Pope Francis calls the disordered appetite of the depraved transgendered community the ‘annihilation of man’

Pope Francis made a firm statement about transgenderism during his visit to Poland. While meeting with bishops there, he described transgenderism as the “annihilation of man.”

Pope Francis decried transgenderism during his meeting with Polish bishops last week. The meeting was behind closed doors in Krakow, and the public was not allowed in, but the Vatican released a transcript.

Pope Francis lamented, “Today, in schools they are teaching this to children – to children! – that everyone can choose their gender.” He added this was because of “persons and institutions who donate money.”

“We are experiencing a moment of the annihilation of man as the image of God.”

There is a growing deception in the world that we can choose our gender in accord with our feelings. This is a lie. Our gender is determined by DNA, and we cannot change our DNA.

No matter how a person dresses, or if they undergo medical procedures, there remains no way to change the DNA.

In the United States, the issue of transgenderism is controversial because of restroom policies. Earlier this year, the chain store, Target, revealed a policy to allow people to use the restroom of their choice. Opponents have feared this will create problems as men and women use each others restrooms.

There is also concern it may cause confusion for children when they are impressionable.

Pope Francis described transgenderism as “ideological colonization.” It is an issue intended to confuse and convert people into thinking that gender is a fluid thing. It is part of the propaganda that suggests there are no absolutes. There are no truths.

Of course, these are falsehoods. There is absolute truth, and it is found within the teaching of the Church. Enemies of the Church seek to hide this truth from others by sowing confusion.

Gender is established by DNA and it cannot be changed. This is a fact, and no amount of propaganda can change it. Why then, do some people want to teach children that gender can be chosen? It is difficult to say, but their motives cannot be decent or kind.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Yes, the Pope, and the Catholic Church, continue to show basic ignorance of science regarding sex and gender and an unwillingness to change in light of such. So much for Pope Fluffy.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    Wow, who came up with that title? “Pope Francis calls the disordered appetite of the depraved transgendered community the ‘annihilation of man’” I don’t see where the Pope used either the word “disordered,” or “depraved.” The bigotry and prejudice of the author or editor is certainly on full display here.
    What is disordered, is celibate virgins dressed in robes who are maniacally obsessed with all things sexual, who must recognize their own depravity, in having voluntarily decided to remove themselves from the human gene pool….. and for that, we graciously thank them…
    I find it interesting that the Church relies on DNA to support its bigotry and prejudice, but discards DNA evidence when it illustrates that a two-person bottleneck in human DNA was not possible, and thus rules out any original sin.
    But keep it up. The next generation is leaving like rats abandoning a sinking ship. The “religion of hostility to the other” continues to chase decent people out of the pews.

  3. Mel Reply

    Well, it is true…of course transgenders hates the truth….I dont hate them though…but truth always hurts

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      Mel, how do you know it is true? Are you aware of what science says on sex and gender? I guess you are just like most others on this site: The Church says it, I believe it, that’s that. SMH

