Masturbation – According to the Bible, is it a sin?

The Bible never explicitly mentions masturbation or states whether or not masturbation is a sin. The Scripture most frequently pointed to in regards to masturbation is the story of Onan inGenesis 38:9-10. Some interpret this passage as saying that “spilling your seed" on the ground is a sin. However, that is not precisely what the passage is saying. God condemned Onan not for “spilling his seed" but because Onan refused to fulfill his duty to provide an heir for his brother. The passage is not about masturbation, but rather about fulfilling a family duty. A second passage sometimes used as evidence for masturbation’s being a sin isMatthew 5:27-30. Jesus speaks against having lustful thoughts and then says, “If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away." While there are parallels between this passage and masturbation, it is unlikely that masturbation was what Jesus was alluding to.

While the Bible nowhere explicitly states that masturbation is a sin, there is no question as to whether the actions that lead to masturbation are sinful. Masturbation is nearly always the result of lustful thoughts, sexual stimulation, and/or pornographic images. It is these problems that need to be dealt with. If the sins of lust, immoral thoughts, and pornography are forsaken and overcome, masturbation will become a non-issue. Many people struggle with guilty feelings concerning masturbation, when in reality, the things that led to the act are far more worthy of repentance.

There are some biblical principles that can be applied to the issue of masturbation.Ephesians 5:3declares, “Among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity." It is hard to see how masturbating can pass that particular test. The Bible teaches us, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31). If you cannot give God glory for something, you should not do it. If a person is not fully convinced that an activity is pleasing to God, then it is a sin: “Everything that does not come from faith is sin" (Romans 14:23). Further, we need to remember that our bodies have been redeemed and belong to God. “Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body" (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). This great truth should have a real bearing on what we do with our bodies. In light of these principles, the conclusion that masturbation is a sin is biblical. Clearly, masturbation is not glorifying to God; it does not avoid the appearance of immorality, nor does it pass the test of God’s having ownership over our bodies.



  1. Robert henry Reply

    Yes it is. Dad word said that there is only three places to put your seed. Look it up.

    1. patrisia zeldana Reply

      Where can i find the things you said?
      I meant in what part of the bible?

      1. Sally Reply

        I wonder if “masturbation is sin” because it does not bring glory to God….. is blowing your nose as sin also because it does not bring glory to God? How many of our daily actions do not bring glory to God? Let God be the judge, not us.

        1. Bekah Reply

          Blowing your nose has no comparison to masterbating.
          And if you have reached such a low level that masterbating means as much as blowing your nose. I think you might have a sexual problem.

          1. Patrick Gannon

            Those who think that a normal bodily function is sinful are the ones who have the sexual problem. Sally’s response is on the mark. If a thing is sinful “because it does not bring glory to God,” then as she points out, there are many things we do that would qualify as sinful – such as wiping our butts after using the toilet. Does that activity “bring glory to God?” Blowing your nose, wiping your butt, spitting gum or watermelon seeds out of your mouth, and masturbating, are all normal, healthy, human behaviors that are only bad if you allow disordered, celibate, virgin men dressed in robes to convince you otherwise. Never forget that Jesus railed against the clergy. They were his enemy. Jesus’ message was very clear – don’t trust the clergy.

          2. mkprzMike

            How about going to the movies? Or listening to jazz music? Is that sinful? No glory to God is given by doing those things. In fact, it is for the body to enjoy, not the spirit. That is the same reason Muslims kill those who partake of fleshly pleasures. I guess I should avoid baseball games and coffee houses.

        2. Angel Fire Reply

          right, but then….dang no one gets to judge us all. What fun would Christians have if they could not judge.

        3. Jeromias Reply

          Yes need to recollect

        4. Theresa Reply

          I agree with you Sally especially for young teens that get a hard on for no apparent reason other than a hormonal flash and needs to feline for from the sexual tension. It is not abusing your body. Furthermore our family Dr expressed the importance of prostate health to my 66 year old husband, that it’s important to “keep the pipes cleaned” .

