Jesus was a Jew, why are we Catholic?


If Jesus was a Jew, why are we Catholic?


Jesus was a Jew both ethnically and religiously, he completed the religion by serving as the Christ whom the Scriptures long foretold even though majority of the Jews did not believe in him.

Christianity is the completed form of the Ancient Jewish religion, it is a pity that many of those who were ethnically Jewish did not recognize his role as Messiah, for this many did not accept Christianity, the completed form of Judaism. Instead they remained incomplete with the religion.

It wasn’t long before it was understood through the direction of the Holy Spirit that one did not need to be ethnically Jewish to be a follower of Christ, thus the Apostles began to preach to, and baptize many Gentile converts to the Christian faith. So Paul speaks about ethnical and religious Judaism :

“For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal.” Romans 2:28-29

As time went on, unfortunately some Christians broke away from the Church founded by Christ, so that a name became necessary to distinguish one Church from another. It was later decided that, the Church Jesus founded be called “Universal” from Greek Kataholos which means “according to the whole”, this is how the term “Catholic” was applied to this Church.

So Jesus was a Jew to complete the Jewish religion by creating a Church that would fulfill it and be open to people everywhere irrespective of their tribe and culture.


  1. marianfk Reply

    Christus ist Griechisch und bedeutet Messias – die kath kirche nähert sich viele rorts wieder den Juden um zu verbinden; ich habe hier in Oldenburg vor kurzem eine Veranstaltung ein Konzert besucht mit dem Titel SHALOM; – Kirche trifft um St.Peter – es war eine kooperation mit der jüdischen Gemeinde St, willehad ein Konzert mit Semjon Kalinowsky – Prof. Franz Danksagmüller Orgel) dem ensemble st. willehad es wurden gespielt Stücke von Luis Lewandowski – J Gebriel Rheinberger Max Bruch – jüdische Musik mit Orgel – allegmein sehr unbekannt – es war erstaunlich schön und aufbauend – Musli verbindet halt immer wieder

    1. Matt Gorman Reply

      Vielen Dank! Ich bin eine Katholische und ich habe sich einen große Respekt der jüdische Leute!

    2. Garcia Ben Reply

      Why do we call the Catholic priest as “Father” while Jesus Christ called us brethren or brother , so in return we also call Jesus as brother as we got the same only true God his father & our Father , not Jesus as father as he is also a son of God just like us .

    3. Art Reply

      It is truly sad that some Christians hate the Jews when our Lord JESUS Christ was Jewish along with the Apostle

  2. Father Bernard Mc Nally Reply

    The answer is in the Gospels….. and the Acts of The Apostles….. Some Jewish people accept Jesus as the Christ…. Helen Shepero, being one….

  3. David Reply

    Mohammed was born a Jew also. Right?

    1. Yehoshua Friedman Reply

      No, Mohammed was not born a Jew. He was born a pagan Arab in the Arabian Peninsula where the only true ethnic Arabs come from.

      1. Noreen Reply


    2. shin Reply

      Yes indeed. But he build his own religion after death.

    3. Alice Reply

      Both Ismael and Issac were son’s of Abraham…the Jews and Moslems are distantly related and both represent Semetic peoples.

      1. Douglas DeBlase Reply

        You are under a false misconception. Mohammad was not in any shape or form related to ishmael or abraham. Ishmaels blood line died out over 1000 years before Christ. Mohammad was born something like 650 AD. Ishmaels family never left the Egypt Israel area where mohammad was born and lived in the yemani area. This whole thing that mohammad was related to ishmael son of abraham is just another lie from false religion trying to make you think that we worship the same God. Where infact they worship the moon God. Thats the reason for arab muslim nations putting a cicle moon on their flags

        1. Atheek Reply

          Get ur facts right! Alice is right. Muhammad is a descendant of Abraham and Ismael. As a matter of fact, Arabs are the descendants of Ismael, who is the son of Abraham and Hajar, an Egyptian lady (his 2nd wife). Do u (from “true” religion) know about Muhammad and his people’s forefathers better than themselves??!

          Issac is Abraham’s son from his 1st wife Sarah. Issac had 2 kids – Essau and Jacob (aka Israel). Jacob had 12 sons namely Rueben, Simon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin, Dan, Naphtali, Gad and Asher. These sons and their descendants were called Children of Israel and that is the Jews.

