03 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (1)

Can you become engaged while waiting for an annulment?

Moral law would indicate that, apart from exceptional circumstances, the answer is no. A declaration of nullity—commonly called an annulment—establishes that…

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28 Jan 2016 Articles Comments (4)

The Futility of Starting Your Own Church

The Church Comes Home is a book about the ultimate in atomistic Christianity: starting your own church in your own home. The authors are Robert and Julia Banks.…

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Through the sacraments of Christian initiation, man receives the new life of Christ. Now we carry this life "in earthen vessels," and it remains "hidden with Ch…

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‘It could contribute to a fairer economy’: Cardinal Marx defends TTIP

The cardinal said Europe should play a role in 'shaping globalisation' The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) could help to bring about ec…

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16 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (7)

If I'm a smoker, do I have to confess this every time I go to confession?

Full Question If I'm a smoker, do I have to confess this every time I go to confession? Answer Smoking in moderation is not a sin at all (CCC 229…

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What authority does a Bishop Have? How Obedient should I be?

ISSUE: As a Catholic, I understand that the pope has authority over the entire Church. What, then, is the role of my local bishop? What should my attitude be to…

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Pope, greeted with joy in Cuba, walks a fine line

Pope Francis arrived here Saturday to a rapturous reception from ordinary Cubans and, drawing on the famous words of one of his predecessors, called on island n…

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Visible Reminders of Invisible Light

West portal and nave of Chartres Cathedral (1194-1260), Chartres, France. For most practical purposes, the glorious windows of Chartres are failures. N…

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Manila cardinal begins ‘season of creation’

Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of Manila began the Archdiocese of Manila’s “season of creation" on September 1 with a call to ecological conversion that included b…

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“Piecemeal WWIII” is Pope Francis’ tag for Paris terrorist attack

Pope Francis in a response to the traumatic killings of innocent souls in Paris on 13 November described the terrorist’s attack as a “piecemeal World War III," describing the attacks as “inhuman." Pope Francis with a very sad heart told TV 2000 said “There is no justification for these things,"

Pope Francis speaking with the official broadcasting station for the Italian Bishops Conference (TV 2000) expressed his closeness at heart with families of the victims of the attacks saying:

“I am close to the people of France, to the families of the victims, and I am praying for all of them," “These things are hard to understand," he said, adding that he “loves France very much."

In response to this Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State have sent telegram on behalf of Pope Francis to the archbishop of Paris expressing the Holy Father’s condolence and prayer on the victims and their families. Part of the telegram reflected Pope Francis’ assurance to Paris of his fervent Prayer for them; as interpreted by Vatican Radio. Cardinal Pietro expresses Pope’s condemnation of violence as it doesn’t solve any problem at all.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin ended the telegram by saying that the Pope prays that God might “welcome the victims into the peace of His light and bring comfort and hope to the injured and their families," and assured his “spiritual closeness" to the French people.



  1. Kevin Yerington Reply

    and its never too late, we need to respond to this. it seems it takes a lot of love to deal with this hatred, even if it means destroying it on this planet. Love you Pope Francis.

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