Jesus appeared in the Sky at Mexico, before over 2000 witnesses: The “Miracle of Ocotlán”

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The  “Miracle of Ocotlán” is a miracle that many who are no Mexicans have barely heard of. Even in Mexico today there are people who have not heard of the miracle.
This miracle occurred on 3rd October 1847 when a physical perfect image of Jesus Christ crucified appeared in the clouds, the image remained on sight for over 30 minutes.
This miracle took place just before  the start of a Sunday Mass at the cemetery of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception – presided over by the parochial vicar, Father Julián Navarro; when two fair clouds joined together in the northwest sky, where there appeared the image of Christ. The over two thousand (2000) people present at the Mass and the people who lived in the nearby towns were gripped with intense fear and marvel as they too shared in the sight of the miracle. Those who saw this as deeply moved, made acts of contrition, and cried out begging, “Lord, have mercy!” This apparition of Christ was called “the Lord of Mercy” and in his honor, in September 1875, a new parish church was blessed, consecrated and dedicated to him.
Fifty years after the Miracle, 1897, over 30 people came forward to give a written report of their witness of the miracle, by the order of the then-Archbishop of Guadalajara, Pedro Loza y Pardavé.
Cardinal José de Jesús Ortizy Rodríguez, the Archbishop of Guadalajara at that time in 1911 approved the phenomenon as the  “Miracle of Ocotlán” and signed a document validating the apparition of Jesus Christ at Ocotlán, and the devotion and veneration given by the people of that area to the venerated statue of our Lord of Mercy located in the shrine of the same name.
“We must acknowledge as an historical fact, perfectly proven, the apparition of the blessed image of Jesus Christ Crucified…and that it could not have been the work of an hallucination or fraud, since it happened in broad daylight, in the sight of more than 2,000 people,” the Cardinal Rodríguez said.
Cardinal Rodríguez also made it a tradition in Mexico that the October 3rd of the “Miracle of Ocotlán” will be an anniversary to always remember. And it stood; every October 3rd faithful must “gather together in whatever manner possible, after purifying their consciences with the holy sacraments of Penance and
Holy Communion and solemnly swear in the presence of God, for themselves and their descendants, that year after year they will celebrate the October 3 anniversary.”
After its approval and to comply with the provisions of the Archbishop of Guadalajara, in 1912 they began public festivities in honor of the Lord of Mercy, recalling the Miracle of 1847. The celebrations currently last 13 days, from Sept. 20 to Oct. 3.
Later, in 1997, Saint John Paul II sent his Apostolic Blessing to the people of Ocotlán on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the miracle.


  • Peter Spasic says:

    “a physical perfect image of Jesus Christ crucified”. Why on earth would God present this sign??? Doesn’t seem to accord with Jesus’ response to Thomas in John 20:29 – “blessed are they who have not seen, yet still believe”. Was the body bloodied and whip-scarred? And ‘which’ Jesus did He look like, given that there are hundreds of ‘artistic’ representations of Jesus – but rarely with Jewish features (as also there are of Mary)? Note, the “apparitions” of Mary outnumber Jesus’ “apparitions” at least 100 to 1. This comment is not intended to be facetious/sarcastic…but surely it must be asked, “do apparitions really seem scripturally validated?”
    Matthew 24:24 “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, IF POSSIBLE, even the elect.” Satan is also able to produce deceptive signs.
    Could it be that those taken in by all this are not of the elect?

  • Sam says:

    What came from this apparition was conversion, love and acknowledgement that God is with us. People’s faith have been strengthened and a genuine commitment to love, serve and know Jesus on a higher level with greater devotion than before.
    Therefore cannot be the work of satan when pure good comes from it.

    • Peter Spasic says:

      Dear Sam
      Do you really believe that Jesus sends such signs so that people will believe God is with us. Wasn’t that already
      ‘proved’ when Emmanuel (God with us) was born – the Word became flesh?
      I’m not saying that God can’t use any means – even people’s imagination – to direct them to Himself. However, did that person become Catholic? in which case Matthew 24:24 may still apply…
      There are many books giving testimonies of people who “have gone to heaven” and “returned” – often with contradictory descriptions, but rarely with real gospel messages (eg: “The boy who came back from heaven”, later proven false))
      And regarding apparitions in general, doesn’t that seem to suggest we need extra biblical revelation? Luke 16:31 and John 30:31 would appear to preclude the authenticity of apparitions.
      “Therefore (it) cannot be the work of satan when pure good comes from it.”? Who says Satan cannot produce so-called “good”? He does present himself as an angel of light – 2 Corinthians 11:14. Countless people are being fooled into accepting all sorts of false ideas by “saintly” gurus and “finding peace” in life – but a false peace.

  • Joel says:

    Oh Peter you sound like a twisted and confused fool. Nothing good ever comes from satan. You surely sound like a person without faith so I doubt you put in good works.

    • Peter Spasic says:

      2 Thessalonians 2:9 – The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,
      Matthew 24:24 is also relevant

      • C-O says:

        Please stop quoting the bible. Just because you have read it does not mean you understand it. “To know the history of Christianity is to cease being protestant”.

  • Greg says:

    What lie Peter? I tell you most solemnly, after Christ died, he appeared to the apostles to strengthen them, he also appeared to a crowd and went in front of them to heaven, does it mean he contradicted what he told Thomas in john 20:29 ? Peter Spasic, the bible says test all spirits and it also says the devil came to steal, kill and destroy and Christ says, I come that you may have life and have it in abundance. Our LORD is a merciful Father and that is why HE says I will be with you till the end of time. Listen today peter, the devil cannot impersonate GOD or the devil hates the cross, he hates it when people are saved and he can never be a friend of the message of the cross, which is love, peace, salvation, joy and saint Paul’s says the message we preach is the message of the cross. The devil cannot preach the message of the cross. The devil still uses the old strategy of old he used in deceiving eve and tempted JESUS. I will give you all, you will be this, you will be that, but the messages that comes from apparitions are messages of repentance and love for the MOST HIGH GOD. If you don’t believe in messages from heaven I advice you keep quiet, ponder, pray and asked GOD to open your eyes of understanding and your ears to hear from HIM directly before you speak..

  • Wow. Such certitude that Jesus or His mother Mary cold not appear to us here on earth. Not scriptural. Sounds like a Bible only anti-Catholic Christian.

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