    2. David Rodriguez Reply

      Would the first thing be to define what is a sin. The best way to define a sin is to reference St Paul’s words. In Romans 8:14 and on he says, and let me paraphrase: I know the law is good, but I find that there is another law in my body that acts against the law. And so i wake up wanting to do what is good but doing just the opposite. So I find that their is another law in me which is sin that lives within me. Thanks be to God who has saved me from this.
      He also says we are all a slave to sin because of the fear of death, this means the fear to suffer to not be loved to die and dissappear. The devil uses this fear, that’s why in Christ we are all freed from this slavery. Christ has destroyed death, so that death just seems like a bomb we are afraid off but inside we experience resurrection. That’s why the letters also speak of the cross, which refers to each men’s suffering, and says for christians it is the rock on which we build our house for gentiles its is the rock that crushes them.
      So in this knowledge we can define that sin is an escape from suffering. In the same manner masturbation is always an escape because we do not accept suffering we do not accept reality. Its is an act by which we agree with the devil in that God in our life is not love. We agree and say he has not loved us and therefore we have to love ourselfs by gratifying ourselfs in some form. This in turn produces sadness in us and darkness because with an act we agree that God does not love is, and if God does not love us then death is where we disappear and if death is where we disappear then life has no meaning. Because everything we do comes to an end.

      Just to put a quick example, my daughter just discovered death a few days ago because of a funeral and questions she had being a curious girl. When she understood death is forever, a huge sadness come over her and she could not be consoled because she could not understand that life ended. I think because at a deeper subconscious she understands that if everything end then why do we exist in the first place it is the end of love.
      This is the same feeling that sin creates the end of all love and meaning

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        Yes, let’s start with sin (the original word was an archery term that meant to fall short of the mark). Paul says that sin entered the world through one man (Adam), but Paul was wrong. Paul believed in a literal Genesis as did most people then. Paul did not know about evolution or cosmology or geology, or physics, etc.. We know there was no two-person bottleneck in our DNA. There was no six day creation, no talking snakes, no fall from grace, no original sin – none of that happened. The author said to have told us these stories (Moses) was himself a product of two other myths. There was no mass Exodus from Egypt, and no Conquest of Canaan – this is well accepted by scholars. The foundation Paul relied on has been utterly washed out. (For Paul, Jesus seems to have been a celestial god, not a human actually placed here on earth – but that’s another discussion).
        What the RCC refers to as sin in its maniacal obsession with all things sexual, is an evolutionary sex drive that permitted our species to survive throughout tens and even hundreds of thousands of years when most births ended in death. If we didn’t keep cranking them out, we would have died out. Now, however, thanks to modern health care and the discovery of germs and sanitation, (something Jesus failed to share with us if he was really a god, thereby condemning millions to horrible deaths for another 1800 years or so), we now have too many people. However we evolved the intellect and intelligence to manage this evolved sex drive by developing contraception; however the RCC insists on condemning us to eventual extinction it seems, rather than deploy these tools to better the lives of all mankind.
        As for masturbation, it’s a normal, healthy bodily function and you should enjoy it, but like anything, not to obsession. Maintain a healthy balance in your life and don’t listen to disordered, celibate virgins dressed in robes, and you’ll have a happier life. Jesus really isn’t watching you masturbate. If he’s still fascinated with watching us masturbate after all this time, I’d say the boy has some issues…
        I wonder if perhaps your daughter instinctively realizes that death is the end of the road, and has not been sufficiently indoctrinated to believe that there may be a life after death. On the other hand, I’m not sure that really happens for most Christians, even if they pay lip service to the idea. Christians are just as distraught as anyone else, if not more so, when a loved one dies. If they really believed there was a glorious reward after death, then funerals should be celebrations.
        Why should we live life in full and with purpose and joy, and treating each other kindly, if there is no life after death? Because we do go on living as long as the human species survives. The New Age folks like to speak of the Oneness of all. I don’t know about all, but every one of us shares DNA with the rest of the whole, and some piece of us will go on as long as humans survive. (Oddly the clergy in remaining celibate has chosen to exit the gene pool, thus culling themselves from any further contribution…. and on the whole, we should probably thank them for that!). When you help another, you help the human genome by helping its survival. As individuals our lives have whatever purpose we give them. We may be but mechanical carriers for genes when it’s all said and done. The question is – will we be like a virus put on a petri dish that overpopulates, consumes all resources, drowns in its own poisons and goes extinct…. Or will we be permitted to use the intelligence, logic and reason we evolved to solve these kinds of problems?

        1. gigahoo Reply

          The problem with your argumentation is that they are self serving interpretations. There is nothing in your appeal to evolution that demands your interpretation is correct. We do know from science the entire human race had one common ancestral mother. Catholic theology has always taught that facts matter, and if a fact contradicts our understanding of scripture then we need to seek a better understanding.

