On the Cross, did Jesus really believe that his Father had abandoned him?

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I have always been led to believe that Jesus thought his Father had given up on him when he said from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” Is that really what he thought?


Jesus quoted from Psalm 22, which prophesied the Passion. He probably continued the Psalm in silence. Read the Psalm in full and you will see that Jesus did not think that his Father had given up on him but, rather, he showed confidence in the Father despite immense suffering.


  • In the Aramaic translation he said My God My God why hast thou prolonged my life. Which makes more sense in that right afterward he gave up his spirit.

  • José Manuel Solá says:

    En ese momento, sí, hubo una separación para que la parte humana de Jesús pudiese efectivamente asumir, sufrir y morir por los pecados de todas las generaciones que le precedieron pues, de no ser así, el sacrificio no hubiese tenido validez alguna. / Right in that momento, yes, a separation happened so Jesus could of course asume, suffer and die por the sins of all the previous generations; otherwise His sacrifice would have been worhless.

  • José Manuel Solá says:

    Corrections: Some words, as I have noticed, has been automatically turned into Spanish (for instance, “momento” instead of moment, “por” the sins instead of “for” the sins…. But, OK, as some say in Hollywood… “no problemo”….. 🙂

  • Chris fair says:

    Jesus said this in his weakest moment as he was close to death, and as he took on all the sins of the world. It was not his sin but ours that caused separation from the father for the only time in his life. God placed the sins of the world on him and for that reason had to abandon him briefly in his suffering Read 2 Corinthians 5:21.

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