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The Importance of Personal Prayer

Sharon Cosper knows the importance of prayer. For years she has started her days with quiet devotion, and when she makes the effort to spend time in prayer, Sha…

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Polish bishops condemn IVF law, warn Catholics to not use process

Poland’s Catholic bishops condemned a law allowing state funding for in vitro fertilization, which was signed into law July 22 by outgoing President Bronislaw K…

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Pope Francis meets privately with Poland’s bishops

The Pope made 'beautiful' appeal to bishops to ensure the elderly were not forgotten at World Youth DayPoland’s Catholic bishops spent 90 minutes meeting Pope F…

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Breathtaking Mother Teresa's Status unveiled as a gift in New York

Hundreds gathered outside St. Athanasius Catholic Church in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York, to see the unveiling of a very special gift. The P…

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Pope ends Cuban trip with address to families, heads to US

Pope Francis ends his visit to Cuba on Tuesday with a Mass at the country’s most revered shrine and a pep talk with families before flying north to Washington f…

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Full Text of Pope’s address to members of civil authorities and diplomats

Pope Francis was welcomed to Mexico’s National Palace by the Mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, his wife, Angelica Rivera, his Cabinet members where the Pon…

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Catholic Patriarchs calls for hope and love for Persecuted Christians in Middle-East

Despite the prolonged persecution of Christians in the Middle-East, Catholic Patriarchs from the Middle-East urged Christians to pray with devotion to Christmas…

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Pope Francis denounces ‘brutal acts of violence’ being carried out by ISIS in Mosul

Francis told the faithful in St Peter's Square he was 'pained by the cold blooded murder' perpetrated in the Iraqi city by the terrorists The Pope says the cru…

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US archbishop says election discourse has ‘marginalised people of faith’

Archbishop Kurtz made the remarks in response to the controversies blighting the US Presidential campaign Too much of the political discourse during this elect…

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Pope Francis reveals his thoughts on challenges facing Catholicism; emphasizing that he could have been in Prison

In his first new book since his Pontificate, the Pontiff revealed his thoughts on challenges facing Catholicism in the 21st Century over divorce, homosexuality and Church corruption.

The Book entitled “The Name of God is Mercy" an extended discussion with Andrea Tornielli, an Italian journalist and Vatican watcher, Pope Francis focused on the subject of remarriage and divorce referring to his own niece, talking about how she had married a man whose first marriage had not been dissolved.

The Pope says, the couple now has three children, explaining that his niece’s husband was “so religious" that he went to Mass every Sunday and accepted that he could never be absolved of his sins.

The Pope’s niece had to wait for another 4 years for her husband annulment to be approved before she could receive the sacrament of matrimony in the church.

Speaking of gay people, the Pope says they should not be “judged" by their sexuality.He said:

“To follow the way of the Lord, the Church is called on to dispense its mercy over all those who recognize themselves as sinners, who assume responsibility for the evil they have committed, and who feel in need of forgiveness. The Church does not exist to condemn people, but to bring about an encounter with the visceral love of God’s mercy.

I often say that in order for this to happen, it is necessary to go out: to go out from the churches and the parishes, to go outside and look for people where they live, where they suffer, and where they hope. I like to use the image of a field hospital to describe this “Church that goes forth". It exists where there is combat. It is not a solid structure with all the equipment where people go to receive treatment for both small and large infirmities. It is a mobile structure that offers first aid and immediate care, so that its soldiers do not die.

It is a place for urgent care, not a place to see a specialist. I hope that the Jubilee [The Holy Year of Mercy] will serve to reveal the Church’s deeply maternal and merciful side, a Church that goes forth toward those who are “wounded," who are in need of an attentive ear, understanding, forgiveness, and love."

He called on Christians to “overcome prejudice and rigidity".

The publication of the book comes ahead of the Apostolic Exhortation on family synod, which is expected to be published in March and will offer the Pope’s reflections on marriage, divorce and family life.

The Pontiff cited instances where a clergy asked for bribes or asked intrusive and shocking sexual questions during confessions.

He talks about his own shortcomings and maintained that had the circumstances of his life been different he might one day,have ended up a prisoner rather than Pope.

He also talked about how he has a “special relationship” with those in jail.

“Every time I go through the gates into a prison to celebrate Mass or for a visit, I always think: Why them and not me? I should be here. I deserve to be here. Their fall could have been mine," he said.




  1. Peter Marsala Reply

    How do I send a message to the Pope that I can be sure he receives it so he can read it himself?

  2. Abraham V. Llera Reply

    Mercy without the truth is a sham. Anyone saying otherwise can only be of the Devil.

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