          What is fundamental and beyond reasonable doubt, is that Jesus lived, his apostles lived, and Jesus is who he said he was. Everything a Christian believes and understands, in particular with respect to the bible, follows from this firm foundation. Faith is NOT belief for which there is no evidence, but the surprising realization that the infinite cares for finite men to the extent they are created in His image, that unexpectedly God all powerful is love itself.

          1. Patrick Gannon

            Gigahoo, we aren’t talking about “interpretations" when it comes to evolution. Evolution is a fact that the last few Popes have accepted. They continue to maintain that there was an original Adam and Eve, but the DNA evidence does not support them. I would recommend you visit a site called BioLogos, actually founded by a devout Christian, Francis Collins who was one of the first to decode the human genome. While he continues to be a Christian (in defiance of science), he and other researchers have confirmed that we humans evolved from a pool of early humans, and not a single breeding pair. The DNA evidence does not support a two person DNA bottleneck. Our genes have more diversity than just two people could have provided. In time, the Church will have to accept this, just as it finally had to accept that the sun does not go around the earth at the center of the universe, that they were wrong. The problem with no two-person DNA bottleneck is that this does away with original sin, and hence any need to believe, say and do the right things with respect to Jesus in order to avoid eternal torment.
            Given that the facts DO contradict your understanding of scripture (just like a six day creation, global flood, mass exodus from Egypt and conquest of Canaan), when are Catholics and other Christians going to adopt the truth of these things? They really can’t because without original sin, Christianity has no reason to exist – unless it evolves from a religion of fear, shame, guilt and hostility to the other, into a religion of inclusiveness and peace.
            It is absolutely NOT fundamental and beyond reasonable doubt that Jesus lived – in fact it’s highly unlikely in my opinion. I would suggest you read Richard Carrier’s peer-reviewed research on the Historicity of Jesus. Even the NT makes it pretty clear that Jesus was a celestial demigod, not a real flesh and blood person until the author of Mark made it so. Paul does not know of a real flesh and blood Jesus – only a man revealed through scripture and revelation. Yes, there were apostles, but Paul has no concept of disciples – Mark appears to have invented them a couple decades after Paul wrote his letters.
            Faith is pretending to know things we don’t know – like the historicity of Jesus not to mention the existence of Yahweh… In any case, an all-powerful being that sends any human who lives but a handful of decades to eternal torment in hellfire, is the epitome of evil, and there is no good reason to respect those who worship this evil being. Fear this evil – OK, fine, but to worship it? No, that is to demean ourselves as humans.

          2. aaron.da007

            You recommended a site called BioLogos, they acknowledge that God exists but you don’t, isn’t that a contradiction on your beliefs?

        2. Jacqueline Reply

          Patrick, you misunderstand Catholic belief. Please, do more count on what you have heard or “googled” about a subject before commenting on it. Research. You know a lot of untruths and misconceptions about Catholicism.
          Also, evolution is a theory not a fact. It is unproven. Why do you suppose they call it the “Theory of Evolution”?
          Another fact: ALL of Mankind can be traced back via the mitochondria to one woman.
          One last thing: Who made/created you? In other words, how did you come to be?

  2. stephen Reply

    What can one do to avoid or stop masturbation?

    1. patrick Christopher Reply

      put God into your life first, and get Marie.

      1. Richard Beres Reply

        marie? i gotta meet her!

        1. Ahmed Almasi Reply

          omg hillarious! heheh he mean Married, man dont get too far man!

      2. Alex Reply

        You could say sin or devils trap , yes it is a trap of devil , I am the victim of this trap , his trap men can not understand, he is very clever ,
        When you masturbate you would think it’s just small sin , God is not going to punish you for it , yeah he will not , so we will do it again and again , but these time he will utilise (devil) definitely he will , whenever you masturbate it would make hesitation pray to God , so there is no communication between god and us , so devil can easily trap us to physical injuries or even in approval death, if there is no prayer he can easily do what ever he wants
        at present I am regretting about my big loss , so dear brother and sisters if your addicted to this sin stop immediately and turn to Jesus,
        and repent about it , as well as pray for me to get well from my injuries,

        1. Patrick Gannon Reply

          Alex, your only injury is the unnecessary shame, guilt and fear that the Church has imposed on you through the crime of psychological abuse through indoctrination. Medical experts confirm that masturbation is a normal, healthy bodily function. Why would you listen to disordered, unnatural, celibate, virgin men dressed in robes who, as men, perform this same function, but then tell you to feel guilty about it? It’s all a control game. If they can make you feel guilty, as they have, then they hope to get you into Church where you will leave money in the offering bowl, and more importantly, indoctrinate your own children in order to continue the extension of the Iron Age into modern times.
          The injury is with the Church itself, and it’s manic obsession with all things sexual. The best thing about its unnatural members is that they voluntarily remove themselves from the human gene pool, and for this I suppose we should be grateful.

