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The happiest day of Mother Teresa's life

It’s been said that saints often come in pairs. Sts. Peter and Paul, Mary and Joseph, Francis and Clare, and Louis and Zelie Martin are just a handful of…

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11 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (6)

Can angels be male or female?

Full Question Could you please answer the question for me whether angels can be he or she? I thought they were neither. Answer You are correc…

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Extraordinary Form 101

On July 7, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI launched one of the boldest papal initiatives since Vatican II: He declared that the traditional liturgy of the Roman rite, w…

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Pope's Address to Disabled Athletes

Below is a translation of the address Pope Francis gave disabled athletes of the Italian Paralympic Committee in the Vatican's Paul VI Hall at 12:15 Saturday. …

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Live Video: Pope Francis opens Holy Door in St Peter’s Basilica - WATCH

Watch the Holy Father as he opens the Holy Door for the Year Of Mercy

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Why Hillary Clinton failed to win over American Catholics

The abortion stance of Clinton's running mate was a major issue for Catholic voters It was a famous victory, but even more than that, it was a famous defeat. H…

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To Love, Honor and Obey

We've all heard it. That reading at Mass. The one that makes people squirm in their pews, roll their eyes, snicker softly and elbow their spouses. The reading a…

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Till Death Do Us Part

When Jesus came he elevated matrimony to the status of a sacrament. Any valid marriage between two baptized people is a sacramental marriage and, once consummat…

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Hundreds flock to US shrine to celebrate first feast of St John Paul II

Washington D.C., Oct 22, 2014 / 04:49 pm .- Hundreds of pilgrims and faithful from all states of life flocked to Washington, D.C.'s St. John Paul II Shrine on W…

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Must a marriage be consummated in order to be valid? Can a valid marriage be dissolved? If so, what about the marriage of Joseph and Mary, which was not consummated?

RESPONSE: A marriage is valid when both parties have expressed their free consent to be married through the exchange of vows, even though they have not consummated their union. However, a marriage that has not been consummated may be dissolved by the Church.[1] Regarding the marriage of Joseph and Mary, their complete commitment to doing the will of God made the dissolution of their marriage a non-issue in their case. As Pope John Paul II has written, “In the course of that pilgrimage of faith which was his life, Joseph, like Mary, remained faithful to God’s call until the end."[2]

DISCUSSION: For a marriage to be valid, two persons must enter into the covenant with free and mutual consent: They must enter into the marriage covenant while “not being under constraint" and “not impeded by any natural or ecclesiastical law". The Church teaches that this free exchange of consent is the indispensable element necessary for a valid marriage (Catechism, no. 1625).

While it is not necessary for a marriage to be consummated in order to be valid, a marriage that has not been consummated by the spouses may be dissolved by the Church; either spouse of a non-consummated marriage may seek to have the marriage dissolved. However, a valid, consummated marriage “between baptized persons can never be dissolved" (Catechism, no. 1640).

Generally, the Church does not encourage persons to enter into marriage if they do not plan on consummating the union. The Church generally recommends that those who desire to live in a state of consecrated virginity enter a religious order or live alone.

What, then, of Mary and Joseph? First, contrary to the views of some, they were in fact married, not engaged, before the angel told Joseph to take Mary into his home. In Jewish law, to be “betrothed" meant they were already married, even though they were not yet living together. Betrothal, like today, conveyed consent and thus validated thier marriage, as Pope John Paul II notes:

Addressing Joseph through the words of the angel, God speaks to him as the husband of the Virgin of Nazareth. What took place in her through the power of the Holy Spirit also confirmed in a special way the marriage bond which already existed between Joseph and Mary. God’s messenger was clear in what he said to Joseph: “Do not fear to take Mary your wife into your home." Hence, what had taken place earlier, namely, Joseph’s marriage to Mary, happened in accord with God’s will and was meant to endure. In her divine motherhood Mary had to continue to live as “a virgin, the wife of her husband" (cf. Lk. 1:27)." [3]

The Pope anticipates the next issue:

Doing God’s will in their lives necessarily implied a marriage in which Mary would remain a virgin, a marriage of complete and holy continence for the Holy Family’s husband and wife. Their marriage is an exception in God"s divine plan, yet they are truly a model for all married couples: Mary the Immaculate Conception who always perfectly did God"s will, and Joseph is an exemplar of “complete self-sacrifice" by taking Mary into his home, “while respecting the fact that she belonged exclusively to God."[4]


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