‘Monsignor Meth,’ who ran drug ring and owned sex shop, sentenced to five years in prison

Taking into account Monsignor Kevin Wallin of Connecticut’s many years of selfless charity work, a judge sentenced him to five years and five months in prison. Wallin was found guilty of dealing the narcotic methamphetamine that he laundered in a sex shop he secretly owned.

Dubbed "Monsignor Meth" in some media reports, Kevin Wallin appeared in court this week with dozens of people was there to support him.

Dubbed “Monsignor Meth” in some media reports, Kevin Wallin appeared in court this week with dozens of people was there to support him.

Monsignor Kevin Wallin’s public defender requested leniency. His defender cited Wallin’s three decades of charity work as well as 80 letters of support, which included one from the late New York Cardinal Edward Egan.

Dubbed “Monsignor Meth” in some media reports, Wallin appeared in court this week with dozens of people was there to support him. The judge called the turnout for a drug trafficking sentencing “unprecedented.”


Around 75 people crowded into the courtroom. Ninety people submitted letters showing their support.

Wallin pleaded guilty in 2013 to a methamphetamine conspiracy charge and agreed to a potential prison sentence of 10 to 11 years.

Imprisoned for the past two years, he asked for a sentence of no more than four years in prison, followed by a year of home confinement, 500 hours of community service and drug treatment.

“The record evidence demonstrates that Kevin Wallin is an extraordinary man whose remarkable character and acts have touched thousands of people,” Wallin’s public defender, Kelly Barrett, wrote in the sentencing request in March. “Kevin tragically became a methamphetamine addict. He fell from grace and did criminal wrong, but has confessed his crimes and has been working hard to atone for them.”

Wallin’s numerous accomplishments included serving as pastor of St. Peter’s Parish in Danbury and the Cathedral Parish in Bridgeport, volunteering with a variety of community groups, helping found an AIDS ministry program, leading an inner city charity group, serving on the Danbury Cultural Commission and serving on the board of directors of Sacred Heart University.

Egan, who died in March, praised Wallin in a letter to the court.

“He was outstanding in the fulfillment of his assignments and in his concern for people in need,” Egan wrote. “Father Wallin was held in highest regard as a dedicated clergyman and an outstanding citizen as well.”

Federal prosecutors said Wallin committed serious crimes and most people convicted of conspiring to sell meth are sentenced to at least 10 years in prison.

It was learned that Wallin’s associates in California sent him methamphetamine beginning in late 2008 or early 2009. By 2011, Wallin’s partners were sending him one to three pounds of meth monthly. Wallin was running the drug operation out of his apartment in Waterbury, investigators said.

Wallin also bought the “Land of Oz & Dorothy’s Place” adult video and sex toyshop in North Haven and apparently intended to launder drug proceeds that totaled in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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  1. jim Reply

    Wow! Really?

  2. Eric Reply

    It’s a tragedy to see a man, ordained to participate in the one fatherhood and priesthood of God, fall so far and betray his God and his flock. I don’t think five years is enough for someone who brings such scandal to the Church (Matthew 18:7). Please pray for his repentance and salvation.

  3. Israel Reply

    With all due respect he does not deserve be a priest after this. God have mercy on him.

  4. rhoda Reply

    Even the most holy can easily be corrupted, lets pray for his soul

  5. Roberta Reply

    The operative word in Cardinal Egan’s letter to the court on behalf of Msgr. Meth is: that he “WAS” held in highest regard… That WAS probably true before his fall from grace. Praying that he seeks sincere Reconciliation with God. Also praying for the tainted souls he has deeply wounded through his sex shop.

  6. emween falsis Reply

    he just a victim of the dark side please pray for the enlightenment of sinners …

  7. Our Enchanted Cottage Reply

    I thought Christ came for the sinners. That man needs prayer not judgement, I believe that is up to God. Who can cast the first stone?

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