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28 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (37)

If Mary was born without original sin and did not sin during her life, does that mean that she did…

Full Question If Mary was born without original sin and did not sin during her life, does that mean that she did not need to be saved by Jesus? An…

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29 Jun 2016 Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican Comments (1)

US Supreme Court blocks appeal from doctors and pharmacists on abortion laws

The day after the US Supreme Court issued a major abortion ruling striking down regulations on Texas abortion clinics and doctors, it rejected an appeal to rein…

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05 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

If God loves all his creatures, then doesn't he love Satan?

Full Question My eight-year-old asked me, "If God loves all his creatures, then doesn't he love Satan?" I told her that God cannot love sin and that Satan …

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06 Dec 2014 Articles No comments

We are not losing “The Battle for the Bible”

In May Gallup released a poll showing how American opinions towards the Bible have changed in the last twenty years. The poll is summarized well in the gr…

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14 Jul 2016 News No comments

Cardinal Nichols urges British faithful to pray for South Sudan

The cardinal and Bishop Kenney have appealed for peace and humanitarian assistance for the troubled country Cardinal Vincent Nichols and Bishop William Kenne…

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10 Nov 2015 Americas News No comments

Archbishop of Washington celebrates annual white mass honoring individuals with disabilites

Archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Donald Wuerl, celebrated the Archdiocese’s annual White Mass on Sunday Nov.8, honoring individuals with disabilities and ment…

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03 Jun 2015 Articles Q&A No comments

How is a pope elected? How do the faithful know that a papal election is valid? Who can be elected?…

Response: As a matter of faith, the Church teaches that as long as the Church exists God will provide a valid succession of popes. As the First Vatican Council …

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25 Oct 2016 News Comments (1)

10-year-old girl prays for miracle and God delivers

Ten-year-old Aysha lived in Kafer, Iraq, just outside the ISIS-held city of Mosul. The Islamic State fought fiercely just outside her village, leaving a trai…

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18 Jul 2015 Articles No comments

10 Ways Religious People who Break the Commandments unknowingly

Churchgoing people know how to follow rules. We also know how to skirt them. We know exactly where the line is, and how to stay technically in-bounds, even whil…

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Our brother, the Pope – Bishop Conley on the papal visit thus far

Bishop James Conley says that Pope Francis’ mandate to go beyond the narrow confines of own worlds is a challenge, but not one without encouragement from their brotherly shepherd.

Although the Pope has only been in the United States for two days, “he’s coming to encourage us,” the bishop of Lincoln, Neb. told CNA Sept. 24.

He said Pope Francis’ audience with U.S. bishops yesterday was particularly inspiring.

“It was challenging for us to, as his common theme is, to reach out beyond our own little world, to have a broader vision especially to those who suffer,” he said. “We can’t be a self-referential Church. We have to be a Church that goes out of ourselves and be permanently on mission.”

Bishop Conley spoke to CNA outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington D.C. before Pope Francis’ address to a joint meeting of U.S. Congress.
He said he expects missionary discipleship and awareness of those who suffer will be a constant message of the Pope throughout the rest of the trip, as well as an emphasis on God’s mercy and the need to be “missionaries of God’s mercy.”

Pope Francis met yesterday with more than 400 U.S. bishops yesterday in Washington’s St. Matthew’s Cathedral following the celebration of Daytime Prayer.

In his speech to the bishops, Pope Francis praised U.S. bishops for their commitment to defending life, their handling of the clerical abuse crisis. He also commended their efforts to welcome immigrants, while urging them not to be afraid to do more.

The Pope also offered some reflections on being a pastor, stressing the importance of being humble, prayerful and unafraid to tackle challenges, as well as the need to be unified, to go outside of oneself and be open to others.

Bishop Conley said one thing that struck a lot of the bishops was “how brotherly” Francis was “as a fellow bishop, and how he encouraged us.”

The thing that stood out most was “how fraternal he was to us and how he spoke really from the heart.”

Francis’ emphasis on unity in the episcopate was also a point that resonated, the bishop said. Although the bishops in the U.S. already have a strong sense of collegiality, it was good to hear the message confirmed.
The bishop said his hope for the trip is that Pope Francis “sees how strong the faith his here in the United States. How much we love him, and how much Catholics are filled with the Holy Spirit. That’s what I hope he sees more than anything.”

Pope Francis spoke to Congress Thursday morning before meeting with homeless in St. Patrick’s Church, which is the oldest parish in Washington. The Church also serves as the headquarters of Catholic Charities in the city and operates a homeless shelter and several food programs.

He will fly to New York this evening, where he is scheduled to pray Vespers with priests and religious in the city’s historic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Tomorrow he will head to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where will address a U.N. special summit to finalize the 2015 sustainable development agenda.



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