Physical evidence of Jesus’ life revealed

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The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) offered a glimpse of nails used in crucifixions in and around Jerusalem and Galilee during the first century C.E.

AFP reported the IAA opened its storerooms to reveal recent archaeological discoveries.

The artifacts each hold significance of Christ’s time and his life.

There were nails used in crucifixions, jewelry, ossuaries – or urns – and several cooking utensils, vases and a wine press.

Gideon Avni, the head of the authority’s archaeology division, explained: “Nowadays we can restore in a very clear way the daily life during that period, from the moment of birth, through the person’s life, his dining customs, where he traveled across the land, and until his day of death including his burial.

“Over the past 20 years we have made a great leap in understanding the way of life of Jesus and his contemporaries. Every week new elements are discovered which allow a better understanding oft his period.

“The names on the ossuaries were recognizable, with known figures that are mentioned in the Talmud for example, and this is how you can create the connection between what you find nowadays and the people who lived here 2,000 years ago.”

The IAA houses over 1 million objects and receives roughly 40,000 news ones from about 300 different archaeological sites, allowing it to grow greater with every passing year.

Each artifact is carefully documented and studied. Avni further explained, “The essential think for us is to be able to understand very precisely the way of life in the time of Jesus, from birth to death.”

The latest findings are to be revealed in time for Easter, which marks the Resurrection of Christ following his crucifixion.

Israeli-Canadian archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici holds one of two nails that were said to have been used to hold Jesus on the cross during the presentation of a documentary film at Tel Aviv University in Israel on April 6, 2011..Israeli-Canadian archaeologist Simcha Jacobovici holds one of two nails that were said to have been used to hold Jesus on the cross during the presentation of a documentary film at Tel Aviv University in Israel on April 6, 2011 (Reuters).

Another event released just in time for Easter is the documentary “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery,” by CNN.

Unlike the archaeological find, the documentary series has drawn mixed reactions from Christians, some of whom view any doubt concerning Christ heresy.

The series examines the historical Jesus according to archaeological research and the latest scientific techniques.

John Stonestree, a co-host of BreakPoint and Christian author wrote: “This is the very definition of fake news: No credible historian believes Jesus is a myth. Even among skeptics of religion, that theory has been abandoned.”

Others, such as Pastor A.R. Bernard, believe the series can do a lot of good. Speaking to Townhall, he explained: “There are a lot of people who are still seeking Jesus. He is the most debated figure in the last 2,000 years. And people are still trying to make sense of it and the Christian religion.”

He further stated: “I think [the documentary] blended history, archaeology and the Christian faith together nicely so that it doesn’t look to proselytize you but cause you to think critically about the story and the legitimacy of the Christian faith and the gospels.

“We need to believe there is something, someone greater than ourselves. People are seeking.”

If you’d like to try watching, “Finding Jesus” season two premiers on CNN Sunday nights at 9.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Indeed many very credible scholars think there is a lot of evidence to support the mythicist proposal. To say otherwise is simply untrue and Bart Ehrman has been pilloried for saying the same thing. I wish I could find it quickly; there was a list of the many scholars who question the historicity of Jesus.
    Gotta love that “clickbait’ title though. Exactly what evidence of Jesus’ physical life was revealed? A nail that may have been used in a crucifixion in no way proves it was a nail that once held Jesus.
    Jesus is moot, in any event. The foundation for the Abrahamic religions has washed away. There was no six day creation, no two-person DNA bottleneck, no global flood, no mass exodus from Egypt and no conquest of Canaan by Israelites. Without these things there is no foundation for Yahweh, and thus no need for Jesus to save us from him(self).

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