          And that, my friend, is how Muslims n Jews r related. 🙂

          N islam is a strictly monotheistic religion like Judaism. There r a lot of similarities, although the Jews take the words of Rabbis, priests, etc, whle Muslims only take the word of God, which is the Qur’an, that was revealed through the final Prophet of God, Muhammad. The nature of God is same for both religions (non-physical, no idols for god). Muslim God is One, Allah, n not a “moon God”.
          Muslims follow the Lunar Calendar, which means the appearance of moon predicts the start of their Arabic month. They don’t worship the moon, nor the ka’bah nor the black stone in the ka’bah nor any idols for that matter.

          N don’t mix culture with religion (Arabic culture n islam). Arab flag has nothing to do with islam. The crescent moon is not the symbol of islam.

        2. Atheek Reply

          N i would like to point out the major difference between Christianity and islam.
          Muslims don’t believe that Jesus died on a cross, but God put someone else who looked like Jesus, in the place of Jesus to die on the cross, so that Jesus be saved and Jesus was taken up to the Heavens, only to return to the Earth before it’s about to end. Jesus is going to slay the anti-christ (Dajjal) and marry a lady and rule the Earth.
          N they don’t believe that Jesus was the son of God. God created Adam, the Father of Man, without a male and female pair. N He created Jesus from chaste Mary without a male pair. He is able to do all things. Trinity is against the monotheistic nature of islam.
          Muslims believe Jesus to be a Prophet of God.

          1. Factoidite

            It is incomprehensible that people pick & choose what they want to believe without regard to facts. Anyone who has heard of Muhammad should know he died – end of story – he was not sent by God nor was Buddha – who died also. Neither were anything more than legitimate prophets – nothing miraculous about them occurred. Jesus, sent by the One True God, rose from the dead, returned & walked our earth for 40 days, revealing Himself to the apostles in Galilee (John 21:13) who witnessed His return before Jesus ascending into heaven to rule until the end of the world.

    4. Atheek Reply

      Muhammad was not a descendant of Jacob (aka israel), who is the son of issac (who is the son of Abraham). Hence, not a Jew, as Jews are Descendants of Jacob. Muhammad was a descendant of ismael, brother of issac and son of Abraham. Arabs r descendants of ismael.

      1. Paul Reply

        Regardless Atheek, Islam is a false religion. Jesus Christ is truth in the flesh, he is not a prophet. Mohammed is a false preacher like many of the other false prohets that came after Christ. Islam is irrelavant. Only Christianity guarantees peace to the individual and the humanity. Who cares what Muslims believe or are brainwashed to believe, it is a throwback to the Old Testament. What is best for all humanity is that Muslims covert to the true faith Christianity.

  4. Deborah Reply

    I was taught by the priests at St. Mary’s church that Jesus was not a Jew he was a Nazareen (not sure of spelling). He began his own teachings of his Father and heaven. When Jesus died he left it up to St. Peter to begin his church. It was then that the church of Christ was born and it was Catholic. We recognize Mary the Blessed Virgin in our faith along with the saints. This is why so many of the high priests during the time of Christ wanted him crucified. They feared him!

    1. Janet Kasten Friedman Reply

      The high priests had no power to crucifiy Jesus, even if they had wanted to do so, which they probably didn’t! Crucifixion was a Roman practice, and they, not the Jews, ruled the Land of Israel at that time. Jews were a conquered people, starving and struggling to figure out how to survive physically and spiritually under the cruel, pagan regime. Crucifixion was a “special” punishment, designed to be the most painful and frightening; it was used to wipe out rebellion, and it “worked” very well! Rome prevailed! Jewish sources tell of “the road from Jerusalem to Rome had a crucified Jew every 4 amot”. That probably isn’t literally true, because getting to Rome requires a sea trip, and 4 amot is a pretty small measurement. What they meant was, there were lots of Jews crucified by the Romans, and that we Jews were having hard times! Rome did indeed fear Jewish rebellion; they knew that while we Jews were a small and weak people, we were their only real cultural rival. The belief in One God was (and remains!) the most revolutionary concept in human history. Rome did conquer Israel, and we have continued to suffer that defeat for about 2,000 years. God lets us suffer; but He does not let the nations of the world destroy us, His People, and we have not abandoned His Torah.

