to make a conscious decision to…

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Jesuit missionary statue removed from Catholic university

A statue of a Jesuit missionary shown preaching to two Native Americans has been removed from a Catholic university in St Louis, Missouri following complaints from faculty and students.

Complaints from the Saint Louis University community about the sculpture said that, because the missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet is on an elevated platform holding a cross above his head, its message is one of white Christian supremacy, reports the Daily Mail.

An op-ed in the university’s student newspaper said last month: “The statue of De Smet depicts a history of colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy."

The author, Ryan McKinley continued: “This statue of De Smet is the clearest message that this university sends regarding American Indians, past and present. This message to American Indians is simple: ‘You do not belong here if you do not submit to our culture and our religion.’"

University spokesman Clayton Berry said, the statue, which was created in the 1800s and titled ‘Where the Rivers Meet’, is being moved from outside a residence hall to the nearby Saint Louis University Museum of Art to join its ‘Collection of the Western Jesuit Missions’.

Not everyone, however, is happy about the move. English professor Steven Casmier said: “I am not one for pulling down statues or effacing the evidence of history – even if that history is one we would like to forget."

“But it’s good that it’s not entirely effacing the past, and perhaps [the museum is] as good a place as any for it," he added.

Belgian Jesuit priest Pierre-Jean De Smet took his mission to the United States in the early 1800s where he spread the Christian message to Native American tribes west of the Mississippi.



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