14 Nov 2016 News Comments (2)

Tomb of John Paul II is opened on eve of beatification

His casket is placed before the tomb of St Peter Pope John Paul II’s tomb was opened yesterday and his casket removed in preparation for veneration after his b…

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02 May 2016 Middle East - Africa Comments (1)

Archbishop tells Canada: accepting refugees won’t help Syria

Seeing refugees being resettled in Canada 'hurts us a lot', says Archbishop of Aleppo Archbishop Jean-Clément Jeanbart, Melkite Catholic archbishop of Aleppo, …

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12 Aug 2016 News No comments

Francis has catch-up lunch with refugees he brought to Rome

The Pope gave toys and gifts to the children, while they showed him a collection of their drawings Pope Francis had a reunion lunch with 21 Syrian refugees at …

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Pope Francis in video link with US groups

Pope Francis spoke with American audiences in three different locations on August 31, in a video-link event hosted by the ABC television network. The Pontiff…

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What is the Church's position on tithing?

Full Question I was born and raised in the Mormon Church, went on a mission, and did everything a good Mormon should do, including tithing. Since my wife a…

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What are patriarchs?

Full Question What are patriarchs? Answer The term means the father and ruler of a family or tribe--literally, "rule of the father." It's use…

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Who was St. Valentine, and how did his feast day of February 14 come to be regarded as a day…

Full Question Who was St. Valentine, and how did his feast day of February 14 come to be regarded as a day for romance? Answer Two Valentines are…

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Are Catholics Born Again?

At least every mainstream Christian knows that to be saved one must be born again. Jesus says: "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot …

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Apart from Easter's significance, is there a reason the Church initiates new catechumens then?

Full Question The significance of Easter aside, why is it a common practice to initiate new catechumens at Easter? Answer How can the significance …

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Pope Francis shares concerns with Trump’s presidency in New interview

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When asked in a new interview what he thinks of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump, Pope Francis said he doesn’t judge politicians, but noted that main concern is for migrants and refugees

“I don’t make judgments on people and on political men, I only want to understand what the sufferings are that their way of proceeding causes to the poor and excluded,” the Pope told Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari in an interview published Nov. 11

Scalfari, 92 and an atheist, is the founder of Italy’s leftist paper “La Repubblica,” and has spoken to the Pope on several occasions, however, he doesn’t not record his conversations with the Pope, and the Vatican has on numerous occasions had to issue corrections on things Sclafari has written about the Pope.

According to Scalfari, he met with the Pope the day before the Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election that climaxed with the nomination of Republican Donald Trump as the next president-elect.

While Francis was clear that he doesn’t judge politicians, he said his primary concern given the current global climate is “that of refugees and of migrants.”

“A small part of them are Christians, but this doesn’t change the situation for what regards their suffering and their hardship,” he said. “The causes are many and we’re doing what is possible to remove them.”

However, the Pope said that many times the measures proposed are then opposed by people who fear losing their jobs or having their salaries lowered.

“Money is against the poor besides being against immigrants and refugees,” he said, but noted that “there are also the poor from rich countries who fear welcoming those who are similar coming from poor countries. It’s a perverse circle and it must be interrupted.”

Francis stressed that we must “bring down the walls of division,” but cautioned that in order to do this, we must “build bridges” that seek to decrease inequalities and increase “freedom and rights.”

Pope Francis and Donald Trump. Pope Francis and Donald Trump (Stephen Driscoll/CNA & Tinseltown/Shutterstock).

Scalfari then referred to a previous conversation in which the Pope had allegedly suggested that the saying one must “love your neighbor as yourself” be modified to “more than yourself.”

The journalist insinuated that this comment must mean the Pope prefers a society “dominated by equality,” which is the same program adopted by Marxist socialism and communism.

When asked by Scalfari if he thinks “of a type of Marxist society,” Pope Francis, who has repeatedly referred to the Gospel when accused of being communist, responded that if anything, “it’s the communists who think like Christians.”

“Christ spoke of a society where the poor, weak, excluded, have the right to decide. Not the demagogues, not Barabbas, but the people, the poor, who have faith in the transcendent God or not, it is they who must be helped to achieve equality and liberty,” he said.

The two then shifted their discussion to Francis’ Nov. 5 encounter with representatives of popular movements, which he closed with a lengthy, wide-ranging 6-page speech in which he quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Francis said he quoted King “because I admire him.”

On the uniqueness of his pontificate and the “adversaries” he has in the Church opposing his reforms, the Pope said he wouldn’t use the word adversary because “faith unites us all.”

“Naturally each one of us individuals sees the same things in a different way; the framework is objectively the same, but is subjectively different,” he said.

By Elise Harris


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  1. Sonia Reply

    I am sad that there government dose not help them like ar government helps us it is time there was made to look after there people there have made them like this there put money and weapons first God help them

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