    2. Al Velazquez Reply

      To avoid masturbation you need to stop thinking and fantasizing in lustful thoughts, stop watching pornography, or even magazines with partially nude woman or even men (in cases of homosexuality), also avoid listening to jokes of sexual natures, or engaging in conversations with friends about their sexual experience they possibly had with a woman or men. All the previous, triggers lust and all are sinful therefore that behavior leads to masturbations. To top it off if you are not praying specially the rosary you are exposing your self even more to sinful acts, therefore you are jeoperdizing the salvation of your immortal soul.

      1. michael corcoran Reply

        Self reliance is not the answer for this. Porn and other vices around won’t cease
        to tempt and lure you into it’s grip, Just because you walk by it and ignore it like
        a leper. The answer is Ephesians 6:10-8 putting on the full armor of God and
        never taking it off. Even when you sleep Satan can take advantage of our sleep
        and tempt us with visions of alluring women, The same way he uses televisions,
        magazines, movies and other videos to tempt us. It is only when the armor (full)
        is on and Jesus is standing in front of us battling the enemy, That he flees b/c
        he knows he is not able battle the risen Christ.

    3. Chris Reply

      Pray, especially the Rosary with full contemplation on the mysteries. While you pray, consider how you personal sin has contributed to the reason our Lord had to come and perform he greatest sacrifice. Especially when reciting the sorrowful mysteries. When you consider that your masterbation could have been the reason for one of the lashes of the scourging… Well…it brings tears to my eyes friend. God bless you in the battle that is sin.

      1. Old English Tweeter (@briggs1662) Reply

        to whom? not everyone has that possibility – perhaps you are living and working in a place where there is no suitable partner because of demographics and your age. But that doesn’t change your needs. Not a very considered reply.

    4. Marc Reply

      PRAY the Rosary! Plead to the Lord for help and He will provide you with His Grace to help you. He did this for me and it’s been over 3 years since I stopped that sinful practice.

    5. Nishaal Nicholas Reply

      Any sin let it be, it comes from Satan. Satan is more clever, and stronger than you (if you do not live the Word of God, that means you are a slave to Satan. Thus we can understand that Satan is stronger than us). To defeat a power superior to you, you need the help of someone even superior to that power. One can never defeat a power superior to.

      Recite one rosary daily with the intention of attaining grace to overcome the temptations (Mama Mary is the strongest human being after Jesus(God and Man) over the Satan. She crushed Satan’s head). She’ll help you.

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        I know an elderly man who is and was a very devout Catholic, who surely believed that masturbation was a mortal sin. Being a highly disciplined individual, I assume that he learned to control himself and avoided having to go to Confession too frequently for that so-called “sin.”
        There is scientific evidence which indicates that masturbation helps ‘lubricate’ the male prostate, keeping it clean and healthy. This elderly gentleman has lost control over urination and must wear a catheter, which in turn leads to frequent uterine tract infections which make him rather miserable.
        I can’t help but think that Catholicism is largely responsible for his suffering – but the RCC loves suffering, so mission accomplished. The RCC, comprised of a bunch of disordered, celibate, virgin men dressed in robes, is obsessed with SEX. The RCC wants sex to be associated with shame, guilt and fear so that they can control you. Fortunately for the rest of us, they have removed themselves from the gene pool, in an acknowledgment, I suppose, of how disordered and manic their obsession is.

    6. Dorakin Warhammer Reply

      It is not easy – offer a prayer when the “itch” occurs. This is a battle you must wage. Good one I use are: Hail Mary or St. Michael the Archangel. Remember it is Gods body not yours. If you love Him, you will do as He intends.

  3. Danny Larne Reply

    It was nothing to do with family commitment or duty as Shelagh was not punished likewise.The punishment given in the law for a family offence as you put it was for to be slapped with the woman’s shoe.This can be found in the book of Deuteronomy.It was taking pleasure without responsibility which displeased God.

