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28 Oct 2015 News USA Vatican No comments

Catholic Bishops call for bold climate -change deal

Catholic bishops and cardinals from six continents said humankind has a moral and ethical obligation to protect the environment from climate change and urged cl…

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10 Jun 2016 Americas Asia-Pacific Australia Europe News United Kingdom USA Vatican No comments

St Mary Magdalene’s rememberance promoted to become a feast a day

Pope Francis has decided to raise the celebration of St Mary Magdalene’s memorial to a feast day. Archbishop Arthur Roche, the Secretary of the Congregation …

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12 Jan 2016 News USA No comments

Muslim population in U.S to be doubled

The Pew Research Center came up with a new estimated statistics of the number of Muslims in the United States that has risen to 3.3 million. Their analysis c…

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30 May 2016 Articles Comments (1)

How much Confidence do you have in 'child-protection programs'

In the last 12-month period for which full statistics are available, the US bishops spent a bit more than $49 million on child-protection programs. That's a …

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05 Dec 2015 News Vatican No comments

Preacher of the Pontifical Household delivers first Advent Homily for 2015

  Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher of the Pontifical Household said the first Advent Homily for 2015 on Dec 4. He was preaching to Pope Fr…

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15 Sep 2016 News No comments

Democratic Congo could be ‘plunged into chaos’ warn bishops

The secretary general of the Bishops' Conference has called for respect for the democratic process in order to stop violent protests Bishops from the Democrati…

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21 Mar 2016 Asia-Pacific News No comments

Christians express deep concern over Israeli restrictions and policies during Easter celebrations

Christians have expressed deep concern over Israeli restrictions and policies during Religious celebrations that have been in effect for the past 6 years. The E…

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06 Aug 2016 News No comments

Foreign aid failing to reach Christians fleeing ISIS, Middle Eastern bishops say

Christian minorities from Iraq and Syria left feeling 'betrayed' as humanitarian assistance fails to reach them Most Western humanitarian aid is failing to rea…

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28 Jan 2016 Articles No comments

"Debate or Else"

In Randall Jarrell’s Pictures From an Institution, one of the characters says there are thirty hours in every day, “if only you know where to look for the…

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Pope Francis to visit Assisi in August to mark key Franciscan anniversary

Pope Francis will visit the the Porziuncola chapel in Assisi to mark the 800th anniversary of the Pardon of Assisi, it has been announced.

The visit to the Porziuncola, the small church housed inside the Basilica of St Mary of the Angels which St Francis of Assisi restored and where he founded the Franciscan order at the start of the 13th century, will take place on August 4.

The visit was announced on Monday in a statement by the Bishop of Assisi, Mgr Domenico Sorrentino, Fr Michael Perry, the Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, Fr Claudio Durighetto, the provincial minister, and Fr Rosario Gugliotta, the Custodian of the Porziuncola.

The statement added that the Pope’s visit would be “a simple and private pilgrimage”.

Archbishop Rino Fisichella, the president of the Pontifical Council for New Evangelisation, said the the Pope will pray inside the Porziuncola to highlight the significance of the Pardon of Assisi during the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The Pardon of Assisi is the possibility to receive a plenary indulgence during the first two days of August. The tradition started on August 1, 1216, when Christ, Our Lady and angels appeared to St Francis in the chapel of St Mary of the Angels.

As he lay on the ground, St Francis asked God to grant the indulgence to all pilgrims who visit the church. God granted this request and on the following day St Francis asked Pope Honorius III for his approval and he agreed.

The Feast of the Pardon of Assisi has since been celebrated between Vespers on August 1 and sundown on August 2. For many centuries, the indulgence could only be received by visiting St Mary of the Angels. However, it is now possible to receive the indulgence at all Franciscan churches and also at all the parish churches in Assisi.

Pope Francis previously visited Assisi in 2013 calling on the whole Church to imitate St Francis, embracing poverty and stripping itself of the “spirit of world”.

by Staff Reporter


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