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Who am I

I have not always been a Catholic, although I did graduate from the Catholic University of America. Theologically, I believe I am an Organic Sandwich. As a yout…

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26 Dec 2014 Q&A Comments (9)

Did the Church burn the first printed copies of the Bible?

Full Question A friend insists the Catholic Church burned the first printed Bibles and punished people who had them. Is there any truth to the story? …

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07 Nov 2014 Q&A Comments (45)

Why doesn't the Catholic Church accept Mormon baptism?

Full Question Why doesn't the Catholic Church accept Mormon baptism? Answer The Catholic Church does not recognize Mormon baptism as valid becaus…

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Does God still perform miracles?

Many people desire miracles from God. They want God to perform miracles to “prove" Himself to them. “If only God would perform a miracle, sign, or wonder, then …

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Donald Trump to Catholic leaders: ‘I will fight for you’

Donald Trump has written to delegates at a Catholic conference in Denver Presidential candidate Donald Trump has written to Catholic leaders pledging his commi…

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Pope Francis' Homily at Opening Mass of Extraordinary Synod on the Family

At 10 am today, the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Pope Francis presided at the celebration of Holy Mass in the Vatican Basilica on the occasion of the opening o…

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Miracles...are a sign of God's presence' - Vatican changes miracle verification

Changes to the regulations for confirming alleged miracles during the causes of saints aim to preserve the scientific rigor of the examination and maintain its …

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Is Pope Francis changing Church teachings before our eyes?

Of all the many questions Pope Francis has raised in his brief papacy, perhaps none is as insistent, or as crucial to his legacy, as the debate over whether he …

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Cardinal Nichols: ‘Upsurge in racism following Brexit vote must not be tolerated’

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has said that any upsurge in racism following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union must be stamped out. Following last Thursda…

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Pope Francis to publish a book that answers questions from children from 26 countries

The Pope is expected to be releasing a new book in February titled “Love before the World".

The new book released just after the Holy Father’s first book “The Name of God is Mercy” includes Pope Francis replies to letters from kids all over the world.

“Love before the World” will be available for sale from 25 February 2016, in Italy and on 1 March in the rest of the world.

Children between the ages of 6 to 13 from more than 20 countries including Nigeria, China, Philippines, wrote Pope Francis..Here are some of the questions:

What did God do before creating the world? “God loved."

Why do my parents fight sometimes? “They are human."

The book was published by Loyola Press (orig. Italian title “L’amore prima del mondo") –


Fr. Antonio Spadaro, SJ, director of ‘La Civiltà Cattolica’, met with the pope at the Casa Santa Marta several times during the last months, giving the Holy Father an opportunity to spontaneously reply to the children’s letters.

“These are hard questions," Pope Francis said, smiling.

Drawings and questions of thirty-one children were chosen for the book. The Holy Father will be receiving a presentation of the letters by few of the children who wrote it on 22nd of February.





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