04 Nov 2015 News Vatican No comments

Pope Francis remembers the deceased Armenian Catholic Patriarch Nerses Bedros

Pope Francis celebrated mass yesterday at St Peter’s Basilica in commemoration of Bishops and Cardinals who have died throughout the year. They included Amer…

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13 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Do circumstances determine the sinfulness of an act?

Full Question To determine if a moral act is a sin, I was told that the intention of the person and the circumstances surrounding the moral act must be tak…

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27 Jan 2015 Q&A Comments (1)

Can the cannibalism charge be true?

Full Question Your answer to the question about cannibalism and the Eucharist in the December 1990 issue of This Rock disturbs me. The promise in John 6 of…

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23 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Why is it that the pope's cassock is white while the clothes of other clergymen are usually black?

Full Question Why is it that the pope's cassock is white while the clothes of other clergymen are usually black? Answer The custom of popes weari…

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20 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (1)

The One True God; can there be another?

The death of several martyrs in both Christianity and Judaism for the belief in the One True God and a consequent refusal to bow to other gods who aren't The Lo…

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Pope Francis: ‘Encounter God’s mercy in Confession’

Francis sent a message to bishops, priests and Church workers attending Italy's annual week of liturgical studies God’s mercy is poured out upon the repentant …

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South African cardinal: ‘don’t try to pigeonhole the synod fathers’

A South African cardinal who will serve as one of the four presidents-delegate of the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the family warned against “pigeonholing" the …

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09 Mar 2016 News USA Vatican Comments (1)

If America can emulate from Africa; then in decades to come all of America could be filled with Catholics -…

The just released analysis of the number of Catholics in each continent have raised an issue in the statistical findings which proves that Africa have over deca…

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24 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Why Pope Francis is here, according to Bishop Robert Barron

Chatter over politics – and whether or not Pope Francis is a communist – has taken center stage since he landed in the U.S., but for Bishop Robert Barron, the P…

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Nine things you missed from Pope Francis’ time in Havana

In an intense Sunday, Pope Francis on Sept. 20 said a Mass attended by 200,000 people in Havana’s Revolution Square, visited Fidel Castro, improvised two speeches, and was welcomed with affection by the Cuban people. Here are some details you might have missed while he was in “the Rome of the Caribbean."

First Communion

Five children from parishes in Havana received First Communion from Pope Francis at the Mass in Revolution Square: Melanie de la Caridad Lugo Rodríguez, Sadhiel Mollinedo Estrada, Gabriela Rodríguez Perdigón, Yelani González Pérez, and Jonathan Michel Torres Cruz. This is the first Pope Francis has administered this sacrament on an apostolic journey.

Communion on the tongue

During the Mass, many priests did everything possible to distribute Communion directly on the tongue to the thousands of faithful in attendance, even though it was permissible to receive in the hand. The pictures speak for themselves.

Sun and Rain

During the Mass celebrated in Revolution Square the temperature hit 104 degrees. Despite the heat, 200,000 Cubans participated in the Eucharist in a spirit of reverence, arriving before dawn. In the afternoon a light rain began to fall but this did not discourage the thousands of young people who listened to the Pope outside Havana’s cathedral.


An Emmy for the Pope

On the flight to Cuba, Pope Francis received a singular gift. Rogelio Mora Tagle, a journalist with Telemundo, gave him the Emmy Award that the TV channel won last year for its coverage of the 2013 conclave in whiche he was elected Bishop of Rome.

“What is greater than an award, Holy Father, is the work of all of us who work for Telemundo and all of those who work in Hispanic television in the United States for all the people that live there and are going through difficult times," the journalist said.

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Charity

Enthroned on the altar at the Mass said in Revolution Square was a beautiful replica statue of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, who was named the Patroness of Cuba just 100 years ago by Benedict XV. A statue of the Risen Christ from the Havana cathedral was also brought to the square.

University student orchestra

The Symphonic Orchestra of the University of Fine Arts accompanied the choir during the Mass in Revolution Square, showcasing Cuban music. “Many of us are from this school or graduated from it. It’s a great honor that they chose us for this. We’re really happy. We have worked a lot these last days," Anabela Eschevez Acosta, a 24 year old from Camagüey, told CNA.

he flying zuchetto

It happened again. When Pope Francis was stepping down from the airplane at José Martí Airport in Havana, the wind played a trick on him again and lifted off his zucchetto. But this time he was able to retrieve it with the help of a member of the papal entourage.

Popemobile a la Cubana

The Cuban popemobile is a Peugeot Hoggar made in Brazil but assembled as papal vehicle in Cuba. The Cuban mechanics decided that the style should be austere and open on the sides so that Pope Francis could greet the people.

Popular chants

During the last event of the day, among the thousands of youth who joined Pope Francis on the grounds outside the Havana cathedral, a new and catchy chorus was introduced which they chanted in unison “1, 2 y 3, qué Papa más chévere, qué Papa más chévere, el que nos vino a ver," or “1, 2, 3, what a really cool Pope, what a really cool Pope, who’s come to see us".



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