Pope Francis asks homeless for forgiveness

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Speaking to 4,000 homeless people, he asked for a pardon for all those who ‘look the other way’.

Pope Francis has asked for a pardon from homeless people for all the Christians who turn away from the poor.

In a moving ceremony on Friday in a Vatican auditorium, Pope Francis stood silently with his head bowed as he let several homeless people place their hands on his shoulders or clutch his cassock.

Some 4,000 people from 22 countries who either are now homeless or who spent years living on the streets filled the auditorium in one of the Pontiff’s final events in the Holy Year of Mercy.

“I ask pardon,” the Pope said, on behalf of Christians who, “faced with a poor person or a situation of poverty, look the other way.”

After some of the homeless recounted their difficult lives, Francis praised the poor for holding fast to their dignity.


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    How about doing something about homelessness by advocating for responsible family planning and ready availability to contraception? You don’t get credit as a firefighter when you’re throwing kerosene on the fire as does the RCC.

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