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26 Apr 2016 United Kingdom No comments

New auxiliary bishop of Southwark appointed

The Episcopal Ordination of Fr Paul Mason will take place at the end of May Pope Francis has appointed Fr Paul Mason as the new Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark…

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06 Jun 2015 Vatican Comments (1)

Australian bishops: ‘Don’t mess with marriage’

The bishops of Australia have released “Don’t Mess with Marriage,” a pastoral letter on the same-sex marriage debate. “It is unjust, gravely unjust, to legit…

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17 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (2)

Cardinal Arinze: not even Church authority can break the marriage bond

Cardinal Francis Arinze, the retired prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, took a firm stand against changing Church teaching regarding marriage and t…

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09 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

Synod 14: Testimony of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Conwayonway

Here below is the testimony of Stephen and Sandra Conway, Regional Directors for Africa of the Reunions Movement (South Africa), with an introduction from the P…

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01 Sep 2015 News Vatican Comments (2)

Benedict XVI testifies for beatification of Pope John Paul I

Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI has given testimony for the cause of beatification of Pope John Paul I, the Italian journal Famiglia Cristiana reports. Elected in…

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06 Oct 2016 News Comments (2)

Cardinal Sarah: Let’s end the ‘hateful divisions’ and ‘public humiliation’ over liturgy

The cardinal condemned the 'ideological clash of factions' over ad orientem worship Cardinal Robert Sarah has said the “hateful divisions” over liturgy must en…

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05 Sep 2015 News USA Comments (1)

The Catholic University of America anticipates Pope Francis' visit

The Catholic University of America is full of enthusiastic and hopeful spirits as the papal visit to Washington D.C. comes closer. In about three weeks, …

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03 May 2016 Articles Comments (2)

The Blessed Virgin's Guide to Catholic Modesty

You want to see a ruckus in Catholic cyberspace? All you have to do is link together the wordsCatholic andmodesty or, better,Blessed Virgin andpants. Simcha Fis…

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15 Aug 2016 News No comments

Faithful flock to Lourdes under heavy security

Pilgrims began arriving at the shrine before dawn to celebrate the feast of the Assumption Catholic pilgrims from around the world, many sick or disabled, floc…

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“Martyrs carry the Church Forward” Pope Francis says

On 7th April, Pope Francis praised the courage of the modern day martyrs who even as they are put to death for their witness to the Risen Christ, continue to “carry the Church forward”

Pope Francis said during his April 7 homily, according to Vatican Radio, “These are the lifeblood of the Church; these are the ones that carry the Church forward, the witnesses, who attest that Jesus is Risen, that Jesus is alive, and they bear witness through the consistency of their life, with the Holy Spirit they have received as a gift”

He said that the Church needs their witness now, just as much as at the beginning of Christianity when “Peter the coward” became “courageous” after Christ’s death and resurrection, as today’s readings reflected.

In the reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we learn that Peter, the same apostle who denied Christ hours before his crucifixion, has become emboldened by our Lord’s resurrection and preaches the Gospel to the leaders of the Sanhedrin even though they had forbidden it, the Holy Father said. Being a Christian means being consistent “in what he says, in what he does, and what he receives,” even if witnessing to the Gospel means one “puts his life on the line” by doing so.

Today, we still see so many people living out their faith in Jesus in hostile environments, he said, but their witness is what carries the Church forward.

“It is the witness of our martyrs of today – so many! – chased out of their homeland, driven away, having their throats cut, persecuted: they have the courage to confess Jesus even to the point of death.”

In times of trouble people will often say that their country “needs heroes” which is an admirable thing to do, he said.

But in the case of the Church, he continued, we need “witnesses” and “martyrs.” They are “the saints of everyday, of ordinary life” which is lived with consistency and bears Christian witness “to the end, even to death.”

“It is the witness of those Christians who live their life seriously, and who say: ‘I can’t do this; I can’t do evil to another; I cannot cheat; I cannot lead life halfway, I have to give my witness,’” Pope Francis said.

“And this witness consists in saying what has been seen and heard in faith, namely, the Risen Jesus, with the Holy Spirit received as a gift.”



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