    2. Patrick Gannon Reply

      In all seriousness Mel, what would really lead to an “annihilation of man?” Suppose every male became a celibate, virgin dressed in robes. With no further contributions to the gene pool, mankind would probably die out rather quickly unless technology forestalled it. The arrangement of the RCC clergy can then be quite fairly and honestly described as disordered, (celibate, virgin, not contributing to gene pool) given that, this (sexual) arrangement leads to extinction.
      Now, in what way can LGBTs cause mankind to die out? Transgendered people don’t stop having sex. Even if every person on earth decided to identify him or herself in the opposite way that they do now, mankind would continue to exist. This hardly seems as “disordered” as the arrangement the RCC clergy have chosen for themselves. Dozens of children will have died of starvation, disease or violence by the time I finish this post. Why is the Catholic god more interested in what people do with their clothes off, and what restroom they use, than He is in the plight of these poor dying children that came into being because their parents were denied contraception under penalty of eternal torment?
      What then, would lead to the annihilation of man? If you put viruses on a petri dish and give them enough food, they will expand till they cover the entire dish, consuming all the resources and leaving toxic wastes in their path. They will grow exponentially, and then die out all at once. When I was born, it had taken the world a couple hundred thousand years to grow the population to 2.5 billion. Today, in my lifetime alone, the population has exploded to over 7 billion!!! We are the virus racing for the edge of the petri dish, eating up all the resources and drowning in our own toxins. We do this in part because we evolved a strong sex drive that permitted us to survive when most babies died at childbirth and life expectancy was a couple decades at most. Today that drive is a problem, because we learned about germs and sanitation (something Jesus knew nothing about) and that caused our population to explode. However we also evolved the intellect and consciousness to solve this problem using technology, and where it is used, it works to keep population growth stable. Yet the Vatican would deny us the use of this technology and they tell those who need it most, that they will burn forever in fire if they do so, and in this way, they are leading the charge to the “annihilation of man.” They are insisting that we fill that petri dish up and consume all the resources and then die out in a glorious cataclysm of suffering and misery. It is the RCC that leads us to the “annihilation of man.”
      The Pope should be behind closed doors talking about how they are going to change the theology in order to get over the manic obsessiveness the Church has with sex, and start working to save this world, rather than destroy it. It is the Roman Catholic Church, that perhaps more than any other organization on earth, that is leading us to the “annihilation of man” with their Iron Age theology.
      It’s time to face facts – there is no foundation for Yahweh. (No 6 day creation, no 2-person DNA bottleneck, no global flood, no Exodus from Egypt, no Conquest of Canaan – and without these, there is no basis for Yahweh). We’re on our own, and the Vatican is not here to help us – they are here to help make sure we wipe ourselves out because ancient, mythical texts suggest this inevitability, and they’ve already decided to remove themselves from our human gene pool, so they have no vested interest in seeing that it continue.

  4. Raph Martin Reply

    Whoever the author of this article is, he’s making remarks that are incendiary and provocative. Did the Pope really say “disordered appetite” as relates to transgenderism? Sounds a bit sensationalist to me.

  5. Mel Ant Reply

    Patrick, you are quoting the Pope out of context and putting your own interpretation on it. The complete phrase the Pope uses is “annihilation of man as the image of God”. He is not talking about mere biological reproduction but about man’s very identity, his truth. Man annihilates himself when he forgets who he is and why he was created. Man does not have just a biological life that can die, but a spiritual life and a psychological life. Read numbers 355-373 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

    As for population control, to say that only technology and no human or spiritual motive should control man’s sex drive is to reduce him to a beast. If the Catholic Church had its way, sexual union would only take place between a man and woman committed to each other for life and committed to raising the children that they generate. That alone would greatly the reduce the billions of dollars currently spent on aiding abandoned women and children and curbing the crime committed by these fatherless children-turned adults. See https://www.ncjrs.gov/App/publications/Abstract.aspx?id=167327 and http://www.mafamily.org/ii-the-cost-of-fatherlessness-poverty/. The Catholic Church does not envision a world where human beings are spawned irresponsibly and grow like a virus; rather it affirms the inherent dignity of each human person and their right to be born into and raised by their own natural family.

    Just a bunch of wishful thinking? No, it’s a standard that some Christians really do live up to and that the Church will always strive for, at the same time that it recognizes that people are wounded by sin and often fall. The Catholic Church runs more charitable institutions than any single government or organization in the world, providing food, shelter, health care, social services, and education to millions of poor and disadvantaged persons around the globe.

    1. Tom Rafferty Reply

      “Man does not have just a biological life that can die, but a spiritual life and a psychological life. Read numbers 355-373 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.” Mel, quoting the Bible and/or the Catholic Catechism for support for your position is about as valid as quoting Mein Kampt to support what Hitler did. What all religious people fail to understand is basic critical thinking: in order for a claim to be accepted, it must be supported with evidence outside of its own writings.

  6. Opin Reply

    Lived your life the way you want to live. If you don’t believed in God so be it. But the church will not be silent on matters of truth. No one is forcing anybody to obey or even listen. The church teaches men to prepare for the next life not on this one

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