  4. David Reply

    The body is not a carnival to be used for selfish pleasure. It is made to serve God.

    1. Sally Reply

      Is getting a therapeutic massage; eating a gourmet meal followed by a an exquisite dessert; getting a manicure, pedicure, new hairstyle; a vacation at a luxurious getaway in a warm climate a carnival indulging our bodies for selfish pleasure also a sin?

      1. chizitere mo Reply

        Do you Orgasm when you do those?

        1. Patrick Gannon Reply

          So the problem is orgasm. It’s a sin? So when young boys and men have nocturnal emissions they are sinning, even though they can’t help themselves; even though they are innocent because they are asleep? Why did Yahweh create us with the ability to enjoy sexual reproduction, and then make it sinful? Within the RCC, sexual sins are about the worst thing you can do. Isn’t that pretty cruel of an all-powerful being to grant us a wonderful gift and then make it sinful?
          Hmm, would a nocturnal emission be a mortal sin? To be a mortal sin, a thing has to be bad (and you’re implying that orgasm is bad), you have to know it’s bad (and you do because the RCC says so) and you have to do it anyway. But if you’re asleep, it’s hard to see how you could be complicit – however think of the unbaptized souls of aborted, miscarried or stillborns. The Church says it knows of no way to salvation outside of baptism, so the default destination for these innocent, unbaptized souls is Hell. They obviously don’t know that not being baptized is bad, and they have no means with which to get baptized and thus commit the heinous crime of dying before being baptized – but they are denied salvation regardless, so given this, if you wake up with evidence of a nocturnal emission, your innocence and your lack of knowledge of the act, matters not, and you best get to confession and tell the disordered, celibate virgin dressed in black robes in the little dark closet, all about your sexual secrets in order to avoid an eternity of the skin burning off your body while being replenished from below; all of this because Yahweh detests orgasms unless they meet carefully constructed limitations, and are only experienced with your many wives, handmaidens of your wives, your slaves and the slaves of your wives, not to mention young virgins taken as spoils of war. Those orgasms are all OK according to the OT.
          Of course, Yahweh did not create us with this trait, we evolved it, and without it, we probably would have died out, as most humans died before reaching the age of reproduction until modern science alleviated that problem. Now, our sex drive is a problem as it drives us to over-populate our world and consume its resources, leaving us to drown in our own poisons…. Fortunately we also evolved intelligence and came up with the scientific method. We used our evolved intelligence to devise contraception that is very safe and reliable, and this advancement gives us the tools to help avoid our extinction – but of course the RCC, stuck in the Iron Age, is loathe to give up its condemnation and manic obsession with all things sexual in nature. What better way is there for a bunch of disordered, celibate virgins playing dress-up in robes, to control sheeple, than to make them feel shame and guilt over a completely natural, healthy activity such as masturbation? The only redeeming value is that these unnatural, robed people have voluntarily chosen to remove themselves from the gene pool, and for that we should be thankful.

    2. Sally Reply

      Is getting a therapeutic massage; enjoying a gourmet meal preceded by a cocktail and followed by an exquisite dessert; getting a manicure, pedicure, hairstyle; vacation getaway at hotel/spa in a warm climate a carnival for selfish pleasure that falls into the category of sin?

  5. Epifanio M. Almeda Reply

    The verses cited do not support the author’s conclusion that masturbation is sin. It is what’s in the mind which the said verses point out. The person who is sexually “starved” may masturbate to avoid entertaining sexual lusts.

  6. catstclair12000 Reply

    While it is very common in young people who are yet unable to marry due to youth, one must consider that, if one can satisfy oneself, what need has one of a partner in marriage, for which sexual activity was intended? It is far worse in a married couple if one is using it to reject one’s spouse because their physical relationship is a type of God’s love: the total receiving of another person, body and spirit, in love while giving to that person everything one is, in love, without reserve. Only in marriage can that kind of love find completeness.

  7. A loving husband Reply

    However, doing the thing is just part of the story, we all know. Males are visual. Females share the responsibility over the sin of masturbation by the impure clothing. It is almost impossible to get home with a hard-on and you do nothing. I’m convinced that it no young males are able to live a pure life nowadays, although I accept the Church teaching.
    At the same time St Paul says that one should marry so as to not commit sin and burn in the fire of lust for long. By this he admits the male nature. (Which obviously does not mean one should masturbate).

