Paris terrorist attacks Victims mourned at Notre Dame Mass, Watch the Video

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The Victims of the Friday terrorist attacks in Paris are being mourned for three days now, nationally in Paris. In Notre Dame, one of the biggest and oldest Cathedral in Paris had a memorial service for the victims of the Paris attack.

The Mass in Notre Dame was a very heart-touching and sorrowful one. Cardinal Andre Vingt-Trois told the congregation that in the “face of blind barbarism there can be no crack in the foundations of our convictions”




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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    In early April of this year, about 150 people were killed by “terrorists” at a school in Kenya. I’m curious whether such a memorial service was held for them…

    Of course, the RCC has to use care when speaking of “blind barbarism” given its history of doing exactly that during holy wars, the Inquisition and the forced conversion of indigenous peoples around the world.

    The only thing different between the Muslim terrorists and the Catholic terrorists of days gone by, is about 600 years.

    As long as mainstream religions continue to insist that their texts are “holy” and “sacred,” then those carrying out the very words that are expressed in those texts are not terrorists; they are acting righteously. Once we accept that the Exodus never happened and pull the rug out from under all three Abrahamic religions, can we begin to deal with the poison that religion brings to society.

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