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29 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Is Pope Francis changing Church teachings before our eyes?

Of all the many questions Pope Francis has raised in his brief papacy, perhaps none is as insistent, or as crucial to his legacy, as the debate over whether he …

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26 Nov 2015 Asia-Pacific News No comments

Fr. Cyril Axelrod, world’s only deaf-blind priest speaks at Asia’s first conference for deaf Catholics

Last week at the Catholic pastoral center in the Sam Phran District, Thailand hosted the first international Asian Conference for deaf Catholics titled “Ephatha…

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14 Oct 2015 News USA No comments

After break-in, Bishop Conley prays for burglar's conversion

When Bishop James Conley's residence in Lincoln, Nebraska was invaded and burglarized this weekend, he offered a message of forgiveness and called on the faithf…

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09 Sep 2016 Articles No comments

A Landscape the Desert Fathers Wouldn't Recognize

I wanted to get far from the madding crowd, so on a Friday I lit out for Anza Borrego Desert State Park, two hours from San Diego. From the east-west high…

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27 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

How do we know that Jesus descends from David as prophesied?

Full Question How do we know that Jesus descends from David as prophesied? Matthew's Gospel tells us about Joseph's genealogy, but he was not Jesus' biolog…

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18 Mar 2016 Americas Middle East News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

Full Report of an Eyewitness' Account of ISIS Massacre of Mother Teresa's Sisters in Yemen

The  March 4th ugly Massacre of Four (4) nuns in Aden belonging to the Charity Congregation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta have been reported vividly as it all ha…

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16 Sep 2014 Vatican Comments (1)

Two New Members Appointed to Board of the Vatican Bank

The Commission of Cardinals for the Institute for the Works of Religion (IOR), popularly known as the Vatican Bank, has appointed Mauricio Larrain (Chile) and C…

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09 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

English synod group A’s report: full text

The full report of Circulus Anglicus 'A' In Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, we find the source of hope for the family in the contemporary world. Thus conf…

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15 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Here's your best chance to see Pope Francis in DC

All official events for Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. are ticketed, but there is a new opportunity for the public to see the Pope without nee…

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Lesotho Church officials call for international intervention following shooting of journalist

The shooting of a newspaper editor in Lesotho is the latest in a series of attacks on government critics in the mountainous country surrounded by South Africa, a church official said.

Lloyd Mutungamiri, editor of the Lesotho Times, was critically injured in the July 9 attack by unknown gunmen outside his home in the capital, Maseru.

“The situation in the country is terrible and deteriorating,” said Booi Mohapi, who heads the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace of the Lesotho bishops’ conference.

Lesotho, with its population of 2 million people, “moves from one political crisis to another, compromising the safety of its people,” he said in a July 11 telephone interview from Maseru.

“We need urgent intervention from the Southern African Development Community,” a regional trade bloc of 15 countries, Mohapi said, noting that the local church has documented “alarming human rights abuses.”

The justice and peace commission has called on the bloc to set up an office in Maseru to monitor rights abuses, he said, noting also that the situation could improve with a constant international presence.

Sixteen soldiers charged with mutiny are tortured and held in “appalling conditions” in Maseru’s maximum security prison, Mohapi said. Their lawyers face death threats and their wives and children live in fear, he added.

The justice and peace commission carried out extensive interviews with the families of the imprisoned soldiers and has documented its findings of abuses, he said.

Commission members heard stories of soldiers “abducted in front of their families, including old parents and young children,” he said.

The former head of the Lesotho army, Maaparankoe Mahao, was shot dead in June 2015 during an operation to arrest suspected coup plotters, according to the country’s defence ministry.

Mahao, an ally of Lesotho’s former prime minister, was a bitter rival of the current army chief.

In an investigation into Lesotho’s security crisis, the Southern African Development Community found no evidence of a mutiny plot, Mohapi said.

All Lesotho’s opposition leaders live in South Africa after alleging assassination attempts by defence force members. In July 2015, Archbishop Gerard Tlali Lerotholi of Maseru reported that he was on a hit list.

As well as its “political quagmire,” Lesotho also experiences “almost weekly shootings and murders of ordinary citizens” in turf wars, Mohapi said.

In its efforts to support the imprisoned soldiers and their families, the church is providing counselling for family members and fundraising to assist with the soldiers’ legal fees and other needs, he said. In cases where families have been impoverished by their breadwinner’s absence, the church tries to help with material support too, he said.

With other civil society organisations, the justice and peace commission advocates for the soldiers’ release as well as for fundamental reforms to Lesotho’s justice system, Mohapi said.

Urging authorities to bring those responsible for the attack on the newspaper editor to justice, Amnesty International’s deputy director for southern Africa said it was “also an attack on the right to freedom of expression” in Lesotho.

“His shooting is particularly disturbing because it comes amid increased harassment and intimidation against the newspaper for its investigative journalism work,” Amnesty’s Muleya Mwananyanda said in a statement on July 11.


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