Papal plea for end to warfare

Pope Francis issued a plea for peace, especially in the Middle East, at the conclusion of his regular weekly audience on September 2.

Noting that the day was the 70th anniversary of Japan’s formal surrender, ending World War II, the Pontiff prayed “that, by the intercession of Our Lady, today’s world may never again experience the horrors and the appalling suffering of similar tragedies.”

“But it experiences them!” he continued. “Persecuted minorities, persecuted Christians, the madness of destruction, and then those who produce and deal in arms, weapons soaked with the blood of so many innocent people. No more war!”



  1. Franklin P. Uroda Reply

    When I look just at the USA and its involvement in wars beginning in the 18th C. and progressing right up to-and including-the present century, the Holy Father’s plea to “end warfare” seems like telling the Sun to stop shining. Doesn’t seem possible that it will ever happen on the planet. Maybe in 25,000 years.

  2. Lorena Nacional Reply

    Holy Father, please help the war refugees of Syria. They need help. Many people especially children are sick, hungry and died. We must help them, regardless of our religious belief, we are all human, we are all created by God.

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