PBS raked over decision to air late-term abortion film

Washington D.C., Aug 30, 2014 / 02:35 pm.- Pro-life advocates have strongly objected to PBS’ decision broadcast the documentary “After Tiller,” saying it wrongly downplays the “gravely unjust” and deadly nature of abortion.

“When we hear PBS talk about ‘humanizing’ late-term abortionists, we wonder: who is ‘humanizing’ the viable babies these men and women kill?” Lila Rose, president of the investigative group Live Action, told CNA Aug. 29.

“Will PBS show programming in this vein, or will it just take taxpayer dollars to boost Big Abortion?”

“The abortion process is barbaric and gravely unjust at any stage, as it results in the intentional killing of an innocent, helpless human being,” she added. “But late-term abortions are particularly visually nauseating: in most procedures, abortionists will stab babies’ hearts or skulls with a thick needle containing digoxin, a toxin that induces a massive heart attack.”

“Then they will let the child float, dead, in his mother’s womb, and send the mother home for several days, possibly to deliver her dead child alone.”

PBS is airing the 2013 documentary as part of its POV series. The broadcaster is promoting the 2013 documentary as “a deeply humanizing and probing portrait of the only four doctors in the United States still openly performing third-trimester abortions in the wake of the 2009 assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Wichita, Kansas.”

The documentary will air on Labor Day and will be available on the PBS website through Oct. 1.

The PBS website encourages viewers to organize a “premiere party” for the documentary and provides lesson plans to guide discussions.

Rose said that hundreds of pro-life advocates have criticized the decision to air the documentary. Several have organized petitions protesting PBS’ decision to broadcast the film.

One user-submitted petition at CitizenGo.com gained more than 18,000 signatures within one day calling on PBS to cancel the showing or “give equal time to a documentary that shows third-trimester abortions from the opposite perspective.”

Rose contended that the decision to broadcast the documentary reveals PBS as “a publicly funded abortion propaganda organ – in direct violation of fundamental human rights.”

She said that Live Action investigations have uncovered “horrific abuses” in U.S. abortion facilities.

The group’s investigations send undercover journalists into abortion clinics to film how doctors and staff treat women, including those they believe to be underage girls who are seeking abortions. Some investigations have exposed late-term abortionists’ willingness to let babies who survive abortions die. Other investigations have exposed abortion clinic staffers voicing a willingness to avoid mandatory reporting laws in cases of possible statutory rape.

“The abortion industry puts profit above all other motives, and is willing to lie, injure and kill mothers, and rampantly slaughter innocent children to keep its multi-billion-dollar enterprise afloat,” Rose said.

She charged that LeRoy Carhart, a Nebraska abortionist profiled in the documentary, left a woman to die alone during a late-term abortion procedure that lasted several days.

“She suffered complications and could not get in touch with him because he had left the state and turned off his phone,” Rose said.

Montgomery County, Maryland officials declined to press charges for the February 2013 death, which involved a New York woman 33 weeks pregnant. She died from complications in an abortion that Carhart performed. Tiller’s murder drew vocal condemnation from Catholic leaders and other pro-life advocates.

In her remarks, Rose was also clear to reject violence against those who perform abortions.

“Our goal is to change hearts and minds – even those of abortionists – and persuade all people through logic, scientific evidence, and heartfelt personal stories that all human life is precious, with inherent dignity, and deserves to be protected.”


  1. Marie Killilea Reply

    I am a Devout Catholic, and totally ABHOR Abortion, it is the most ''Gravest'' of ALL SIN'S, that will bring down the Wrath of Almighty God upon ''ALL'' who Preform, who Participate, and who support this ''EVIL'' of ALL Evil's…………….

    With reguard to this P.B.S. Documentry on this ''GRAVE SIN'' against Almighty God , The GIVER of LIFE, I Suggest P.B.S AIR this,,,, maybe ONCE and for ALL, People will ''FINALLY come to realize EXACTLY What HAPPENS during an ABORTION,, why not let the WHOLE WORLD see ( especially people in government, senators, even go to the ''TOP',' TO THE PRESIDENT, who agrees "" that Women have a right to their ''OWN'' bodies, he's right to a point, but it changes , when THEY get Pregnant, then it is ''NOT THEIR CHOICE'' ,, Humanity as I know it, has an ''OBLIGATION'' to that Innocent Baby, to protect it, to give it a CHANCE at life, like Almighty God intended, and Nobody, including the Mother has the RIGHT TO KILL that little Human Being ,,,,,,,,, NOBODY, They are ''KILLING'' Children, in their Mother's womb's, up to 32 week's" My God,, how can thease PEOPLE ''live'' WITH THEMSELVE'S, but they will Answer to Almighty God on the day of Judgement, and you can take that to the bank.. We have to ''FIGHT'' for the UNBORN, Innocent Children who have NO voice, are we going to continiue to let them be MURDERED at a rate of 50 MILLIONA DAY???????????? ask yourself that question, before you ''turn your light off, and go to sleep tonight…… Air the Documentary P.B.S. Please ''Do NOT '' be like the rest, and stick your heads in the sand, it wont be popular, that's for sure, and you'll be criticized ect ect,, but at the end of the day, ''before you turn your light off'', least you can think, before you close your eye's'' maybe by this documentry'' ,I saved one Baby, hopefully, you will have saved ''DOZENS'' but even one innocent " Little Life'', is well WORTH it, and rest assured, Almighty God is Smileing down on you…… not to mention the wee Babies in their Mother's Womb's, are Thanking Jesus, and Our Blessed Mother for You, saving their Precious Lives….

  2. Marie Killilea Reply

    Comment as above

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