      1. Brian Meadows Reply

        All true. I remember watching the Wisconsin state senate ram through an anti-labor bill by highly questionable means in 2011, and I realized it reminded me of the highly irregular proceedings of the Annas/Caiaphas ‘party’ among the Sanhedrin in ‘trying’ Jesus at night. According to tradition, Nicodemus learned of this by sheer accident, no one knows if Joseph of Arimathea was there (probably not) and Gamaliel, the president of the Sanhedrin then, wasn’t there either. So how can any Jew alive today, or even as far back as Jesus’s time, be held accountable for the questionable legality of stacked-deck proceedings like this?!
        I’ve also heard that Annas and Caiaphas had to do a deal of explaining to Pilate, after Jesus drove the money-changers and merchants from the Temple, that it was merely a domestic disturbance and NOT the start of a revolt against Rome! And, as a result, they were terrified of what Jesus might ‘inspire’ Pilate to do next! Hence, they can be said to have acted like a WWII ‘Judenrat’ for Herr Governor-General Pilate.

      2. alida baini Reply

        Regardless if the Cricifixion is Roman or Jewish practice the Jews crucified Jesus according to tbe Gospels.

        1. Jim Reply

          The Jews that were “CREDITED” with the death of Jesus, were appointed by Rome to be the eyes and ears of the Romans. Those Jews named in the Bible had actually become “honorary citizens” of Rome, and betraying their own people. So what it actually comes down to is that the Jews as a people, were not the responsible party to the murder of Our Lord Jesus. So now with that said, would or could someone please tell me why people hate the Jews! Most people claim they hate the Jews because they killed Jesus! #1-That’s not true as I have just explained. #2- Jesus had to be crucified in order that the prophecy would come to pass. People who claim to hate Jews have probably never had one as a friend. I myself think the Jews are a MORE than honorable people, and have quite a few that I am honored to call my friends! And from information that I have gleaned from the Bible, and secular writings, I believe I may have some Hebrew blood in my veins.

          1. Brian Meadows

            The theologian Franz Rosenzweig had (imho) a cogent reply to your question: “Whenever the pagan within the Christian soul rises in rebellion against the law, he vents his fury on the Jews.” Makes sense, doesn’t it? And, of course, the pagan tries to cloak it with ‘Christian’-sounding verbiage.

          2. Anthony Pennington

            Doesn’t matter if you’re Jewish or whatever, Jesus says, love all, everyone deserves respect, I’m not Jew , but I love the Jewish people and all humans, we’re all God’s creation , in the eyes of God, we’re all His children. I am catholic and proud of it, Jesus is the way to life, happiness and peace, Amen.

        2. C..Mastros Reply

          Please understand that Jesus was and still is Jewish, as was/is Blessed Mother, as was the Apostles, as are all Roman Catholics. Therefore; the simplistic statement ” the Jews crucified Jesus ‘ is naive and needs further willingness to understand what actually unfolded. God our Father is a Hebrew God. In addition, Roman law was the only law of the time.

          1. bus29

            if jew can cruxify the supposedly God almighty then of what essence is the power atrtibutable to him. certainly it is only the omnipresence God that is almighty and not jesus because he has limitation.’i can of my own do nothing of my own will except the will of the father’ this is a simple term for people of understanding to know that jesus was a dependent personality and not dependent. secondly every christian has turn to idiol worshiper because of the nature of their belief.

      3. alida baini Reply

        Regardless if the Crucifixion is Roman or Jewish practice the Jews crucified Jesus according to the Gospels and no one else.

        1. nina Reply

          1 Cor.15:3 for he died for our since in accordance with the scripture, tecnically romans crucified him but

        2. C..Mastros Reply


    2. Kathy Reply

      Jesus lived in Nazareth, which would make him a Nazarene, but he was still born a Jew, because Mary and Joseph were Jews.

  5. Fred Powell Reply

    We hijacked Jesus’s religion. Jesus had no idea we would break off from Judaism and then persecute His people. The “chosen people”.

