Kentucky clerk of court defies Supreme Court, refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses

Defying court orders, a county clerk in Kentucky is refusing to issue marriage licenses of same-sex couples. Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County, said that she would obey “God’s authority” rather than the Supreme Court decision calling for legal recognition of same-sex marriages. When a homosexual couple brought a lawsuit against her, and a federal court ordered her to issue the marriage license, she sought a Supreme Court hearing, but was rejected. As the standoff continues in Rowan County, Davis faces likely contempt-of-court charges.



  1. Cindy Reply

    And yet she is on her FOURTH marriage! The sanctity of marriage clearly eludes her. Just saying.

  2. jo Reply

    God Bless you, You go girl!!!

  3. Haries Sankaradhas Reply

    God bless you.

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