    Pornography is a level that needs to be divided from the “lighter” sin of occasional masturbation. Pornography greatly contributes addiction from which long is the journey back. Addiction as we know it mostly is in relation with drugs, alcohol or smoking, but it is obvious that the addicted brain is begging for the release of the hormons caused by ejaculation.

    We live a world in which this sense is pumped up insanely high. Once I had the opportunity to visit an islamic country where females dress up in a way that no skin is allowed to be shown down to the ancle and wrist on the arms. What a difference I could observe in the operation of my body! There is hope. Not in a western lustful culture though.

    1. Danni Carr Reply

      “A Loving Husband”, you should be ashamed of yourself! Females will not accept responsibility for your thoughts, regardless of their attire! Read the Ten Commandments, recognise your sins and take yourself to confession.
      Men who blame women for their sexual thoughts and actions are at the root of the evils in this world. Across continental divides, social class divides, religious, racial, and educational divides, male exploitation of the female is the most common and damaging of all sins. Get a grip of yourself.

      1. A loving husband Reply

        Watch your language mister. I am not pushing responsibility just saying there is causality as well. Female DO have the responsibility to dress up in a pure way.
        People you are talking about are evil and selfish and consider females tools. I’m not like that.
        My experience that I shared clearly shows that it is very diffferent when you are surrounded with purity.
        So again watch your language and be less judgemental if I may ask.

        1. Brien Reply

          Are you attempting to chastise someone because their opinion does not agree with yours. How bloody arrogant of you.
          YOU watch your language and stop trying to lord your absurd special privileges onto others with a more logical and realistic concept.

      2. Brien Reply

        Typical of a religion which starts off with a fable that a woman created the reason for ‘original’ sin.
        Yeah, let’s blame the women for what doctors and psychologists are a purely natural urge and instinct.
        Don’t forget to chop off the Clitoris!

        1. Brien Reply

          What?? The silence is deafening!!

          1. Jenifer Markoe

            It sound like you are blaming the fact that you cannot keep it in your pants that it is all women’s fault because how they dress. Well maybe you need to have cold limp sock around your sin. Just like a man to blame women for his lust.

      3. Christian Reply

        It takes two to commit adultery. Matthew 5:28 “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” Women should be careful not to allow adultery with them through their indecent exposure. BE DECENT IN YOUR DRESSING SISTERS AND BE MINDFUL OF GOD’S COMMAND IN Deuteronomy 22:5 “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

        1. Patrick Gannon Reply

          Holy crap. If I was a woman this would absolutely infuriate me. Heck, I’m not a woman and it infuriates me. I seldom call people names in these forums, but you should be ashamed of yourself, you weak willed, pathetic excuse for a man. You make me ashamed of being male – projecting your weakness and lack of willpower on to someone else. That is the most pathetic thing I’ve read this week and I read a lot of pathetic crap. The woman who marries you will have to be an idiot.
          Deuteronomy has a lot of other rules too – like no pork, no mixing of fabric, no lobster or shellfish, death for working on the Sabbath,. death for charging interest on loans, death for sassing your parent, the stupid, barbaric, primitive, sexist rules of the OT are what mankind has risen above, and you want to drag us back to the Bronze Age. Enjoy yourself – I’m not going back, and I don’t think most women are going back there with you either.

        2. Robert Half Reply

          Perfect reflection of the Mind of the Almighty. Well said. When I lived in NYC, the young priests would say it wasn’t a sin, but the old priests would invariably. Now that I’m old, its not that much of a problem anymore, even though I’ll be celebrating my 40th wedding anniversary this year, but my wife and I have not had relations for 24 years. That led to a labyrinth of temptations from the evil ones who plague us incessantly, but thank God He has the last say. Unfortunately the vocational crisis has made this Sacrament of Penance almost impossible to find in some cities, and so people become negligent and disinterested because they use their intellects to justify the sin, calling it impossible to resist. There’s always the Rosary, the Chaplet of St. Michael, Holy Mass, St. Philomena’s oil and belt, which St. John Vianney recommended, and the expulsion of the TV, internet and all other venues of entertainment which only serve to perpetuate a steady stream of filth into our minds. Inescapable.

