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17 Oct 2016 News Comments (1)

Children are the most vulnerable migrants and must be protected, says Pope

The Pope has released the text of his message for World Day for Migrants and Refugees Children are the most vulnerable and hardest hit among the world’s migran…

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28 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (1)


On Wednesday, April 23, a friend came over, distraught, saying his father had a heart attack or something and they are med-flighting him from Eau Clare, WI to S…

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29 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

Ever Changing, Ever New

How are we to characterize this painted crucifix from the 13th century? Is it a Byzantine icon or an Italian religious painting? Is it medieval or Renaissance? …

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14 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (2)

Does the Bible predict an asteroid will strike the Earth? NASA says it is inevitable

On February 15, 2013, a previously undetected near-Earth asteroid slammed into the Earth. The object, weighing about 14,000 tons, ripped through the air at a sh…

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02 Sep 2016 Articles Comments (3)

Is Trump encountering a 'Catholic problem?'

For months the only publicly available breakouts of religious groups in presidential polling usually involved white evangelicals, a crucial demographic for Dona…

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29 Sep 2015 Europe News No comments

Catalan bishops: Church can't make specific proposals on independence from Spain

The Catalan regional bishops conference last Tuesday issued a statement ahead of Sunday's regional election – widely seen as an informal referendum on independe…

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22 Dec 2015 Asia-Pacific News Comments (3)

St Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri Parish Hosts Mass Wedding for Poor Couples that couldn't afford it

Amid heavy downpour on 19th December 2015,a Catholic Church in the Philippine  St Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri conducted a mass wedding for thirteen beautifully dr…

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03 Nov 2015 Articles Comments (1)

The 5 Papal Resignations in Catholic History

1. Benedict XVI: Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope on 19th April 2005 as Pope Benedict XVI. He announced his resignation from the Papacy in 11 February 2013 sta…

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26 Apr 2016 Articles Comments (6)

The Devil Hates Priests. This is why.

St. John Chrysostom, I am told, said that the floor of hell is carpeted with the skulls of priests. I have never located the source. Nonetheless, when we hear o…

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Pope Francis on Angelus address: God doesn’t want to condemn anyone

Pope Francis says that only if we allow our hearts, God doesn’t want to condemn anyone; he wants to save every person in the entire world.

Addressing the thousands of faithful gathered on a hot Wednesday at St. Peter’s Square during his Angelus address, Pope Francis centered his catechesis precisely on God’s divine mercy, pointing to the relationship between divine mercy and divine justice.

“The problem is only if we allow our hearts to be opened by God’s love. This is the heart of God, the heart of a father who loves his children and wants them to live rightly and justly and, therefore, to live in fullness and be happy.”

“It might seem that they are two things that contradict each other,” the Holy Father said, but they don’t because “it is precisely God’s mercy that brings true justice to fruition.”

He further made it clear to them that the human administration of justice is quite different from way of God’s justice, describing it as “retributive” that inflicts consequences on the guilty.

“This path still does not lead to true justice because it doesn’t actually conquer evil but simply contains it, Rather, it is only by responding to (evil) with the good that evil truly can be overcome.”

Highlighting the words from the Bible, the Pope said that true justice bypasses a court system. The one who is wronged goes directly to the one who is guilty “in order to invite him to conversion, to help him to understand that he is doing wrong, to appeal to his conscience.”

This is the way that families try to work out their conflicts, he said. The one who has been offended “loves the culprit and wants to salvage the relationship that binds them, not cut off this relationship,” he said.  But it is not an easy path to take. Explaining he said, reconciliation presupposes forgiveness. If we forgive someone, we need to be open to reconciliation, if possible. Reconciliation is forgiveness in action, the actual restoration of the interpersonal bond between two people, in mutual acceptance of each other for who each one is.

The Holy Father explains that reciprocating acts of forgiveness and conversion are only means through which justice can triumph, because “if the guilty one recognizes the evil committed and stops doing it, then the evil is no more and the one who was unjust becomes just.”

“This is how God acts with us sinners,” he said. God constantly offers forgiveness and helps people recognize their sin in order to set them free.

The Argentine Pontiff also noted that, “God doesn’t seek our condemnation, but our salvation. God doesn’t want to condemn anybody,” not even those whom many think deserve it like Pontius Pilate or Judas, the Lord of mercy wants to save everybody.”

The Pope explained that God’s forgiveness of us and our sins against Him is unconditional and absolute. God does not reject us, objectify us, or bear anger or resentment against us.

This is the kind of paternal heart people want to encounter in the confessional. While the priest offers to help the repentant person to understand the gravity of his offenses, penitent, we all go to the confessional to find a father, a father who helps us change our life, a father who gives us the strength to go on, a father who forgives us in the name of God,” the pope continued.

Sin ruptures our relationship with God and others, that is why the sacrament of penance or reconciliation is such a huge task for the priest, the pope said, because the people “who come to you are just looking for a father” and the priest in the confessional is there “in the place of the father who brings justice with his mercy.”

The Holy Father concluded by greeting members of the American Circus, and reminding the faithful to pray for him.







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