Ohio passes amazing Right to Life bill – Abortions to be BANNED after a baby’s heartbeat is detected

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Rejoice! Entire generations of unborn children may have a chance at life, thanks to the state of Ohio’s efforts.

On Tuesday, December 6, Ohio made an amazing first step toward banning abortions in their state.

The Ohio Senate passed legislation to ban the murder of unborn children after their heartbeat is detected.

Unborn babies’ hearts can be heard at only 22-days after conception, sometimes earlier.

The excitement is building but the bill still has a few loopholes to maneuver.

Now that the Senate has passed the measure, the full Ohio State Legislature will have an opportunity to sign it into law.

The Ohio General Assembly has been considering several bills before the end of the year, with the Unborn Heartbeat Protection Bill presented as an amendment to House Bill 493 child abuse reporting law.

According to LifeNews, the Senate approved H.B. 493 with Heartbeat protection amendment 21-10.

What day was Jesus born?What day was Jesus born?

At the Ohio House of Representatives, the chamber will have an opportunity to approve the bill, which then goes to pro-life Governor John Kasich.

Once it reaches his desk, Kasich will have ten days to sign the bill into law or veto the legislation.

Paula Westwood, the Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati thanked her organization, all of Ohio’s pro-life coalition and everyone who supported the Unborn Heartbeat Protection bill over the past several years.

Westwood congratulated the Ohio Senate “on this momentous vote” and added: “We look forward to passage of H.B. 493 with Heartbeat protection amendment in the Ohio House, and Governor Kasich’s immediate support.”

Hope continues to blossom in the hearts of pro-life supporters across the country though there still remain exceptions, such as medical emergencies, leaving life-preserving options available to the pregnant mother.

Please pray the bill passes into law, that children can be saved and the rest of the United States will follow suit.

To honor those who have been lost, and to join the ranks of thousands praying for change, please consider joining the “21 Days of Prayer” movement currently washing across the United States.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Yes, it’s very important that we continue to waste public money keeping attorneys wealthy contesting cases that will almost certainly be determined to be unconstitutional. This was a last-minute political maneuver to insert this into a bill about child abuse, and Democrats were given no opportunity to debate it. Leaders in both the House and Senate acknowledge, as has Gov. Kasich himself, that the chances of this bill passing constitutional muster are very slim indeed. Indeed two states have passed similar bills, and both have been shot down by the courts. I’ll be surprised if Kasich doesn’t line-item veto it. Kenya’s enthusiasm is highly premature.
    But there are a lot of starving lawyers – so let’s keep wasting public money to support them!
    Meanwhile – where do the souls of the aborted, miscarried or stillborn go when they commit the grievous crime of dying before baptism? The Church says you cannot be saved without baptism. The default position is that these souls, as innocent as could possibly be, will go to Hell because of original sin. Who could worship a god who would be so excruciatingly evil as to deny salvation (absence of Hell) to a completely innocent being? The Church allows you to “hope” its god isn’t a complete monster, and that he will allow them into heaven, but it’s a pretty thin hope.
    Note that Yahweh/Jesus can remove original sin if he wants to. The Church decided in 1854 that Mary had been born without original sin. This was critical because Jesus had to be born without original sin. At that time, they thought the man’s sperm was the whole baby, and the woman just carried it. Thus Mary had to be a virgin in order to keep from passing original sin on to Jesus. Original sin, as we all know is passed on as a result of that nasty sex thing that the Church is maniacally obsessive about. Well later on, they discovered that the woman provides half of the material to create a baby, and so because Mary’s parents did the nasty deed, Mary in fact could have passed original sin on to Jesus – so it was determined in 1854 with no biblical evidence, that Mary was born without original sin, to take care of this “problem.” This confirms that Yahweh/Jesus can cure us of this (mythical) condition if he wants to – but he apparently chooses not to, so that the Church can indoctrinate us in shame, guilt and fear and then tell us that only they can remove the conditions they placed on us in the first place.
    It’s all a scam, folks. Either the Church has god (if any) wrong, or you worship a miserably evil god who sends mere mortals to eternal torment – including those unfortunate enough to not have been baptised, even though there was nothing they could do about it. This is not particularly surprising. In his Yahweh persona, God, in Numbers 5, give us his own recipe for abortion. You mix “holy water” with ink and dirt/mud from the floor of the Tabernacle where animal sacrifices took place. You mix this dirt full of blood, guts, urine and feces into a delectable e-coli cocktail and force it on a pregnant woman suspected (but not proven) to have been unfaithful. If she has an abortion as a result of this poisonous drink, she is guilty and presumably stoned to death if the poison doesn’t kill her too; and if not, she’s innocent. From this procedure, it is quite clear that Yahweh doesn’t have the slightest bit of concern for the unborn. By the way, the man who accuses her of infidelity is innocent in either case.

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