    2. The Viking from Yorkshire Reply

      Paul does indeed say that one should marry, and in so doing implicitly acknowledges that not all are blessed with the ability to abstain. However you fail to recognize that not everybody can marry. Some have remained single (for various reasons), and have come to the age when there are no likely if not even “suitable” partners. If you live in a city, that may be hard to understand, but if you live in small communities you might understand it better.

  8. Be-Ronn Reply

    I might say that masturbation is a sin, we all knew that we got sinned by the ways of acting, thinking,and speaking. During masturbation, people cant just go ahead and masturbate without thinking of anything, while being masturbating the person who’s masturbating will be thinking of the private parts of another body.

    1. Brien Doyle Reply

      Masturbation is a healthy activity, physiologically and mentally, and is encouraged by medical science.
      Remember that the concept of ‘sin’ is an imaginary idea created by man to control and to punish.

      1. Robert Half Reply

        I was watching a movie today about the US Indianapolis which was sunk after delivering the atomic bomb to its base in the South Pacific. In one scene, one fellow is pondering what he has seen in warfare, and states that if God exists, He is one evil fellow and not worthy of respect.

        Why is it inveterate sinners never accuse themselves of their crimes in the Sacrament of Penance? Sin is okay, but God, Who gives them breathe, life, sun, water, housing, food, transportation and all the benefits of life is somehow an evil villain? They have *very* jaundiced views of life. Which, of course, if stemming from pride and the need to be God themselves and the Magisterium in order to create their own skewed and perverted view of life. Sad, really. Pray the Rosary..

    2. Brien Doyle Reply

      You have started your commentary based on erroneous presumptions, thus all that you say based on those presumptions can hold no validity.
      You presume a god. No proof for such a presumption!
      Next you presume the concept of ‘sin’. Another idea, along with a ‘soul’, which has no rational credibility.
      At least you are questioning the absolutes by those even more deluded in their mental disorder.

    3. Kaytie Reply

      I masturbate a lot and rarely think about the private parts of another body. I’m usually thinking about my own lady parts and how good it feels to touch it. No pornography required.

  9. Jonathan B. Rico Reply

    Excuse me… You can never have sex even with your own wife without any lustful desires or thoughts so is that immoral? If you are a firm believer that the end does not justify the means… Then you will out-rightly conclude that having sex with your wife is indeed immoral because of the lustful desires that is normally found in one’s carnal state… The mere act of having sex itself is based on lust and not procreation… You need to condition yourself first in a very lustful manner in order for your plans of having an offspring could materialize… If it hadn’t been for the pleasurable lustful feeling that involves sexual activity… it wouldn’t be possible for man or even animal to be fruitful and multiply… A person’s own conviction determines if he sins or not… and God is the final arbiter of things whether you are sinning or not… not some clandestine logical idea of a supposedly moral person… Scientific medical research states that masturbation is a healthy act… Now it is up to you if you want to believe otherwise.

  10. Aldo Lombardi Reply

    Yes the bible specifically mention masturbation when it speaks about not having authority on your own body in 1 Corinthians 7:4

    4 The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.

  11. Robert Mezzanotti Reply

    I went on a Retreat years ago and I heard the priest in the Eastern Right church say masturbation was not a sin. I was shock at this statement but never questioned him.

  12. vele j ravu Reply

    Those are reasonable logic thesis..but If someone is in the mood of having sexual intercourse would he/she be just sit there n do nothing or will the human nature takes its own course…or will she/he control it like having thoughts about other things rather than occuppying the mind with lustful thoughts..

  13. Aaron Allanigue Reply

    To have sexual desires for your wife whom you married in church is not a sin. What is sinful is to have sexual desires for anyone or anything other than your wife. To prevent yourself from having sinful thoughts, you must first avoid situations that may lead to impure thoughts. A good example is pornography. In Proverbs 6:27 it says “Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?”. Likewise, can anyone watch pornography without having impure thoughts? All situations then that may lead to impure thoughts are to be avoided by fleeing the near occasions of sin. Masturbation is normally a result of impure thoughts. Do you think a man will masturbate if he is dying of hunger and thirst? The key is to focus our minds to God and keep ourselves busy remembering that no one who lives in impurity will enter the “Kingdom of God”. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

  14. Barb Gauntt Kershaw Reply

    It’s perverted sex, not as God created it
    to be….between a man and a woman for to bring forth fruitfulness, (children)…can’t be fruitful by yourself, nor with the same gender…therefore sinful and against God and His ways…

    1. Brien Doyle Reply

      “…not as God created it…” I’ll need to see some evidence of this…..

