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22 Sep 2015 Americas News No comments

Eyewitness: Holguin Catholics experience the unimaginable

Pope Francis's visit to Cuba has brought renewed hope to many Catholics on the island The scene would have been unimaginable a few years ago: A Catholic Mass i…

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23 Nov 2016 Articles Comments (3)

How 13 cardinals changed the course of history

The letter that proved to be the turning point showed the Holy Spirit was at work in a most unexpected way This time last year the second installment of the sy…

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09 Oct 2014 Vatican No comments

'Justice and mercy cannot be separated'

Vatican City, Oct 9, 2014 / 05:09 pm .- As three proposals emerged from the synod of bishops to reform the process of marriage annulment, a participant in the s…

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15 Sep 2016 News No comments

Pope and Council of Cardinals discuss improvements to selection process for bishops

The Pope and the Council continue to discuss the process of identifying candidates for bishop roles Pope Francis and members of the international Council of Ca…

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22 May 2016 Articles Comments (1)

God is with Us in Troubled Times

Due to the temptations that we Catholics encounter in our lives, we become weighed down and desperate for answers or miracles. However, what we fail to understa…

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29 Jul 2016 Articles Comments (1)

Jews Hear the Truth About Pius XII

After a good number of years as a Catholic apologist, having found myself in the same kinds of situations over and over again, I had a “first time” experience. …

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09 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Kim Davis, Kentucky county clerk, to be released from prison

Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis has been released from jail as of Tuesday, September 8. Judge David L. Bunning of the Federal District Court has released Kim…

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30 Jun 2016 News No comments

Founder of religious order dies during her jubilee Mass

Mother Rosemae Pender, 94, had a heart attack while marking 75 years since she professed first vows The founder of a religious order suffered a heart attack an…

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03 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A Comments (2)

What is the Church’s teaching concerning Mary’s divine maternity?

Discussion: The first and foremost revealed truth about our Blessed Mother, from which all her other roles and honors flow, is that she is the Mother of God. …

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‘Misconceived tolerance’: Christians forced to hide their Bibles and pray in secret

Germany is struggling with Christian persecution while the Muslim population seemingly goes unchecked.

Deep within the migrant housing borders, Christians are sneaking around.

Bibles and crucifixes are kept hidden, children are shielded and all services must be held without the rest of the population knowing.

These Christians are hiding in plain sight within Germany’s migrant housing limits.

The overwhelming Muslim population has been persecuting all Christian families at the site and have even broken the toys of Christian children.

The ongoing persecution of Christians on German soil has Bundestag member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born pastor Mahin Mousapour livid.

One Christian refugee shared: “I came to Germany after fleeing my own country in the hope my life would be safer in the face of growing dangers. But in Germany I’ve been threatened  more.”

According to Breitbart, Mousapour angrily explained: “Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean.’

“Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden.”

German officials have been blamed for their overeager catering to Muslims.German officials have been blamed for their overeager catering to Muslims.

In fact, even converted Christians no longer living in the housing have been threatened on the streets.

Gatestone Institute reported even security guards will persecute Christian refugees.

One Open Doors report described: “Despite increased reports about this problem by the media, charities, human rights organizations, church leaders and Christian organizations, German authorities and politicians have hardly ever launched an investigation.

“Instead, we believe that incidents are deliberately downplayed and even covered up….Even in police stations, religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees are not documented as such.”

Steinbach believes the best way to battle the recurring incidents of religious persecution are to deport all Muslims who insist on attacking or openly insulting Christian migrants.

Steinbach brought her point up to the European union and asked them to erect refugee camps outside the housing borders where migrants would be forced to “stay until the war is over then go back home.
It is Steinbach’s opinion Germany’s “misconceived tolerance” is what led to an overly compassionate welcome extended to Muslims.

Mousapour added: “We are here in Germany, in a Christian country! We must not allow others to change that.”


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