Latest ISIS video reveals their desperation to appear stronger against the Church

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The Islamic State released another horrifying video claiming Allah is superior, infidels will die and claims that the US will fall – but is it just a ploy?

According to Heavy, the video began with a message translated into English reading:

“In this video production is a presentation of some recorded scenes documenting the source of the program to train the sahwat vetted by America in Jordan under the wings of the Crusader coalition forces.

“This is a small portion of what the sahwat left behind to become ghanimah in the hands of the Khilafah’s soldiers after they failed to advance on the city of Albu Kamal and their soldiers were either killed or driven out. And to Allah belongs all praise and favor.”

“Sahwat” is a term assumed to mean “awakenings,” which is a US-backed group in the Middle East that fought al Qaeda before the rise of the Islamic State.

The Long War Journal explained a bit more in depth: “The Islamic State’s opponents…are part of the ‘sahwat’ meaning they are supposedly part of the ‘awakenings,’ which received crucial assistance from the US during the fight against the Islamic State’s predecessor organization, al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).”

It is currently unverified whether the US remains Sahwat’s benefactors, where the group is, who its enemies are or even if it still exists.

“Ghanimah” is described as “wealth taken by force from an enemy in times of war.”

The 20-minute video describes the training members of the New Syrian Army underwent with help from the US. They were armed, given air support and were trained to destroy Assad’s troups, but they turned on their benefactors and are now on the hunt for ISIS’ enemies.

Several montages of old footage featuring bombs exploding, bleeding children, New Syrian Army members, training exercises and statements from Islamic leaders are displayed across the screen.

Hate speech is perpetuated, warnings are made and then the show begins.

Images of ammunition, weapons, vehicles, disembodied heads, bloody corpses, attacks and executions are revealed.

Suicide vests are placed on members, who smile with the promise of an afterlife with their virgins and Allah, prisoners in orange jumpsuits are cruelly decapitated with field knives and the carnage only grows worse.

FSA soldiers are shown giving the Nazi salute but are later killed at the hands of the terrorists.

At the end of the video, two Jihads deliver a speech in which they accuse the United States of attempting to take over the Middle East.

The final scene reveals militants dressed in black killing members of the FSA with field knives then placing the heads on the tips of spears.

The brutality of ISIS is showcased in each new video the group releases and, though they continue to lose ground, the organization appears to be more difficult to eradicate than previously believed – or so the videos would have the world believe.

ISiS has lost several of its strategic cities and has been forced to fall back several times. Supplies are becoming harder to come by and the war on the terrorist group is well on its way to being won.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “is it just a ploy,” Kenya Sinclair asks…
    After reading the article, I get the feeling that Sinclair is involved in wishful thinking.
    Let’s hope ISIS is on the way out, but I don’t find this article as compelling evidence in support of that conjecture. The title, which the author may or may not have chosen has no real connection to the article. The article says nothing about ISIS’ attempting to “appear stronger against the Church,” as the title suggests. I guess that’s what you call bait, and switch.
    The quality of journalism on this blog frequently leaves much to be desired.

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