      1. Brien Reply


  15. Patricia Reply

    So what about single men or women whom don’t want to have sex until they remarry in church? Annulment started! And one may or may not find a mate? What then?

  16. Dan Reply

    Masturbation is adulterer because if you lust after anyone it is adultery…

    1. isabel Reply

      What if you masturbate thinking of your wife?. imagine you are in a business trip and you miss her. no adultery there, but I guess it is still a sin, or not?

      1. Doug Reply

        Masturbating while thinking of one’s spouse is indeed, lusting outside of a redeeming act of love. It is still physical lust and not love. Our culture has dimmed and convoluted the difference.

  17. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Why won’t you post my comments? There was a time when Christians claimed to have faced the lions in defense of their beliefs, now they won’t even allow posts that question their beliefs. I’m going to broadcast everywhere I can that this site – like AnswersInGenesis – lacks any courage of convictions.

  18. Terence John Molloy Reply

    Self gratification, apostle Paul admonished, get control over body. If you can’t control yourself get married. Sin is falling short of perfection. Masturbate is abuse of your please God we should adhere to his righteous standards.
    Jesus also said, “if you have passion for a woman you have already committed adultery in your heart”.

  19. God first Reply

    It’s a sin.. Don’t justify this brethren

    1. goodbadand Reply

      Show us ‘sin’, as it is something we cannot see, touch or feel. It is not a physical thing, it is a mental construct, a concept created by man-kind to control the actions of the community by domineering kill joys.
      “Sin” cannot be proven. Please do not insult us with circular argument ie it is true because it is written, it is written because it is true.

      1. Patrick Gannon Reply

        Excellent point, goodbadand. The original Hebrew word for “sin” was an archery term that meant “to miss” or “fall short of the mark.” Given the subject at hand, I could probably make a joke or two, but I won’t. What “sin” means now in the context of this forum, is that you can’t perform a natural and healthy body function without shame and guilt.

        Paul said sin entered the world through one man, Adam; but the RCC has accepted evolution, which does away with Adam and Eve, created of dirt and ribs in a 6 day creation. It does away with talking snakes and the fall from grace and “original sin.” There is nothing else in biblical texts to indicate a fall from grace in the past 200,000 years when mankind evolved from a more animalistic to less animalistic state. If we were once ‘one with God’ it’s because we were animals. Basically the RCC is saying that it was a sin to evolve; to be a product of the process it now claims (after fighting it for a century) God put in place. There is nothing I’m aware of in the evolutionary record, and nothing in biblical texts to support the concept of original sin, outside of the mythical Genesis account. Paul believed the story as being literally true when he introduced the concept of original sin – but he was very wrong. Apparently Jesus failed to tell him about evolution in his “visions.”

        We know better now.

        1. Brien Reply

          Amazing! I asked that you specifically do NOT revert back to the gobbly-gook circular answer of quoting from spurious sources as those sources are hearsay and not verifiable. You have an opinion, and not proof, and you should be honest about that in debate. The concept of ‘sin’ is a man made construct for the purpose of control and a reason for punishment under that control.

          1. Patrick Gannon

            Brien, who is your comment directed to?

          2. Brien

            Hellooo….? ! Waiting……
            I said that there is no such thing as “sin”, that it is a ‘man’ made construct, and is in fact healthy to do by medical advice….
            Does not one of you knowledgeable scientists wish to discuss this??

  20. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Does it not strike one as odd that the Almighty, having become bored with eternity, decided to create this huge universe in order to have a relationship with one, and only one particular primate living on a particular planet in a typical solar system, in an obscure corner of an ordinary spiral galaxy, in an equally obscure corner of a huge universe, only after having directed that some 99% of it’s earliest plant and animal life go extinct, then decide to take particular interest in what this particular primate does when it takes its clothes off? Wow. Talk about bored. And voyeuristic. And creepy.

    My, how small and petty they have made this God. Here’s this incredibly powerful being that keeps track of how many times you perform a healthy, natural action so He can punish you for it. The worse part isn’t the punishment – it’s knowing that you have no privacy. You are never, ever, ever alone – not even with your private thoughts. Some “being” is watching your every move, and with particular interest when you are naked. Ewww.. This is apparently why He went to so much trouble to put us here on this tiny, insignificant, obscure piece of real estate. Or not?

    1. Aaron Reply