    1. Noreen Reply


    2. alida baini Reply

      Jesus came for the whole world and he belongs to who believe in his name in this name.
      As for Cathlicism it is not part of the Judaism! Otherwise why the Catholic is not allowed to marry more than one woman? And why the Gospels are full of contrsfictions with the old Testaments

      1. Jessica Bryan Reply

        Which parts of the gospels are in contradiction with the tanakh? You do know this is impossible right? The gospels are a recording of how to properly teach the Torah, prophets and writings. It was dictated by rabbis and a pharisee- the OT was ALL they were using. The Greek interpretations are often in conflict with the actual meanings of the scripture..this is due to the blatant antisemitic practices of the early (Catholic-not Christian) church. Christ came to explain the word of YHWH…the “old testament”. There are no contradictions in the WORD..only a lacking in our understanding.

      2. bus29 Reply

        jesus never came for the whole world if we are to follow what he said and not what paul said and i quote’ go ye not to the house of gentles but to the house of lost sheep of isreal’ ‘ for i am not sent but to the house of lost sheep of isreal’

    3. Irwin Tyler Reply

      Jesus was a Jew, called a Rabbi, and preached to Jews exclusively. Those who listened to him understood his message in terms of Jewish Torah teachings, the Temple, and the Synagogue. Because of flaws in most translations of the Torah (Bible) most non-Jews don’t really understand the Bible as Jesus understood it and preached it. “Targum Americana – Bereshit / Genesis” brings you this understanding of the Bible as no other translation does. Find it at

  6. Mark Terry Reply

    This reminds me of a story.

    A faithful Jewish man sent his son to the university and he became a Christian. Very concerned he went to his rabbi.

    He went to the synagogue and he said, “Rabbi, Rabbi, I sent my son to the university and he became a Christian, what can we do?”

    The Rabbi surprised him and said, “I sent my son to the university and he became a Christian, we should go to the rabbi in New York and ask him about it.”

    Off they went with their request.

    “Rabbi, Rabbi, we sent our sons to the university and they became Christians, what should we do?”

    The rabbi said, “I sent my son to the university and HE became a Christian. We should go to the Rabbi in Israel.”

    Off they flew and came to the rabbi in Israel. “Rabbi, rabbi…”

    And he replied the same way.

    “I sent my son to the university and he became a Christian.”

    We should ask the Lord.

    Lord, Lord , we sent our sons to the university and they became Christians, what should we do?”

    The Father answered, “I sent my Son…”

    1. CThimesch Reply


  7. ditto114 Reply

    You need to read the Catholic church’s own documents about Jews…you are way off base. Judaism is the first covenant, as Paul taught, and it is valid in and of itself. Christ brought the second, but NOT newer and better covenant, and Paul is very clear about this primarily in Romans but lots of other places as well. Don’t answer theological questions about which you rare misinformed, it damages other people’s faith.

    1. Sammy Caballero Reply

      Let me share Kristine Darg’s article in Jerusalem Channel who wrote:

      Kristine Darg:
      We are a branch not the root, and really Christianity cannot stand alone. Judaism is the foundation of our faith. That is why I describe myself as a Judeo-Christian. Without my Hebraic roots, Christianity cannot be explained or understood.

      Followers of Rabbi Jesus/Yeshua believe He died to make Atonement as God’s sacrificial lamb upon the altar of the Cross. The Gospel invites sinners to look by faith to the judgment of our sin on the Cross for all time and eternity. And when we look by faith at the Cross, as Moses lifted the brazen serpent in the wilderness, we live, and our sins are forgiven vicariously. The New Testament assures us that the names of those who are saved by faith are recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

      “He that overcomes… I will never blot his name out of the Book of Life." (Revelation 3:5)

      “Anyone not found written in the Book of Life was thrown into the lake of fire." (Revelation 20:15)

  8. Jessica Bryan Reply

    The Jewish religion is man made- the faith and worship of the children of Israel- which we ALL are under Christ- has not and IS NOT to be changed. Christ did not complete anything he fulfilled the laws( exemplified and brought understanding of them). The was no stopping of Judaism and beginning of Christianity- God has never worked this way. The GOSPELS tell us this repeatedly, Paul tells us this, Jesus demonstrated this.The new covenant is a grafting… not a new planting. The reason why you are Catholic is that you have been a victim of a GREAT deception. The only way to clarify is to study your Bible- the OT and the NT( for one verifies the other) and follow the path of your Lord- learn the words that were written on his heart. Remember that for the master of creation everything flows continuously and sensibly- these gaps(Judaism to Catholicism) are entirely man made.

