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18 Feb 2016 Articles No comments

Can Infatuation ever yield to a Holy Marriage; must we be in-love ?

Love is beautiful as well as those emotions and passions which accompany it. I decided to separately treat the case of true love and infatuation because it may …

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30 Sep 2016 News No comments

First ever Catholic Night hosted by LA Dodgers

On Sept. 2, Dodger Stadium served as the center of a massive Venn diagram of local Catholics and lifelong fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers, as the ballpark hoste…

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28 Sep 2015 News USA No comments

God's love is for everyone – and it's dangerous to think otherwise, Pope says

At the final Mass closing out the 2015 World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, Pope Francis warned against narrowing God’s love and works to only a certain g…

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31 May 2016 Vatican No comments

Pope urges Catholics and Orthodox Christians to join in prayer for Syrian children

The joint Day of Prayer for Peace, sponsored by Aid to the Church in Need, is one of several initiatives to promote peace in the troubled country Pope Francis …

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09 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (7)

ISLAM is the RELIGION OF PIECES - Here is a list of consecutive terror attacks in 30 days

Islam, the "religion of peace" has killed over 1,000 people and injured nearly another 2,000 in the past 30 days alone. The peaceful religion of Islam makes one…

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30 Oct 2014 Articles Comments (4)

How Pope Pius XII Protected Jews

The twentieth century was marked by genocides on an monstrous scale. One of the most terrible was the Holocaust wrought by Nazi Germany, which killed an estimat…

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25 Aug 2016 Articles Comments (3)

The shocking NEW reason why young people are leaving church

It's a surprising find, but it's also true. Americans are giving up on God. A Pew survey reveals that half of the people who have quit going to church no longer…

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12 Dec 2015 News Vatican No comments

The New Marriage Annulment Law activated

The Newly modified processes on the canonical annulment for marriage completed at the 2015 Synod Meeting and announced around September this year (2015), was pu…

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12 Aug 2016 Americas Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican No comments

'Mercy, both in Jesus and in us': Pope Francis speaks of God's mercy

Each of us must respond to the gift of mercy in our hearts by getting up and putting mercy into action, Pope Francis said Wednesday. Speaking about a bishop …

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Pope Francis: people who exploit others are bloodsucking leeches

Francis said it was a mortal sin to exploit workers for cheap labour

Human traffickers and unjust business owners who become wealthy by exploiting others for cheap labor commit a mortal sin, Pope Francis has said at his morning Mass.

“Those who do this are true leeches and live off the bloodletting of people whom they have made to work as slaves,” the Pope said during a Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae.

The Pope’s homily centred on the day’s first reading from the Letter of St James (5:1-6) in which the apostle denounces those who have gained their wealth from “the wages you withheld from the workers.”

Although wealth in and of itself isn’t bad, the Pope said the real problem comes when one’s heart becomes attached to riches, particularly those who believe in the “theology of prosperity” that stems from the belief that God offers financial blessings to the just.

The attachment to wealth can instead become “chains that take away the freedom to follow Jesus,” he said.

Pope Francis lamented that even today, there is a so-called “civilised” exploitation by those who “become fat in wealth” by forcing others to work in unjust conditions with no vacation, health insurance or dignified work hours.

The Pope recalled a conversation he had with a young woman who worked 11 hours a day to earn 650 euro a month under the table, saying that such exploitation “today is true slavery”.

Recalling the Gospel parable of the rich man and Lazarus, Pope Francis said the “civilised” exploitation of people is worse than the sin of the rich man who “was in his own world” and “did not notice that on the other side of the door of his house, there was someone who was hungry.”

Knowing that one’s actions are depriving others “is worse – this is starving the people with their work for my own profit! [This is] living off the blood of people. And this is a mortal sin. It is a mortal sin. Converting from this sin requires a lot of penance, a lot of restitution,” he said.

Pope Francis called on Christians to reflect on the tragedy of human trafficking and those who become wealthy by forcing others to work in undignified conditions.

In the day’s Gospel reading, he noted, Jesus assures those who are generous “will surely not lose” their reward.

“May the Lord make us understand today that simplicity which Jesus tells us about in today’s Gospel: A glass of water in the name of Christ is more important than all the wealth accumulated through the exploitation of people,” the Pope said.


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  1. Zorsha Reply

    He is absolutely right. Those can protect those that can’t pretext themselves from such “blood suckling leeches”

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