May a Catholic Attend a Lesbian Bridal Shower?

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Is it permissible for a Catholic to attend a gay bridal shower?


Although bridal showers are not weddings, they support those who are preparing for marriage or, in the case of a same-sex couple, for example, invalidly attempting to get married. You always want to do everything you can to make a difference in such a couple’s lives, but part of that is loving them authentically.
In this case, that would mean charitably explaining to them that you will always be their friend and do anything you can do to lovingly support them—and here that would mean not participating in their bridal shower, let alone their invalid attempt to marry. For more on handling this delicate pastoral situation, please see our letter,

By Tom Nash


  • Douglas Fontenot says:

    Somehow doing without the regalia, one could also respond, “yes,” or, “no.”

  • Catholic Hulk says:

    Hi, Patrick. The Church and its members must always speak the truth, never sacrificing truth for popularity or amending it to the shifting sands of opinion. If the Church dwindles in membership in consequence of this, then so be it.

  • Actually this is at odds with what our Parish Priest told us. We are to love our familiy members…. no, they may not marry in the Catholic Church, but God wants us to love them.

  • Dave Cochran says:

    Tom, At our Parish, there are several members whom are Gay.(Lesbian/Gay). We are NOT to judge. Those folks at our church receive almost all of the sacraments, with the exception of MARRIAGE. I personally spoke to one couple, There reply was that they accepted this. No way are the denied. Pope Francis is NOT denying them of their faith, either. One can go to a bridle shower, and show their love for thy neighbor, ignorance only keeps them at bay. Supporting them is like if I went to my Nephews Jewish wedding, or my neighbors Muslim union, or a Baptist celebration. The fact is “LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.” This very question was brought up at RCIA, and the answer given by the Deacon, and Priest, was most definitely attend. You strike me as a bigot conservative. This causes Catholics being misled, and fall away from the declining members.

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