    1. CThimesch Reply

      ummm. There’s no gap. The apostles still went to the synagoge until they were kicked out and also worshipped the Eucharist in homes and in the catacombs. Catholicism fulfills and fulfilled Judaism. Read the history of the Christian Church. The Catholic Church. The Church Fathers will give you understanding.

    2. Yessenia Durán Reply

      No one ever said that people stopped Judaism and began Catholic, or that there is gaps. The reason is because us as Catholics still follow laws and commendments of Judaism–we come from there. For example, lets say you have a car you bought new. Years pass and the car start to have some part not functoning well, like headlights or the battery, you have to replace it with a newer one right. Both part serve for the same thing, but yet they are two different things. One is new, one is old; one might be black, the other grey. Therefore, the Catholic church, or, to be exact, Christianity does not make gaps with Judaism, it didn’t stop Judaism. Rather, it is a continuation. It is a completement. The reason why the Catholic church (Christianity) completes Judaism is because in Judaism testaments it is foretold the coming of the Messiah and that happened: with Jesus Christ. The Jewish testaments were completed by the coming and the death of the Messiah: Jesus Christ.

    3. James Mcconnon Reply

      WOW! Jessica, what a cool breath of fresh air! Welcome True Believer! You explained yourself, exceptionally well! It’s not often that I come across someone who has the same understanding as I! And on Christmas morning to boot! You and yours have a “VERY” Merry Christmas, and thanks for the present! GB

    4. David Francis Reply

      Tell that to the Blessed Mother who has visited the earth for centuries. Read about Our Lady of Guadalupe, Our Lady of Fatima, The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, Our Lady of Kibeho,Our Lady of Hope, the Virgin of Pontmain, and Our Lady of Lourdes. There is no requirement to believe any of these apparitions or their message, but you may learn something if you read a little more about the Catholic faith. I have never attended a Catholic Church where they put down any other religion. In fact at Mass this morning our priest mentioned a great Lutheran scholar and minister.
      Our Blessed Mother has been sent by her Son through the ages to send a message of love, faith, prayer, penance and reparations and with a message that time is short before her Son returns. You may love your faith but learn a little more before you cut someone other’s faith down.

  9. tbart Reply

    So, my religion is “completed” what a euphemism. So what does that mean for me?

  10. Leah Reply

    Jesus didn’t found any church. That is a complete myth.
    “The Jewish religion is man made” – so is every religion.

  11. lilyo Reply

    Jesus didn’t found any church but he commanded Peter to do so

    1. Bob Reply

      Really? And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it. -Matt 16:18. That’s Jesus speaking to Peter and He says “I will build my church” not you will build my church.

  12. Buck Cannon Reply

    I thought the Yahasha was an israelite through the seed of David and that he was from the tribe of Judah, hence “jew.” Deuteronomy chap. 28 will tell you who the Israelites may be.

  13. May Reply

    This is for David and Shin who brought up Mohammed. Read the book by a woman raised in a Muslim Country as a Muslim. Her name is Dr. Wafa Sultan, MD. Her native tongue is the same as what the Koran is written in and explains Islam and Mohammed better than any I have ever read. The book is called “A God Who Hates.” Another good book is by a Christian who grew up in Lebanon during the Lebanese War. Her name is Briggette Gabriel and her book is “Because They Hate.”

  14. Michael Moulds Reply

    Because catholicism is the enemy of the TRUE Messiah, having adopted multitudes of pagan practices even from it’s beginning. That’s why The Messiah said to “Come out of her, my people.” Babylon and Rome are synonymous in Peter 1,2, and 3. Wake up people3!!!!

    1. Edward A. Hara Reply

      How about a list of those supposed “pagan practices” so we can discuss them and I can give you an answer to this ridiculous charge. I was Protestant all my life and found that these charges of “adopting pagan practices” have no validity at all.

      Then I converted.

    2. Edward A. Hara Reply

      I asked you for the “pagan practices.” Apparently you are all ad hominem and no facts.

    3. Yessenia Reply

      I, too, am waiting for a list with the pagan practices the Catholic Church carries out, and an explanation of why you believe they are pagan…

      1. Edward A. Hara Reply

        What we have here is a spineless, gutless, ignoramus who doesn’t want to engage people who can defend the faith and show him was a jerk he is.

