Pope Francis denounces ‘brutal acts of violence’ being carried out by ISIS in Mosul

Francis told the faithful in St Peter’s Square he was ‘pained by the cold blooded murder’ perpetrated in the Iraqi city by the terrorists

The Pope says the cruelty of the fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul “makes us cry, leaves us without words."

Pope Francis told some 50,000 faithful gathered Sunday for the Angelus blessing that he was “pained by the murder in cold blood of numerous sons of this beloved land, among them many children."

He expressed his closeness to the people of Iraq “in these dramatic hours," saying “our souls are shaken by the brutal acts of violence that are being committed for too long against innocent citizens, whether Muslims or Christians."

Iraqi forces and their allies have launched a major offensive this week to retake Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, from the Islamic State group. The United Nations says more than 4,000 people have fled the area.



  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I wonder if the Pope has read about the brutal acts of torture and violence carried out by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition, and other events… You can’t criticize others, unless at the same time you acknowledge your own guilt

  2. jack benyon Reply

    do you know anybody that was tortured on the “inquisition? no? then STFU

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