Palestinian protestors set fire to Saint Joseph’s tomb

Using Molotov cocktails, Palestinian rioters set fire to the site venerated as the tomb of Saint Joseph, the Old Testament figure whose life features prominently in the Book of Genesis.

The tomb is located in Nablus, a city in the West Bank that was known as Shechem in Old Testament times. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the attack, and the Israeli military stated that it “considers this event severely, will work to locate and arrest the perpetrators, and strongly condemns any attacks on holy sites.”




  1. Sylvia Crockett Reply

    I m hoping they will catch who burn St. Joseph tomb. That is ashamed.

  2. Kabore boubakar hugues leandre Reply

    the last abominable work in the wold man can’t do May good bless our eucharist man

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