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Who Can Receive Communion?

The Holy Eucharist is the most important of the seven sacraments because, in this and in no other sacrament, we receive the very body and blood, soul and divini…

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14 Oct 2015 News Vatican Comments (1)

Bishop asks for prayers for burglar who stole cross given to him by Benedict XVI

The pectoral cross was stolen from the home of the US bishop on Saturday Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, in Nebraska, is asking Catholics to pray for “a conv…

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Thou Shalt Not Covet

Everyone knows that one of the leading causes of conflict in marriage is money. In some cases, the conflict is over legitimate expenditures like healthcare or e…

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Malawian bishops plead for food aid to avert humanitarian disaster

In Malawi, where 40 per cent of the population needs food aid, the country’s bishops have called for international help to avert a crisis. It is “dishearteni…

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Like Mary, entrust yourself to Jesus, Pope says in message for World Day of the Sick

The Holy See Press Office has released Pope Francis’s message for the 24th World Day of the Sick, which will take place next February 11, the memorial of Our La…

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Read: Pope Francis' Address to Muslims in the Central Mosque of Koudoukou in Bangui

Address of Pope Francis Meeting with the Muslim Community Bangui, Central Mosque 30 November 2015 Dear Muslim friends, leaders and followers of Isla…

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Is the synod’s focus too Western? Even bishops don’t seem to know

ROME — As delegates continue to find their footing during the early stages of the Synod on the Family, Thursday’s press briefing showed that the range of topics…

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Pope Francis names new bishop for Kansas City-St. Joseph

The Vatican announced today that Bishop James V. Johnston, Jr. of Springfield-Cape Girardeau has been selected as the new head of the Kansas City-St. Joseph dio…

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31 May 2015 Q&A Comments (9)

Is it wrong to leave Mass after Communion?

I am saddened when I see a large number of people leaving our parish church immediately after receiving Holy Communion. I always believed we were to stay until …

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Polish Army brought in to help secure World Youth Day

The meeting near Krakow on July 31 has been a security headache for authorities

Polish Army troops will help secure a meeting at World Youth Day between Pope Francis and two million or so youths from around the world in southern Poland, a spokesman said on Thursday.

The meeting, on July 31, the last day of the Pope’s visit, will take place in the vast meadows wedged between a road and a river near Krakow. Some security officials had said it will be hard to guarantee security. They said evacuation could be difficult in an emergency and noted no medical facilities in the vicinity. Polish state and Church authorities have since taken steps to ensure safety there.

Lt Col Marek Pietrzak of the Army’s General Command told Associated Press that four temporary bridges were being built to ease movement in and out of the 240-hectare (600-acre) site, where Church authorities are expecting up to 2.5 million people.

The army will also provide tents for some participants, a field hospital and medical care, supported by CASA planes, two helicopters with medical equipment and ambulances.

Military experts will check the area for any dangerous objects, while surveillance from the air will also be implemented.

At the last World Youth Day, in Brazil in 2013, military police joined the police in organising security, although they made sure only to be seen when necessary.

Poland is introducing temporary border controls in July, when it will also host a Nato summit.

World Youth Day takes place from July 25-31. The Pope will be in Poland from July 27-31, visiting Krakow, the Marian shrine of Czestochowa, Auschwitz and the meadows in Brzegi, where he will celebrate Mass.


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