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Pope Francis says a ‘large majority’ of marriages are invalid

Many marriages today can be considered invalid because most people do not understand that sacramental marriage is a bond that binds them to another for life, Po…

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09 Jan 2016 Americas News No comments

Archbishop Carlson of St.Louis diocese pleads for donations for flood victims of Missouri and Illinois

Residents of St. Louis are facing a huge cleanup process and recovery effort that will probably last for sometime.. At least 23 people have been confirmed dead …

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Pope Francis' Global Request for the Holy Year of Mercy

The Holy Father, Pope Francis pleaded with Catholic Bishops in the whole World to set up a permanent Memorial that will forever remark this Holy Year of Mercy, …

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Hip Hop Duo to become Catholic Priests: Watch them Preach with their Rap Music

Two borthers, Steve DeMaio and Steve Eguino are Brother in the Salesians of Don Bosco, studying to become catholic Priests. The two brothers are “Hip Hop" singe…

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Persecuted Christians of the Middle East receives gift from Prince Charles of Wales

Prince Charles of Wales has made a generous donation to the church to support persecuted Christians in the Middle East as the situation has reached a deep crisi…

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Synod Notebook: The dirty little secret about media coverage

ROME — Some years ago, I attended a presentation by the late Rev. Raymond Brown, a Sulpician priest and one of America’s great Catholic Biblical scholars, in wh…

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21 Nov 2015 Europe News Comments (5)

Kid whose "Mass video" went viral dies of Cancer

Rafael Freitas a 4 year old Brazilian boy who celebrates Mass and wanted to become a Pope someday died of Cancer on Nov.14 after nearly two years of battling wi…

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The connection between the 31st World Youth Day, the Holy Year of Mercy and the two great apostles of mercy;…

In preparation for the World Youth Day taking place in 2016, which focuses on the theme “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy, Archbishop of Kr…

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Does 1 Peter 2:9 indicate that we are all priests?

Full Question My Protestant friends point to 1 Peter 2:9 and say, "Look, we are all priests. You don't need to go to a priest to confess your sins." How do…

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Pope Francis: “prayer makes miracles" happen.

In his homily at Holy Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae on Tuesday,12 January, Pope Francis said, “The prayers of the faithful, not the pope, bishops, priests or nuns, have the power to make miracles happen in the most impossible situations. Saints, like St Monica, have proven that lives can change if people pray courageously and believe that God “can do everything."

Reflecting on the day’s first reading(1 Sm 1: 9-20), he recalled Hannah’s tearful prayers to God for a child. “Hannah was praying silently, her lips moved but her voice was not heard. Hers is the courage of a woman of faith who is weeping and grieving and asks the Lord for his grace. There are many good women in the Church, many! They place all their trust in prayer… Let us think of one of them, Saint Monica who was able, with her tears, to be granted the grace of conversion for her son, Saint Augustine. There are so many" the Pope said.

The Pope said that he feels “a certain sympathy" in the reaction of Eli the Priest who at first presumed Hannah whimpering in pain was because she was drunk. Explaining he says – “I find faults in myself that allow me to understand him well and feel close to him." “How easily – the Pope said – do we judge people and lack the respect to say: ‘I wonder what he has in his heart? I do not know, but I will say nothing…’ When the heart lacks compassion one always thinks evil” and does not understand those who pray “with pain and anguish" and “entrust that pain and anguish to the Lord".

Pope Francis recalled the story of a man in Buenos Aires who prayed with the same pain and agony. He said he spent an entire night at the gate of the shrine of the Virgin of Luján praying for the grace of healing for his daughter. The next morning when he returned to the hospital,his daughter was restored to health. The Pope said that is proof that “prayer makes miracles" happen.

“Prayer works miracles and wonder; it works miracles for everybody,Christians, whether they be faithful laypeople, priests, bishops. The prayers of the faithful change the Church: it’s not us: the popes, bishops, priests or nuns who work towards moving forward the church, but Saints like (Hannah).The Saints are those who have the courage to face whatever ordeal because they believe God is the Lord and that He can do everything" Pope Francis added.




  1. jan gornicz Reply

    My reply is…that I do believe in miracles. Things have happened in my life time where I prayed, and some prayers were answered in the most unusual way. Ways that I never would have thought of. God is mysterious and I hope one day to see his glorious face.

  2. romeo abao Reply

    I believe in prayer ,we need to trust in god ,surrender everything there is no impossible whatever you take god never fail you

  3. Malerotholi Reply

    I believe and humbly request prayers in my journey of finding the new job, Amen!

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