03 Dec 2015 News USA No comments

Bishop Gerald Barnes offers prayers for the San Bernardino’s mass shooting

In the wake of yet another mass shooting on Wednesday in San Bernardino California, that left at least 14 people dead and more than a dozen wounded, Bishop of t…

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24 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Iraqi Christians who fled Islamic State share their story

The plight of Christians in the Middle East was the focus of an educational and fundraising event in Denver on Friday, in which two Christian refugees from a ci…

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30 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

Pope appeals for life of Georgia death row inmate, but parole board rejects

The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has declined to commute the death sentence of a local woman scheduled to be executed tonight, despite a plea from Pope …

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03 Sep 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Alliance between families and God can change the world, Pope Francis says

Encouraging families to hear God's word and to put it into practice, Pope Francis said Wednesday that the family, by being allied with God, is called to counter…

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18 Sep 2015 News Vatican No comments

Luxembourg's premier meets with Pontiff

Pope Francis met on September 17 with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel of Luxembourg, for conversations that focused on bilateral relations, religious freedom, and …

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Why Catholics use votive candles

Before addressing the use of votive candles in particular, we have to appreciate the symbolism of light and the general usage of candles in religious practice. …

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27 Mar 2015 Q&A No comments

Can you explain to a Buddhist the role of the Crucifixion in the Church before the 10th century?

Full Question I am a Buddhist wondering what role the Crucifixion played in the Church prior to the 10th century. Answer Please allo…

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20 Oct 2015 Australia News No comments

New pastoral approach does not change doctrine, Australian archbishop says

Archbishop Mark Coleridge has called for 'a new kind of pastoral creativity' While Church doctrine must stay unchanged, an Australian archbishop has expresse…

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19 Jul 2016 News No comments

Egypt’s wave of persecution continues as mob stabs Christian to death

Sectarian violence against Christians has recently peaked in the south of the country A Muslim mob in southern Egypt stabbed a Coptic Christian to death over…

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Plans to desecrate image of Virgin Mary in Estonian museum prompt protest

Archbishop Viilma of the Evangelical Lutheran Church said that the exhibit ridicules religion

An image of the Virgin Mary in a museum in Estonia, designed to be desecrated to commemorate the Protestant Reformation, has provoked protests from religious and political leaders.

The exhibit in the recently-opened National Museum of Estonia, in Tartu, is part of an exhibition on the Reformation in Estonia. It shows a virtual image of Our Lady of Graces on a screen in a glass box. If visitors kick a marked spot on the plinth supporting the box the image shatters into pieces and is replaced by the word “Reformation". The screen then refreshes.

The museum’s Facebook page says the exhibit is an “artistic representation of the theme of iconoclasm".

Archbishop Urmas Viilma of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church said that the exhibit ridicules religion and insults the feelings of believers.

He wrote on Facebook: “I very seriously doubt that this exhibit is suitable for the permanent collection of the National Museum of Estonia, even if it is interesting from a technical point of view or from the perspective of modern approach to the depiction of historical events." He added: “The virgin Mary for a huge number of believers is not some historical figure or event, gone into oblivion, but a reality today. The ridicule was an insult to the feelings of believers."

The archbishop continued: “Our Lady is not merely a stature or an idea, but a real saint who resides with God. She is always present with the faithful on Earth and she intercedes on our behalf. She is the ultimate incarnation of woman, sinless and holy, and the Mother of God. As such, she deserves the utmost respect, not to be treated with disrespect.

“While visitors are destroying a virtual image of a statue, and cannot in any way harm Our Lady, the desecration of her image is still unacceptable. Even from an educational perspective.

“The Protestant Reformation was largely a political and economic movement, in addition to a religious schism. Our Lady was not part of that evil. Her role in our world served to facilitate our salvation. She does not deserve for her Holy name, or her image to be desecrated."

The chairman of the opposition Conservative People’s Party, Mart Helme, who was Estonia’s ambassador to Russia in the 1990s, said there would be a strong reaction from the Russian-speaking community.

“Most Russians living in Estonia are actively religious people and their integration is not helped by religious insult approved on a state level," he said.

“The image should be removed as soon as possible because the virtual destruction the authors offer insults the feelings of religious Russian-speaking residents and hinders their integration."

Estonia became largely Lutheran in the 16th century. Although much of the population has no religious affiliation, the 2011 census showed 108,000 Lutherans and just 4,500 Catholics.




  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “Archbishop Urmas Viilma of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church said that the exhibit ridicules religion and insults the feelings of believers.” Boo hoo. Do you want some cheese with that whine? Do believers have some special right not to have their feelings hurt? Tough. Get used to it. Unbelievers have had to deal with religious intolerance, insults and attacks for centuries.
    I guess “Our Lady of Graces” couldn’t “intercede” to prevent the art form from being developed or presented… She didn’t intercede for Haiti, or for any other natural, political or religious disaster, so she’s pretty well an irrelevant moot point.

    1. Leo Reply

      Hollow talk Patrick Gannon.. .. if Mary couldn’t help in Haiti… where was God?…. So if Mary couldn’t help what happened to your God…. when it comes to reasoning, no one pays a penny… use it.

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