23 Mar 2015 Vatican Comments (6)

Blood of Naples’ patron liquefies during pope’s visit to cathedral

VATICAN CITY (CNS) — At the end of Pope Francis’ spontaneity-filled meeting with priests, seminarians and religious in the cathedral of Naples, the vial of drie…

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05 Nov 2015 News USA Vatican Comments (1)

Pope named world 4th 'World Most Powerful Person'

Forbes an American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc have published their list of "World most Powerful People". Pope Francis in it was named 4th "World mo…

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13 Oct 2015 News Vatican No comments

Archbishop rues rhetoric of immigration debate

Archbishop Robert Carlson has issued a pastoral statement on immigration and mercy. “As I listen to our national discourse on immigration, I am becoming incr…

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06 Sep 2014 USA Comments (1)

Supreme Court asked to defend Seal of Confession in La. case

Baton Rouge, La., Sep 6, 2014 / 07:32 am .- The Diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to review a ruling that a diocesan pri…

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24 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Possible papal detour: a visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial?

A previously unscheduled visit to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington, D.C. might be added to the papal schedule for Thursday morning, according …

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28 May 2016 Articles No comments

Both Pharisee and Publican Call the Church Home

If you have ever wanted summarily to sweep aside all those stupid people in the Church who stand between you and a satisfying spiritual experience, you can be v…

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15 Apr 2016 Americas Middle East - Africa News United Kingdom USA Vatican No comments

Finally a glimpse of Hope about the Abducted School Girls in Nigeria's Christian state secondary school

Yesterday was the 2-years anniversary of the abduction of 276 girls from a primarily Christian State Secondary School by the Boko Haram terrorist group in the t…

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04 Mar 2016 Australia News Comments (3)

Cardinal Gerhard Müller encourages divorced/remarried Catholics to participate in the life of the Church since they can't be admitted to…

It’s no secret that marriage crisis are widespread. The Church concerned about Catholics who are divorced and remarried without an annulment, has promised to of…

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German Bishops finally respond to the Cologne New Year's Eve attacks

One week after hundreds were assaulted and mugged in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, Archbishop of Munich and president of the German Conference of Catholic Bishops,…

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Lost tablets confirmed to speak of Christ, but is the story they tell true?

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Researchers have confirmed the authenticity of lead tablets that discuss Jesus Christ and date to the period of His ministry. As genuine artifacts, they serve as an additional, non-Biblical source to reference the existence of Christ.

A series of tables, or codices, written on lead and bound together with rings, has been confirmed as genuine. The codices date to the time of Christ’s ministry and detail his visit to the temple in Jerusalem. They add a chapter to the Gospel account that follows Christ’s driving out of the money changers.

What is written on the tablets is even more intriguing than their age. The tablets refer to God as both male and female, and suggest Christ was a member of an Hebrew sect and He did not seek to found a new, Christian religion.

The tablets tell a story that Jesus entered the temple to view the Face of God, and to restore an ancient Hebrew tradition that dated to the time of King David.

The tablets are bound with metal rings, much like a binder. The tablets are bound with metal rings, much like a binder.

These claims are virtually heretical, and as such many Christians view them with skepticism.

The tablets were discovered in 2008 by a Jordanian Bedouin in a cave. Scholars have studied the tablets and have concluded that they are authentic, dating back to the time of Christ. The dating method involved looking at the decay of the lead in the tablets and eliminating the possibility that they were artificially aged. Researchers concluded the lead is in an advanced state of decay, suggesting it is 2,000 years old. They also evaluated the language and the text, and found it is a form of Paleo-Hebrew. Taken together, the facts seems to affirm the tablets are authentic and date to the time of Christ’s ministry, or at least shortly following his death.
The tablets are concluded to be between 1,800 and 2,000 years old.

There are virtually no contemporary references to Christ, aside from a few Roman historians who briefly mention Christ or the Christians in their work. These tablets are now another source.

Following the death of Christ, many false gospels were composed. These were finally and firmly rejected when the Church established the canon of the Bible in the late fourth century. Could these tablets contain one of those false gospels?

It’s not only possible, but likely. However, the tablets do serve as evidence that someone named Jesus existed and had a profound impact on the world during His ministry.

By Marshall Connolly


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “Researchers have confirmed the authenticity of lead tablets that discuss Jesus Christ and date to the period of His ministry.”
    Really? Who are these “experts” and where is their report? Where are Connally’s sources? I can’t find anything outside of a couple cases of gullible media calling these things real. There are several experts who have examined them (see the article in Wikipedia and follow the sources) and who are adamant that they are fakes.
    For Marshall Connally, this is good news/bad news. It’s good news that, if fake, they don’t refute Christianity as we know it today, and bad news that they don’t provide any historical evidence that Jesus actually existed.

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