Mark Wahlberg credits parish priest with turning his life around

Mark Wahlberg has said he never would have been able to get his life back on track if it weren’t for his parish priest.

In an interview with Square Mile, Wahlberg said he was saved from a life of drugs and violence as a teenager when his priest, Fr James Flavin, took him under his wing.

“I pray every day and try to go to church every day. My faith in God is what makes me a better man,” he said. “It’s the most important part of my life.”

Wahlberg was one of nine children born to a Catholic family in Dorchester, Massachusetts. He says family – he now has four children of his own – is also an important part of his life.

“I just try to be around for them as much as I can and be the kind of father who they know will always care and love them with all my heart and soul,” he said. “I pray that I will live up to my intention to be the best husband and father than I can be.”

Wahlberg, star of The Departed, The Other Guys and Boogie Nights and an executive producer of Entourage, said his career would not have got off the ground if he had not rediscovered his faith.

“I never would have been able to change my life and have the success and love that I have in my world today without my faith,” he said



  1. maryhebert Reply

    I wish more catholic in movie industry. Would say more good thing about God
    Kids look up to actor and singers.God Bless that do.

  2. Vicki Reply

    God bless you, Mark.

  3. CJ Reply

    Have people lost their Catholic marbles? While it is very heartening to see this star openly embrace his faith, it is confusing, at best, damning, at worst (in the sense that it could lead others astray), to hold him up as a Catholic role model.

    His choice in movie roles, most notably the latest “Entourage,” apparently revel in and glorify decidedly less-than-Christlike behavior.

    There are plenty of other Catholic role models to choose from. Please do.

  4. Ramanie Reply

    Praise God. Well done Mark God bless you and your parish priest. My parish has three wonderful priests too. Without their guidence l would be lost.

  5. Sandi Reply

    Go Mark, “it’s all about the faith…..about that faith” in a loving God.

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