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Do Catholics worship Idols?

Perhaps one of the most argued practice of the Church is the use of images, virtually every Protestant denomination deem this idolatry “Catholics worship idols"…

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Six new Beatitudes proposed by Pope Francis

Pope Francis offered the list at a Mass celebrating the Feast of All Saints The Pope has offered a new list of Beatitudes at a Catholic Mass in Malmo, Sweden. …

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26 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

What are the "capital sins"?

Full Question What are the "capital sins"? Are these the worst sins you can commit? Answer The capital sins—sometimes called the seven deadly sins—…

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11 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (8)

Choosing to end one's life

Question: I've been somewhat following this story of the young woman with, I think brain cancer is it, who is preparing to end her life in another month or so.…

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03 Aug 2016 Q&A Comments (4)

Are nuns required to hand over to their order money they receive as a gift?

Full Question We have a relative who is a nun and she is about to celebrate a religious anniversary. We were going to give her a small mone…

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Pope celebrates US-Mexico border Mass: Video

On Wednesday, a crowd of many thousands were present for the Pontiff's Mexico - US border Mass at the Ciudad Juárez fairgrounds. Below is a video clip.. h…

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Cameroonian military rescues 900 hostages from Boko Haram

Joseph Beti Assomo, Cameroon’s Minister Defense says Cameroon’s army, backed by a regional task-force, has freed about 900 Boko Haram hostages, killed at least …

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11 Nov 2015 Middle East - Africa News Vatican No comments

Will UN troops stand on full guard for Pope's visit to Central Africa, as attacks now extends to the troops?

The war between the Christians and Muslims in Central Africa have being so intense over time now, this have been a challenging factor which have caused the dela…

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Californian judge denies doctors’ plea to put assisted-suicide law on hold

Judge Daniel Ottolia said it would cause 'additional pain' for patients if the bill was put on hold A judge has ruled that he will not put California’s new ass…

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Jesus Christ or Karl Marx? Tim Kaine’s admits association with renegade Marxist priest

Tim Kaine spent nine months working in Honduras with Jesuits between 1980 and 1981. He has made it part of his political identity too, often referencing his mission trip during political speeches. However, he met with a Marxist priest and this has some wondering if his Catholicism is truly orthodox.

The conservative group, Catholic Vote, is warning America that Tim Kaine’s Catholicism and politics are not in line with the Church or American interests. The organization references Kaine’s meeting with a Marxist liberation theology priest during his mission trip.

Brian Burch, the president of Catholic Vote said, “Tim Kaine’s public record and his time in Honduras suggest that he has adopted a form of Catholicism that is at odds not only with what his church believes but with the interests of the United States. He is both in opposition to his church and in opposition to the interests of his own country.”

The priest in question is Fr. James Carney who traveled to Nicaragua and Honduras to work with the peasant populations. Fr. Carney became politically involved and criticized both the government and the Church, according to Kaine.

Fr. Carney was American, but he renounced his American citizenship for Honduras. That country later expelled him so he relocated just across the border in Nicaragua. Kaine met with Fr. Carney in Nicaragua.

Fr. Carney later allied himself with the Honduran Marxist guerillas and traveled as a chaplain with a band of Cuban-trained rebels. The rebels were later crushed and Fr. Carney disappeared. Several reports agreed that he had been killed, but it remains a mystery how. According to his family, the priest was thrown from a helicopter.

Kaine literally searched for Fr. Carney to spend time with him. And Kaine has spoken favorably of his time with the Marxist priest. As a result, Catholic Vote feels it is necessary to sound the alarm.

The memo puts it bluntly, “That Kaine made the effort to seek out and spend time with Carney is troubling.”

Is Kaine a Marxist? That’s unlikely, but he was surely pushed to the left by his experience with Fr. Carney. Is America ready to elect a vice president who may be influenced by Marxism? And how orthodox is his Catholicism if he has spent time listening to the questionable theology of a militant, Marxist priest?

If voters are supporting the Clinton Kaine ticket because of Kaine’s Catholicism, they should pause and take a second look in light of the information.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Harry Hill Reply

    I knew Padre Guadalupe in El Progreso. He was a very fine special human being. The Honduran campesinos loved him.I hope someday he will be sainted by the Catholic church.

  2. Harry Hill Reply

    Viva Padre Guadalupe!

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