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Number of Germans leaving Catholic Church rises by 22%

More than 200,000 Germans formally left the Catholic Church last year. It represents a 22 per cent increase from 2013, when 178,805 left, to 217,716 in 2014. La…

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The Divinity of Christ

The proof of Christ’s divinity is scattered all over the New Testament. It is shown in the words of Christ, the Apostles, and even those who sought to crucify h…

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Kaine says Church ‘might change’ on same-sex marriage

Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is predicting that the Church may eventually change its opposition to same-sex marriage. Kaine is a Catholic a…

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It Was Sin That Killed our Savior

Reflections on Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ We were a dozen men and women from assorted backgrounds and professions seated around a large table…

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Vatican opens Cause of nun who saw Host turn blood-red

Mother Marie Adele Garnier, the foundress of the Tyburn Nuns, wrote of the Eucharistic miracle in a letter to a friend A London nun who saw the Eucharist turn …

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Retired bishop assaulted by passenger on a train in Ireland

Bishop Emeritus of Kerry said to be very shaken by the incident Bishop Emeritus Bill Murphy of Kerry was punched in the face last month by a drunken passenge…

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World must respond to ISIS genocide, UN conference hears

Carl Anderson, CEO of the Knights of Columbus, was one of the speakers at the conference While religious freedom in much of the Middle East is under siege and …

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Coptic Catholic Church welcomes new Egyptian law on building churches

A new law will make it easier for Christians to build churches in Egypt, Coptic Catholic spokesman says The Coptic Catholic Church has welcomed a new Egyptian …

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Toronto archdiocese is to look after 100 refugee families from Syria and Iraq

Archdiocese is seeking to raise $3 million to fund the settlement of refugees The Archdiocese of Toronto will look after 100 refugee families from Syria and …

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Pope Francis reveals his Retirement agenda

The Catholic Church have officially seen the retirements of five (5) Popes, although murky records have it that there where a couples others in the ancient times. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is the last Pope to resign after 600-years of such an occurrence.

Pope Francis after launching the Scholas Occurentes global educational initiative on Sunday, 29th May at the Vatican, was interviewed as to whether he ever considered retirement, given the enormous task of the Papacy or personal capacities and will. The Holy Father responded saying, “I never thought of quitting being pope, or of leaving because of the many responsibilities.”

The Holy Father directly declared that he have never conceived any intentions of retiring from the Papacy despite many responsibilities of the office, he instead explained that he drives satisfaction to calling of his life and vocation through his responsibilities as the Pope of the Church.

Pope Francis have in the past declared that he hope not to find himself in any position that would demand that he resign from the Papacy and he still maintains that when approached with the question on Sunday after the event of the launching that took place at the Vatican.

Benedict IX sold the papacy to his godfather and retired around 1044. Gregory VI, Benedict IX’s godfather, was forced to resign around 1046 because he bought the papacy. Celestine V resigned in 1294 after being pope for only five months because he was a hermit by inclination who was “unprepared and unfit” for the role. Gregory XII retired in 1425 to end what was known as the “Great Schism,” a division over ideals within the Catholic Church that nearly brought the whole institution down.




  1. Joseph Reply

    I think the installation of Francis as a Pope is a blessing to the church. I see in him Christs’ characters. He is so humble and a down to earth person. He is probably one of the greatest popes of the church who ever lived. Long live Pope Francis. May continue to bless and protect you now and forever more.

  2. Dave Helmkamp Reply

    “Thou art Peter and upon this rock I shall build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.” Jesus’ promise regarding His Church—-the Catholic Church.

  3. sabu Reply

    francis is anti pope .as per prophecy he rule 42 month …soon it complete …..

    1. canon roberto Reply


  4. John Raymond Reply

    Pope Francis, can I help you with the paperwork?

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