        1. Yessenia Reply

          Yeah. This is how you know that the Catholic Church is THE Church of Christ. We are more than happy, ready, and willing to discuss our faith and Chruch with others. We are confident.

        2. Faith Marshall Smithhisler Reply

          Actually, your moderator just doesn’t allow comments contrary to your opinions. I’m sure he tried to give examples and his comments were filtered out.

      2. Jeremy Reply

        Seek and yee shall find. Catholicism was founded in the first century when they made changes such as worshiping on the Sabbath. God made that day holy for a reason. We must worship the way God wants us to worship His way, Not our own made up way to fit our schedules. there are many other ways. They adopted Roman customs to make everybody at that day happy. read history books from that time… SEEK…

        1. Edward A. Hara Reply

          Sure they adopted Roman customs. Suuuuuuure they did. That’s why they were food for lions and put the sword for the first four centuries of the Church.

          As for the Sabbath, it belonged to the nation of Israel as part of their covenant with God. That covenant is over, therefore, so is Sabbath worship.

          31:16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.

        2. Vinny Licitra Reply

          The Holy Spirit guides the rock – Peter through time and the gates of hell shall not prevail against Him.

  15. Vincent Licitra Reply

    We must love the Jewish people who helped us move through history with a view attuned to greater things even than this world. They are our older brothers and sisters who may be stiff necked but nevertheless are special to this world.

  16. susan hopf Reply

    I love reading the Old Testament.. and I love reading about the ‘Jewish” God.. but I believe Jesus Christ was also God.. and it is the same God.. and I believe Jesus was Jewish.. and is the fullfillment of all the Prophecies in the Old Testament.. I am Catholic.. which I believe is the ‘correct’ religion to be.. but I also believe what Jesus said about ‘in my father’s house there are many mansions’.. I believe he meant for denominations.. even good Jewish people go to a Heaven..I also believe the Catholic Heaven is the ‘top’ Heaven.. which is not that strange.. we believe in Angels and Saints, and Mary and that she has power and is very close to God.. so hopefully we will get to see her.. I have read some of the Jehovah Witnesses booklet I got and they believe that when they die they will go to a ‘lower’ Heaven and not a “Celestial” Heaven.. so that is interesting.. the bottom line.. it is all about LOVE..”thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all thy Heart, mind and soul.. and love thy neighbor as thyself”… God is love,, in Heaven there is Love.. and Jesus Christ was LOVE incarnate.. that is why He is on the cross with his arms wide open.. AMEN..l

    1. Yessenia Reply

      I agree with you and I like what you said. To be from a denomination doesn’t necessarily mean that you will go to hell, it is just that you are missing on so much: especially the Eucharist. I used to be visited by a Jehovah Witness and what she told me they believe is that Jesus is not God, He is just the son of God. That one day Jesus will return to earth, get the bad people out, and leave the goods ones here. He will renew this earth and we (the good) will stay here together where Jesus will be our governor. I am not really sure of this but it is what I understood she said.

    2. Cristine Mastros Reply

      I am a Roman Catholic because I follow The Teachings of Jesus The Christ. As best as I can understand Jesus was born Jewish and lived as a Jew and died as a Jew. St Peter our first Pope also (as many of the early Christians) was born, lived and died a Jew. What distinguished the early Jewish/Christian religious practices was the inclusion of The Sacrament of Communion, that they practiced on the sabbath but outside of the Temple. I therefore consider myself and all Roman Catholics as: Progressive Jews or Complete Jews. Though we call ourselves Catholic, which many take to mean a seperate and distinct religion unto itself, we are in truth True Jews, for me to considr myself anything else would be an insult to Jesus and God The Father.

  17. Chicodabanda Reply

    3 words “council of nicea” its when everything changed….

  18. Noreen Reply

    The Separation of Church and Faith: Copernicus & the Jews by Daniel Gruber. Please read this book and it will help you to sort out the errors of this less than scholarly write up.

