Pope Francis takes to Twitter in appeal for Iraqi citizens

Vatican City, Aug 11, 2014 / 05:55 am .- Since Friday Pope Francis has been tweeting three times a day asking faithful and parishes to pray and offer material support for those affected by violence in Iraq.

“I ask all men and women of goodwill to join me in praying for Iraqi Christians and all vulnerable populations,” the first tweet from the Roman Pontiff read on Aug. 8.

Going from a sporadic tweet every two to three days this summer to a seemingly full-fledged campaign to raise awareness of the grave injustices currently happening in Iraq, Pope Francis’ Twitter account, @Pontifex, has been riddled with messages urging support for persecuted Christians and other minorities since Friday, Aug. 8.

A second tweet on the Pope’s Twitter account that day asked for readers to “Please take a moment today to pray for all those who have been forced from their homes in Iraq,” and used the hashtag “#PrayForPeace.”

The last tweet for Aug. 8 read “Lord, we pray that you sustain those who have been deprived of everything in Iraq. #prayforpeace.”

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