  19. nicola Reply

    The salvation of the world will come from Jew (Jesus Said he meant about him self)….Jesus came to save the world and he is a savior we become a Christian when Jesus live in a Christianity God become a man and he lived among us in others religions man is still searching for God…Jesus and the Father are one…Christ came from Heaven…Christianity is glorious Mystery….Jesus is Lord…Jesus want us to be supernatural like him… all things are possible for those who believe…Amen

  20. Alida Baini Reply

    Jesus does not belong to a specific nation. Jesus came for all the nations and belongs to the peoples who believe in His teachings and who became the God’s new Chosen People according to St Paul.

  21. Emmanuel sp Odah Reply

    Quite interesting to read your many piece !!! I know the best connection to all that has been said is to overcome one’s ignorance, have the new life, live it out in a functional and existing loving relationship in communion with Jesus Christ.

  22. Faith Marshall Smithhisler Reply

    For those who were asking fire examples if pagan practices, here are a few… Sunday worship instead of God’s true Sabbath, Christmas (Saturnalia) with the tree and the mistletoe and the Yule log (all pagan), Easter with its fertility symbols all from Babylon, the worship of Mary- pagans were doing that long before you, not to mention lent and praying with “vain repetitions”. Please don’t just accept these “traditions of men”, look up their origins and ask yourself if good wants to be worshipped the same way as Baal was out would he rather be worshipped the way He told you to. God wants to be worshipped in spirit and truth.

    1. Edward A. Hara Reply

      Sabbath worship is part of the covenant of which national Israel had with the Jews as a specific people.

      31:16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.

      The Old Covenant is over, and with it being set aside, the Sabbath as day of worship was also set aside.

      Catholics do not “worship” Mary. We honor Her. You really need to learn the difference. Now, why exactly do we honor Her? First of all, because She is the Mother of the New Creation, the One who was called “the New Eve” by the Early Fathers of the Church. Do you remember the commandment “Honor thy father and thy mother….?” That is what we are doing?

      How do we come to this conclusion? Because Jesus, as man, is the Last Adam (1 Corin. 15:45). This title shows that the redemptive work of Christ has restored the covenant positions of Adam (covenant head) and Eve (covenant helpmeet) over mankind. Everything that was meant to be in the Garden, all that our first parents were meant to become, has come to fruition in Jesus and Mary.

      Secondly, in this restoration of Adam and Eve, the kingship and queenship of mankind is restored. Adam was the son of God (Luke 3:38). As the son of the One Who is called the Great King in Psalms, he was a prince (sons of kings are princes). Therefore, his wife was princess. And princes and princesses become kings and queens. It was the desire of God that the universe be filled with kings and queens, rulers who bear his authority over Creation. We know this from the promise in Revelation.

      Rev 1:6 And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

      If you understood the concept of Suzerainty kingship, you would understand Jesus as the Suzerain of mankind. And Mary, the New Eve, is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, who is co-regent with Her Son.

      As for vain repetitions, have you never seen this verse:

      Rev 4:8 And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come.

      That’s all they do. Seems that their “vain repetition” doesn’t bother God one iota.

      You are in a state of ignorance and blindness, sir. If you wish a cure for it, you should get this book:

      Written by a former Fundamentalist/Calvinist who used to believe everything you have posted here.

    2. Yessenia Reply

      Oh my God! This made me laugh so much! Thank you. Firstable the Sabbath day is uncertain. A true Catholic Christmas does not include the tree and mistletoe. I grew up withought them. Thats more of a Protestant Christian. We do not think of Easter as “fertil” like i said a true Catholic Easter is the resurrection of Jesus. I grew up never thinking of Easter as with bunny and all of those symbols. WE DO NOT WORSHIP MARY!!!! A true Catholic believes that Mary is in heaven and from there she can INTERCEDE for us and protect us like the mother she is to us all. Whats wrong with lent? And ehat do you mean by “vain repetitions”? And i can prove all this with scripture.

  23. Dr. Rivera López Reply

    Catholics are pagan worshipers of Baal and Tamuz a concoction of false doctrines and spurious books written centuries after the historical events. Constantine toman emperor the creator of the pagan cult was a murderer who killed even his own family. Today practices such as human blood and flesh consumption and the raping and sacrificing of children are part of the pagan cult. For 1500 years they have committed the most abhorrent abominations against all nations. Plus xii secretly planed the death of the Jews in Europe. Fortunately all these truths can be found and corroborated by all. They cannot escape the judgement of history.

    1. Vinny Licitra Reply

      Stop committing a sin. Pope Pius XII took actions which helped to motivate the actual saving of upwards of 750,000 Jews predominantly in Italy but elsewhere also using Catholic grounds to harbor them. We’ve turned the corner where unfortunate souls like yourself can spew such falsity under the guise of intellectual honesty whether you be a Doctor or not. Fear the Lord. This comes first before you can love with all your heart, mind, and soul.

      1. Bob Reply

        You know Vinny, this kind of thing that the so called doctor is saying used to really get me wound up. Now I am comfortable enough in my Catholic faith that it doesn’t bother me. He still needs to be answered though. I actually feel sorry for him. I hope that God will open his eyes and soften his heart.

    2. Bob Reply

      Riiiiight Doctor. Just last Sunday I was at my catholic church worshipping Baal (we don’t worship Tammuz, he’s a false god) while sacrificing and eating little kids at the alter. Yeah, that’s the ticket, happens every week.
      What a nut case.

      1. Edward A. Hara Reply

        Perhaps now you understand why the Catholic Church burned heretics. They go out, teach their madness, lies, distortions, and evil behavior to others, and the stuff they teach spreads like cancer. It’s been 500 years since the Protestants started making up these accusations and these lies are still around today! They just will not go away, and the problem is that people with weak minds, like Dr. Whosiewhatsis, eat this garbage like prime rib and then go and spread it around as if it is pure gold when it is pig manure.

    3. hilary Reply

      I don’t think u actually understand “vain reputation” afterall jesus Christ in the garden of gathsamane prayed the same prayer three times ” father if this cup cannot pass me let u r will be done” the adjectival phrase” vain ” help to further define that it is a prayer that is empty without faith and spiritual connection. It’s just like when jesus was telling his disciples about two people praying one remorseful with his sin and quietly begging God for forgiveness and the other a pharasee shouting and boostfull in his prayer. That doesn’t mean that God will not hear u if u pray in a loud voice, what it means is that u should commit ur spirit to the will of God . That’s y we caths c prayer as not just talking to God but a relationship with God such that our minds and spirit are connected to God. I think u r allegations are a little bit old fashion, and use to believe them too, but a good research will help u realise the conspiracy theory between Dan brown (davinci code), Muslims and Protestant, bcos all of them acuse the cath church of corrupting the truth. But they still use the Bible produced by the cath church. Especially protestant claiming its the final authority. The worst part is that they claim to read the Bible even when the Bible never mentioned that it is the source of finally authority, but the church and apostles. They claim that they do not follow man’s doctrine, when the concept of “solar scripture” only the bible is of luther (man) not christ. The most irritating is that the Protestant Bible was adopted and produced by King James, a king of England. I’ve also come to realised that the cath mass. The priest does not say his word but repeat the word of jesus unlike the Protestant pastor who tries to interprete the scripture according to his understanding and “inspiration” in their service. Please they have enslaved u enough and twisted the truth, the white is turn to be black and black turned to be the white. I will not advocate u become a cath but a little research might help u remove the three in ur eye. I hope u won’t go researching from ur pastors who are more ignorant than u and are bound on subverting the truth, but a more neutral research might help u. Only the truth can set up free

  24. Marcia Reply

    Catholic Christianity is what I want to be all my life. Other religion may talk negative about it but this I can say much… Ours is an apostolic church. It is Christ centered.. And its teachings goes as deep but constant… As Pope Francis told us yesterday ( Jan 18, 2015 -Philippines) Think good, feel good and do good- 3 important languages that we can use in being a good Christian.. his pastoral visit theme : Mercy and Compassion… Only Catholic religion has a Pope the vicar of Christ that even non Catholics ( but believe in Christ) respects and honors, and leads the entire Catholic Church. We don’t worship Mary but honors her of her godliness.. For how can you honor the son and ignores the mother. And at the foot of the cross before Christ died ( him as human ) He gave us Mary to John as our mother ( John represents ” the children of God that includes you and me ) Jesus died FOR EVERY HUMAN
    BEING. TO SAVE US FROM ETERNAL DEATH and all because of love.. Only Cathoilics take this mysterious teaching. Repetitions? Haven’t you read in the Bible the repeated request of a woman to a judge? The judge finally granted her request so she stops repeating? It’s the same concept.. If we keep repeating our prayer its because we believe that repeating means affirmation.